Cisdem AppCrypt 3

Keep Your Mac Applications Locked from Prying Eyes

It's a huge pain to secure and keep track of your Mail, Quicken and other applications on Mac. But it's dangerous if you don't. Get the all-new AppCrypt 3 to lock individual applications. Set a time value to automatically lock apps for specified times, and track failed attempts with time and photo.

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One Password

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Smart Track

One Password Protection Solution for Individual Application

AppCrypt is very easy to use. Select any application you want to protect by drag'n'drop. After doing this, set a password to protect applications on Mac. Each time the apps are to be launched, AppCrypt asks for a password. No password? Definitely no apps!

Make Encryption Schedule to Lock Apps at Specific Times

Cisdem AppCrypt 3 adds the function for users to lock Mac apps on specific days and times. For example: After school (3:00-5:00) but not after 10:00 pm. Also, it's very easy to set the time, as it is the same way you set your alarm clock.

Automatically Exit Inactive Locked Apps for Safe Encryption

Wanna get up for coffee while your personal chatting windows are on screen? No prob. Cisdem AppCrypt will intelligently terminate the programs that aren't currently running in frontmost when your Mac goes into hibernation or standby.

Crucial System Applications Encrypted by Default

AppCrypt will automatically password protect some crucial system applications, including Activity Monitor, System Preferences, Console and Terminal. You can also remove them from the blocked apps list manually.

Safe Sharing Data with Users Knowing Password

AppCrypt for

Protect your vital essays, reports and social media messages by locking some apps when in classroom, library or other public places.

AppCrypt for

Keep your personal applications like Mail password protected when sharing your Mac with co-workers or you're absent from office.

AppCrypt for

Set a schedule to unlock specific apps like Quicken and some games to limit when your naughty kids or others can get access to your Mac.

Smart Track for Failed Attempts to Locked Apps

Track for
Unauthorized Usage

Keep track of failed attempts with date, time and optional captured photos so that you can review and find suspicious activities.

Invisible for
the Eyes

With the icon in Mac's menu bar, AppCrypt works as background process and doesn't take CPU load while idle.

Flexible Global
Shortcuts Setting

You can flexibly set a global shortcut key to hide or reveal AppCrypt from menu bar instantly if necessary.


Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Review - 1. Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Review - 1.

"Cisdem AppCrypt 3.0.0 aims to let you go for a coffee break without worrying that your colleagues are reading your novel in Word..."

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Review - 1. Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Review - 1.

"A useful tool if you share your Mac with other users, and you want to make sure nobody messes up the settings of specific apps..."

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Review - 1. Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac Review - 1.

"Keep private apps safe from prying eyes and encrypts crucial system elements, so that they can't be altered by inappropriate use..."


Cisdem AppCrypt 3

It's smart! It's awesome! We provide free trial for you to protect one application on Mac for free. Download and make the same choice with thousands of Mac users now!

Version 3.1.0 (Sep.07th, 2016) | Support macOS 10.7 + | 100% safe & clean | 30 days moneyback guarantee

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