Best DVDStyler Alternative to Help You Burn DVD on Mac Easily

Connie Wisley
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DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application that makes it possible for video enthusiasts to burn DVDs on Mac. It allows you to create DVD menu, some basic video editing operations such as trimming and cropping are also available. It can't offer an intuitive interface, every time I feel a little complex to handle it. What's worse, it is embedded with ads and unapproved installation while you start to use it (don't agree to the toolbar and search engine it wants to install along). It doesn't do what it says in its logo on a website that is 100% free of spy/adware. In such a case, we have to search for an alternative for DVDStyler.

What's the Best DVDStyler Alternative?

For me, I'd rather pay for a DVD burning tool to replace DVDStyler. What’s the best DVDStyler alternative? Is it that comes bundled with no malware yet easy-to-use and more user-friendly interface and features? This article will introduce the best DVD burner Mac to replace DVDStyler and help you burn DVD on Mac easily.

I want to recommend Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac. It offers streamlined and straightforward DVD authoring and burning solution for your Mac. It enables you to burn DVDs and create ISO files in a snap.

"......its performance is good and the burning speed is fast. That's what i need! I can easily edit videos with its basic editing tool, merge them with beautiful menus and subtitles, and voila, a DVD or a ISO file well managed." -

You can do more professional burning, preview, editing, DVD menus features without malicious software, ads, and spyware. All it offers is a pretty smooth, fast, and clear burning journey. You will feel happy to use its straightforward interface And its 16X faster-burning speed can give you a nice burning experience. (Price at $39.99, but this is a great budget-friendly program for effortlessly burning DVD on Mac.)

Although Cisdem DVD Burner is easy to use, please allow me to spend a while showing you how to use it. Download its free trial version on your Mac, and launch it you will see a pretty intuitive interface.

Free Download

How to Use the Best DVDStyler Alternative?

If you burn videos to DVD via the best DVDStyler alternative, everything will go simple. Now follow the steps below to learn how to use the best DVDStyler alternative.

1. Load Video Files

Two easy ways to load videos. Throw your favorite movies or precious personal video clips onto the "Source" tab of the app. Click the icon to choose and add local video files to the app.

load dvd

2. Edit and Polish the Imported Video

Click the icon under the video thumbnail, and edit the video for better visual quality (rotate, crop, special effect, subtitle, watermark, etc.)

edit videos

3. Design DVD Menu

Click the "Menu" button at the top, and the menu maker window appears. Customize the DVD menu with your favorite templates, buttons, frames, and text.

design dvd menu

4. Preview and Burn DVD Movie on Mac

Preview the video and check if everything is ok. And then hit the burning icon burn button to go to the output window. Choose the DVD output format, and preset the output parameters like disc volume (DVD5 or DVD9), TV system (NTSC or PAL), playback modes (5 different modes), etc.

Click "Burn", and start to burn the DVD on Mac. At last, you will get the best DVD video with nice-looking visual effects and zero-loss video quality.

tweak settings and burn

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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