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MP4 to AVI Converter: Better than Free Video Converter Online

Nowadays, people are keen on electronic equipment especially mobile devices. No matter when and where, we can always entertain ourselves by watching funny videos. But when you have lots of MP4 videos and only to find that your mobile devices can’t play these videos, you need a MP4 to AVI converter.This MP4 to AVI converter can help you solve your converting problems with highest quality and fast conversion speed,and more importantly, it is better than some free video converter online.

You may wonder what is the MP4 to AVI converter I mentioned before, it got a official name and the converter is Mac Video Converter.It’s much better than some free online video converters. Below I will tell you the details about Cisdem Video Converter and one of free online video converters and explain why the former is better than the latter.

Main features of Cisdem MP4 to AVI Converter:

  1. Convert all popular media formats such as MPEG, MP4, WMV, DivX, Xvid etc to AVI
  2. Rip DVD movies
  3. Download online videos and save them as FLV, MP4, MP3, etc.
  4. Personalize videos with various editing features such as adding subtitles and watermarks
  5. Convert all kind of 2D movies and home-made videos to high quality 3D videos
  6. Save your favorite scene as image format with the snapshot function
  7. Output video with highest quality
  8. 100% CLEAN software

Cisdem Video Converter

Main features of free online MP4 to AVI converter:

  1. Easy to use and simple webpage interface
  2. Supports 50 source formats
  3. Provide a URL to a video or upload a video file
  4. Choose some optional settings to change the quality
  5. 100% FREE converter

According to the main features above, the former Cisdem Video Converter can help you not only convert MP4 to AVI but it also convert all kinds of media formats while the latter free online MP4 to AVI converter may not support some formats. The former can download videos directly from website to save as local while you need download you videos before you use free online video converter and the latter doesn’t support YouTube video URL. You can use the former to add subtitles or audio files and choose a menu to get a personalized video while you can’t use the latter to edit your videos. Many people used the Cisdem Video Converter to convert formats successfully and spoke highly of the software.You can download a free trial version of Mac Video Converter and we will tell you how to use it to convert MP4 to AVI step by step.

download the free trial of Cisdem VideoConverter

How to use Cisdem Video Converter to convert MP4 files to AVI?

1. Import MP4 video files or download videos

You can add video files to the video converter by dragging and dropping the videos from your Mac. You can click the media browser at the top right corner to load the MP4 videos to the software.

convert MP4 files to AVI step one

2. Choose "AVI" as output format and get ready for converting

Find the MP4 video file that you want to convert, click the little blue video button and a list of output profiles will show up. You can choose an .AVI profile from the "General Video" or "HD Video" tab or choose other profiles for your portable devices.

convert MP4 files to AVI step two

3. Edit AVI videos and customize output settings

You can trim, crop, rotate your videos and add effects,watermarks, subtitles and soundtracks. What’s more, you can add 3D effects to convert your 2D videos to 3D.

convert MP4 files to AVI step 3

4. Preview you videos with the built-in media player and start to convert

Preview your video and if you are not satisfied with the video, you can edit it once more by clicking the edit button. After you edit you MP4 videos, you can start converting MP4 to AVI on Mac by clicking the converting button on the lower right of the interface.

convert MP4 files to AVI step 4

5. Share your videos on YouTube

After you finish the converting process, you can share your videos on YouTube with your friends by dragging the videos to the sharing interface and clicking the share button at the lowest right corner.

convert MP4 files to AVI step 5

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