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How to Reduce PDF File Size in KB But Still Clearly on Mac?

The reason why PDF format goes so viral these years greatly lies in its capability of killing all kinds of annoying problems when sharing and distributing files. A PDF file can bring you a document looks exactly as you expected, no matter how you are demanding on the fonts, formatting, images, tags, etc. Just for the reason of rich PDF elements, the size can be quite large. But in our work, we often need PDF in KB for convenient distribution across different channels, since large size PDF is really a big problem:

  • Large PDFs consume bandwidth or 3G/4G Mobile Data Traffic which makes your expenses for online activities go up quickly;
  • Large PDFs eat the space of your PC or other mobile devices;
  • Large PDFs is hard to manipulate, even fail you to open the files;
  • Large PDFs adversely hurt your productivity, like taking so much time to downloading or sending via emails;

But no worry anymore, here you will be given the best solutions to reduce PDF file size on mac.

Dedicated PDFCompressor: Reduce PDF File Size in KB Clearly on Mac

Cisdem PDF Compressor is a dedicated and effective PDF file size reducer for Mac users, it provides four compression modes for users, including Minimal File Size (1 dpi images), Small File Size (72 dpi images), Medium File Size (150 dpi images), Large File Size (300 dpi images). Users can choose any mode according to their own needs to get the large size PDF in kb but still clearly on mac. Of course, the higher the dpi is, the clear the PDF will be.

Cisdem PDF Compressor is the best choice for Mac user due to its reasonable price and multiple compression modes. Besides, Cisdem provides a free trial for every user. So, just follow my steps to learn how to use it to reduce PDF file size on Mac.

  1. Free download Cisdem PDF Compressor and launch it on your Mac. Download the free trial of Cisdem PDF Compressor Now >>
  2. Click “Add” button to add your PDF file on it, or you can just add file by drag-n-drop.

add files to cisdem pdf compressor 01

  1. Then, you need to choose the most suitable compression mode to meet your need by clicking "Setting" icon.
    You can check the real-time size under different compress mode and settings.

add files to cisdem pdf compressor 02

  1. Last, click “Compress” button to start to shrink PDF file size on Mac. Wait for a moment. Once Cisdem PDF Compressor completes the task, you will get your reduced PDF file in kb but still with clear file quality.

reduce pdf size with cisdem pdf compressor

Note: Cisdem PDF Compressor allows users to compress a 500-page PDF file within 1 minute.

Adobe: 2 Ways to Reduce PDF File Size in Adobe Acrobat

If you have already installed Adobe on your mac, use this powerful tool to compress PDF easily on your mac. There are 2 ways out to reduce pdf file size with Adobe.

Method#1 Save As “Reduced Size PDF”

  1. Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Go to “File”-“Save As”-“Reduced Size PDF”-Finish

how to reduce pdf file size with Adobe-reduced size pdf

Method#2 Save As“Optimized PDF”

  1. Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Go to “File”-“Save As”-“Optimized PDF”

how to reduce pdf file size with Adobe-optimized pdf

  1. Tweak the settings as needed.

how to reduce pdf file size with Adobe-the optimizer setting

Free: Little Easy Tricks to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac

For Mac users, there are also some free tips to reduce the pdf file size as following.

Using Mac Tool---Preview

Preview on mac not only allows users to open PDF files, it also allows users to reduce PDF file size on Mac. Actually, using Preview to reduce PDF file size is super convenient since Preview is the built-in application of Apple, you don’t need to download and install Preview on your Mac. But users can’t choose compression modes, nor reduce PDF file size fast. Now, follow my steps to learn how to reduce PDF file size with Preview.

  1. At first, you need to open your PDF file that you are going to reduce the size for in Preview on to reduce pdf file size with Preview step one
  2. Then you should turn to "File" menu, it will appear a drop-down box. Find "Export …"option and click it. how to reduce pdf file size with Preview step two
  3. Select the submenu next to“Quartz Filter, and choose the "Reduce File Size" to reduce pdf file size with Preview step three
  4. Please give a name for your PDF file, then click the “Save” option, Preview will start to reduce PDF file size on Mac.

Other Tricks to Reduce PDF Size

Delete---Remove Unnecessary Content
Quite a simple way. You can remove those unwanted objects like annotation, links, bookmarks, form fields, especially those unnecessary images. Even you can delete some pages with a nod from yourself.

Convert---Change to Word format
The Word format, Doc or Docx is a good file format to save and process information in compact size. You can convert the PDF to Word with Adobe(Open PDF in Adobe->Click "File" to "Save As"->Select "Microsoft Word" to choose Doc or Docx format as needed) or use a PDFtoWordConverter.

Zip---Compress with WinARA
Download the WinARA or any similar products to compress your PDF files and save in Zip format.

However, you should know these tricks help little when your PDF file is quite large and every part of your PDF is imperative.

If You Need An Expert, Try Cisdem.

Very often, we are not sure where and how to find a good solution to fix our problems. We may look it up online and get a bunch of advises to work on our problems, if we finally get an adequate way, the time and efforts on such things are worthwhile, but if we finally go nowhere, we just waste our time and efforts again. Sometimes, finding a competent expert critically shapes your solution to kill problems. So, if you are working seriously on a large PDF, if you need an expert for efficiency, try Cisdem PDF Compressor.

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