3 Ways to Block Websites for Studying (Mac & Windows)

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A Mac or Windows PC can greatly boost our productivity both for studying and working, we can utilize all kinds of programs or online resources to serve for our purposes. However, distracted website is always standing in the way to keep us focused and productive while studying.

To block websites for studying, there are 3 options: use dedicated website blocker, manually set in browsers and add extensions to browsers, no matter you want to temporarily block certain websites while studying, or want to block websites for studying on Mac or Windows PC.

#1 Best Websites Blocker for Studying

The easiest way to block websites for studying is using a professional website blocker. Such a program can block certain websites temporarily and allows users to add or remove blocked websites easily.

Benefits of Using Website Blocker

  • Easy to set up;
  • Allow temporarily block websites on a schedule;
  • Block specific websites easily;
  • Customize the blocking as needed;
  • Get users stick to the blocking schedule;
  • Build in extended features (lock apps, analyze actives, etc.)

For both Mac and Windows users, here we recommend as in following parts.

Best Websites Blocker for Studying on Mac

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac is a program enabling users to lock applications and block websites on schedule, so users can focus on their current work on Mac. Users can set a time schedule to block certain websites easily with AppCrypt.

Main Features of Cisdem AppCrypt

  • Lock apps with password;
  • Block website basing on a time schedule;
  • Allow adding blacklist and whitelist;
  • Create shortcut to enable and disable blocking websites;
  • Capture for the failure attempts to use locked apps;
  • Easy to use

Steps to Temporarily Block Certain Websites for Studying on Mac

  1. Download and install Cisdem Appcrypt on your mac.
    Free Download
  2. Choose WebBlock on the top of main interface.block websites on mac01
  3. Then add websites for blocking.
    Click “+” to add the website you want to block.block websites mac 02Once ready, go to Schedule to block the website on a specific time.block websites on mac 03
  4. Once the blocking is enabled, you will find the website is temporarily blocked for studying by Cisdem.block websites on mac 04

To disable the website blocking by Cisdem Appcrypt, click on the program icon>Disable WebBlock, or you can go back to WebBlock, select the blocked website first, then click “-“ to remove this website from block list. disable websites blocking mac

Best Websites Blocker for Studying on Windows PC

Cold Turkey Pro is a Windows program allowing users to block applications and websites with its Timer. Also users can set a schedule to block apps, websites or entire internet as needed.

Main Features of Cold Turkey

  • Block apps;
  • Block websites;
  • Block entire Internet;
  • Block website temporarily using Timer;
  • Keep track of activities on Mac;

Steps to Temporarily Block Certain Websites on Windows

  1. Download and install Cold Turkey on Windows PC;
  2. Go to Block Lists, add the URL for the websites you want to block, then click “Save”;block websites windows 01
  3. Go to Timers, set for Block Until and Breaks for the added website lists.
    Also, you can go to Schedule, to set the blocking as needed;block websites windows 02
  4. Once the blocking is enabled, you will see following page when open the blocked websites while studying.block websites windows 03

#2 Block Websites while Studying in Browsers

Also, you can directly block websites while studying in browsers. Since most of us are using Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, here we list all 3 tutorials as following to easily block certain websites.

Google Chrome (Mac & Windows)

To block websites in Google Chrome while studying, we will need to install an extension tool---Block Site. It ranks as the top 1 in Google Chrome Web Store, with a pretty high rating 4.5/5 from millions of users. The latest version V4.0.9.4 was released on Nov 3th, 2019 and is always under active update to meet our needs.

Steps to Block Websites for Studying in Google Chrome

  1. Go to the extension BlockSite;
  2. Click “Add to Chrome” to install the extension;block websites google01
  3. Then add the website URL and click “+” to save. To remove the blocked websites, click the “+” to delete;block websites google 02
  4. Also, you can click on Schedule on the top right of the page to set us as needed;block websites google 03
  5. Once ready, you can open the blocked website in Google Chrome and won’t be allowed to access to;block websites google 04

Firefox (Mac & Windows)

If you are using Firefox to open and visit webpages, you can also use add-ons to block certain websites in Firefox while studying. The add-ons to work as a website blocker in Firefox is Block Site by Ray. It is highly recommended with a 4.6-star rating and many of its users wrote quite objective & positive reviews.

Steps to Block Websites while Studying in Firefox

  1. Go to Block Site
  2. Then click “Add to Firefox” to install the add-ons to your browser.block websites firefox01
  3. Open the website you want to block in Firefox, e.g. YouTube.
  4. Under the YouTube page, click on the add-on as following, then click “OK” to block certain websites for studying in Firefox.block websites firefox 02
  5. Once ready, you won’t be allowed to access to the blocked websites. To unblock the websites, click on the “Remove Blocking” at the right bottom.block websites firefox 03

Safari (Mac)

To block specific websites in Safari while studying, you can use the Parental Controls that comes with macOS, it allows users to open and block specific websites for different users on the same Mac. Even it offers abundant features to help you kids to use the mac in a healthy way as you expect.

Steps to block websites while studying in Safari

  1. Click Apple Icon>System Preferences;
  2. Choose Parental Controls;block websites safari01
  3. Click the lock icon and enter your mac password to unlock for changes;
  4. Select the user account you want to block websites for, go to Web>Try to limit access to adult websites;block websites safari
  5. Go to “Never allow these websites”, click “+” to add the website URL you want to block while studying. Then click “OK”;block website safari 03

#3 Block Websites for Studying with Hosts Files

Another method to block websites for studying is to modify the hosts files on your Mac or Windows PC, this may seems to be quite complicated and require high on IT technology, but it is not. You can follow the steps listed as below to block certain websites while studying with hosts files.

Block Websites for Studying with Hosts File on Mac

  1. Go to Finder>Terminal;
  2. Paste “sudo nano /etc/hosts” to Terminal as following;mac host file 01
  3. Press “Enter”, you will see following interface;mac hosts file02
  4. Then directly enter your mac password and press “Enter”; mac host file 03
  5.  Go to the end of the host list, copy and paste “” in a new line, input the website name you want to block; mac host file 04
  6. Once you have added all blocked website URL, press Control+O to save the host file;
  7. Then press Control+X to exit;

Block Websites for Studying with Host File on Windows PC

  1. Go to Windows>System32>drivers>etc and find the hosts file;
  2. Then open the host file with Notepad or other HTML editor;
  3. Go to the end of the file, enter “ localhost” first;windows host file 02
  4. Then add the websites you want to block in the format “ website name” in new lines;windows host file 01
  5. Once ready, save the file in Notepad;


There are more options to block websites while studying on Mac or on Windows. But the best way to temporarily block websites for studying on a schedule s always using a dedicated website blocker with needed features, it is once for all and make everything simple but efficient.

If you have other recommendations to block websites while studying, please share with us in following comments.

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