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" A minimalist and easy to use Mac OS X security tool that enables you to protect any application with a master password that will be required at each launch. It might prove to be a useful tool if you share your Mac with other users."

Iulia Ivan@Softpedia

" Cisdem AppCrypt 3.0.0 aims to let you go for a coffee break without worrying that your colleagues are reading your novel in Word. You can use it to prevent snooping or people launching Excel to see your Recent Items."

William Gallagher@Macnn

" I am very impressed with AppCrypt. I will admit that sometimes I'm leery of security utilities because I feel like they overcomplicate the regular workflow of a computer, but AppCrypt is so easy to use that I forget it's even running."


" With advanced encryption schemes, Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac makes applications accessible to only authorized recipients by using. It is especially useful in public places and when sharing Mac with kids, co-workers, friends, etc."

Adeline Gear@TheAppTimes

" AppCrypt funziona come processo in background e non modifica assolutamente i file di sistema o dell’applicazione che si desidera proteggere. Funziona egregiamente e non necessità di alcuna conoscenza tecnica per essere configurato correttamente."

Emiliano Contarino@Macitynet

[Video Review] " It is quite easy to use: just set a password and add the apps to the lock list, and no one else will be able to access your protected apps without the correct password. You will never have to worry about prying eyes when you share your Mac with others."

Mac Guru

[Video Review] " AppCrypt is a very simple tool that lets you lock any app on your Mac with a master password that you set when you run AppCrypt for the first time. It is a really good option for everyone who wants to lock apps with a password on their Mac."

AppCrypt is a tool for Mac that can improve our productivity by not allowing us to browse through web pages or use apps that can distract us at work.

Antony Peel

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2013-08-14 01:42:35

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