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Bianca Huang
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At the beginning of each year, people in business fields always start their newly prosperous year with a business plan. Creating a business proposal is indeed a big task. You have to cast your eyes into the future and include a definitive guide to shape your business. And luckily, we got many free startup business plan templates that fit our needs, which greatly save our time to draft a feasible business plan.


Why Need a Startup Business Plan?

A business plan is an indispensable part of a business, especially for those who just start up their new business. Here we collect several reasons why a business plan plays such an important role in our business:

  • It helps organize your thoughts and enables you to have a quick startup instead of wasting lots of time and efforts on impractical guidelines
  • It offers instructions for each step of your business plan and helps to keep everything on right back even if deviate somehow
  • It helps to see through the entire business, you can discover any weakness or strength in the business plan, be more flexible when facing challenges that are much likely to happen to you, and seize more opportunities to secure a business success
  • It wins more confidence from your business partner or your investor basing on the definitive and feasible guidelines


What Does a Startup Business Plan Include?

What should a business plan include to take effect? Here are the essential parts you should write into a business plan:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Overview
  • Market Analysis
  • Company
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Financial Plan
  • Appendices

As you may have noticed, though business plans differ in details, they basically cover all the above-mentioned parts. And it is deemed as conventional that all the business plans should be consisted of these parts to make it professional, authorized and feasible. Consequently, there are free business plan templates in open to us, to save our time to create a plan from the start. We just need to add our details into the template and modify a little to make it our own.  


Where to Download Free Startup Business Plan Template PDF?

There may be different versions of business plan template, Word or PDF. Here we recommend you to pick PDF format, since PDF are much more flexible to be shared on different platforms, also there won’t be mess-up when opening the PDF files in different viewers.  

Now that a business plan template PDF can critically save our time, where to get these business plan template PDF? We give a list of PDF templates with direct download link and extra top 3 websites for you to download best business plan template PDF. 

Best Startup Business Plan Template PDF for Free Download

1. E-commerce business plan for startups

    Download link

business plan ecommerce

2. Nonprofit business plan sample PDF

   Download link

business plan nonprofit

3. Blank fillable business plan template

   Download link #1

fillable business template 01

    Download link #2

fillable template 02

4. Restaurant business plan template

    Download link

restaurant template

5. Retail business plan template

    Download link

retail business template

Top Websites to Free Download Business Plan Template PDF

Also, there are websites offering different business templates in PDF for free, you can have a preview on these template and download a needed one. Here we pick top 3 for you to choose from, if you deem these resources valuable and useful, please spread the word by sharing on your social media to extend your thanks for those great file contributors.

#1 Template

A web-based platform to offer paid and free templates for different usage, including CMS, Web, eCommerce, Design, Business and so on. Users can free download those general templates, while those with creative and advanced design will require a commercial investment.

business plan template template

First, choose the business plan template in your field, then preview the templates in the newly opened webpage and choose one. Those come with a “Buy” icon are not free, those come with a “Free Download” icon are for free use.

#2 iplanner

You can find several business plan template in PDF for different business program. Just click on the “Download this plan” and get the free template in PDF.


#3 accaglobal

Referring to typical business plan samples from those company in your field is also an ideal way to create your own business plan efficiently. On accaglobal, you can find 4 business plan samples from 4 different companies, to learn how they established their business successfully. 


If you want more samples for reference, you can go to dynamicbusinessplan for 3 more alternatives.


How to Create Your Own Business Plan Basing on a PDF Template?

Now you have obtained a business plan template. The last step to create your own is to modify the template and add the details. But how? You need a PDF program. Here, instead of recommending a PDF converter with expensive price, we offer an affordable solution---using a PDF editor. You will find a PDF editor is constructive to your work.

Cisdem PDFMaster, is a multi-platform PDF program designed to make PDF editable, make fillable form, fill out PDF form, annotate PDF with 20+ editing tools. Or put it simply, you can utilize it to:

  • Make business plan template PDF in formats that can be edited easily.
  • Create fillable business plan template PDF by adding text fields, checkbox fields, list box field, signature fields.
  • Edit text, images, hyperlinks, shapes, comments, stamps, signatures.
  • Batch convert, create, compress, encrypt and decrypt PDFs.
  • Create business plan in PDF from other document type (Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Text, Image, etc).
  • Recognize a scanned business plan or an image business plan, make the file in searchable PDF and editable format for further modifications.

Steps to Create Fillable Business Plan with PDFMaster:

  1. Download the free trial of Cisdem PDFMaster and launch on your Windows/Mac. 
    Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.13 or later
  2. Upload business plan templates by clicking Open Filesmaster upload win
  3. Head to the Form tab, choose the form field you want to insert from the toolbar, drag a rectangle to create a fillable field.edit business plan1
  4. On the right panel, it allows you to change the appearance of the added field as well as font style.edit business plan2
  5. To fill out the business plan template, click on the Hand icon under Tools tab and fill in information with ease.edit business plan3

Steps to Edit Text in Business Plan PDF:

  1. Click Edit PDF feature in the toolbar, then all the elements in the PDF are editable now.edit business plan4
  2. Finally, save the edited business plan PDF on your computer.


So, you don’t need to create a business plan from the start, you can build one based on a selected PDF template, then utilize a PDF program to customize the business plan for your own purposes. The great part of using a PDF editor, is, you can basically create and edit your own plans based on a PDF template, even extract contents from scanned or image plans to refine your own business plans. If you need to deal with business formats very often, you’d better get one!

Bianca Huang
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Bianca is a senior tech editor and strategist at Cisdem with Over 10 years of experience on PDF related solutions which covers all document editing, annotating, converting and managing etc.

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