How to Add Single or Multiple Images to PDF on Mac?

Megan Charles
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Nowadays people are using tremendous pictures to share information visually, there are many different image formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, etc. So, you may need to add image to PDF for presentation or for other purposes. But the biggest question is, very often, we need to add and combine multiple images, not just single one to a PDF file. Keep reading and we'll show you a way to add single or multiple images to PDF on mac.

Easiest Way to Add Single or Multiple Images to PDF

In this part, we will focus on adding image to PDF in the easiest way. What you need to make this is a tool called Cisdem PDFMaster. It is an efficient PDF tool allowing users to create PDF from images, Word, PowerPoint, EPUB, Text, RTFD, HTML,CHM files, also you can merge all these files into single one PDF. Even, it supports converting, editing, compressing, merging, splitting, encrypting and decrypting PDF files.

Follow the steps to add image to PDF on mac​:

  1. Download and launch PDFMaster on your mac.
    Free Download
  2. Go to PDF Create, drag and drop files to PDFMaster.
  3. Then, you can change the output name and set the output folder. Click Create to save image as PDF, or you can enable Merge to combine all images to one PDF.image to pdf cisdem

As you can see now, the process to add image to PDF with a PDF creator is quite convenient and fast, which makes adding images to pdf on mac easier.

Things contributing to Mac users’ preference to Preview may go to no extra space needed on Mac, its absolute authority and security. But Cisdem PDFMaster, as a stand-alone desk app, also won great recognition from its users due to its amazing performance, meanwhile, with its size 5.1MB, mac users won’t worry about their mac space being eaten up.

Manually Add Image to PDF with Preview If You Want to

Many mac users prefer to use preview to add image to a PDF, since preview is an outstanding PDF tool coming with OS itself. Though the action to add image to PDF should be performed manually by users, we want to disclosure you all the details to try this method if you are patient and don’t work on multiple images that regularly.

Follow the steps to add image to PDF with Preview​:

  1. Open one of the multiple images with preview.
  2. Go to "View" and Choose "Thumbnails" in the sidebar;
  3. Drag and Drop all the other images you want to convert and combine into the preview sidebar, move up and down to get them in the needed order.add image to pdf with preview 03
  4. Go to”Edit” and “Select All” to choose all the images. You can also press “shift” to select all the images in the sidebar one by one;add image to pdf with preview 04
  5. Go to “File” and select “Print” to save all the images as a PDF.add image to pdf with preview 0501add image to pdf with preview 0502
  6. Finally, open the PDF that you want to add these images with Preview, go to Edit>Insert>Page from File, to add those PDF files saved from the image files.add image to pdf with preview 06

The work is done, but do you take it as troublesome to go to different toolbars for the conversion? What if you have different batches of images need to be converted into different individual PDFs? Then, you should have considered an easier method to add image to PDF on mac.

What Else You Can Get From PDF Creator?

Besides auto converting your images into PDF, you can also automatically convert multiple CHM, PPTX, EPUB,TEXT, RTF, HTML, Word to PDF!!!

what else you can get from Cisdem PDF Creator

Particularly, you can convert several files in different format, like PPTX, EPUB,TEXT, RTF, HTML, DOCX, CHM to PDF. All these actions are completed within seconds.


Many users also turn to online tools on the issue of adding image to PDF but only to find that it takes them a long process to make this, since online service like Smallpdf fulfills the conversion with 2 procedures: convert jpg to pdf first, then merge the PDF.It just consumes time and you have to do manually.

To add multiple images or files in different formats to a PDF, you are highly recommended to use the PDF Creator.

Now, try to create your own PDFs from existing files with PDFMaster.

Free Download

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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