Easy Solutions to Make PDF Smaller on Mac for 2022-2023

Megan Charles
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Conveniences come at a cost, PDF documents are no different. We benefit from PDF documents, but some of its features just lead to large PDF file size. Large PDF files sometimes are big problems, it makes annoyingly inefficient to email, upload or share your file, and it takes your storage space as well. We need to make a PDF smaller. 

Here we will introduce several ways to make a PDF smaller on Mac for easy emailing, uploading, etc., but we are not using online free tools or Adobe Acrobat, you will find the reasons why and get better ways to make your PDFs smaller on Mac highly efficiently.

Why We Use Professional Programs to Make PDF Smaller on Mac?

There are built-in macOS programs to make a PDF smaller on Mac, such as Preview, Archive Utility, also there are web-based tools to make a PDF smaller on Mac, for example smallpdf, ilovepdf. Though they are free to use, they all have disadvantages. 

  • Preview: cannot control compression level, fail to reduce and even result in larger size, has no batch support, file quality is lost.
  • Archive Utility: cannot make PDF files much smaller than original (5%~40% smaller).
  • Online tools: cannot control compression level, slow process, possible information leakage risks.

Then how about using Adobe Acrobat? If you have installed and purchased, surely, use it to make your PDF files smaller on Mac. But if not yet, it would be better to find a lightweight PDF compressor with low price and full controls over the compression.

The Best Tool to Make PDF Smaller on Mac 2022-2023

In fact, there aren’t many standalone PDF compressor programs for making a PDF smaller on Mac, such a PDF compression feature is often added in a PDF editor, like Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Phantom, etc. This also makes a PDF compressor more valuable. 

Cisdem PDF Compressor is a powerful PDF compressor to make single or multiple PDFs smaller on Mac. It provides 4 modes to make a PDF smaller in size but with a preferred dpi. In addition, you can customize the setting to get a reduced PDF file, while keeping their original quality formats. It can help you free up storage space and makes it easier and faster to email and share PDF files. It is the most efficient tool to shrink PDF file without losing quality on Mac.

Why Choose Cisdem PDF Compressor?

  • 4 Compression modes: small, medium, large and custom for different purpose, like printing, emailing, uploading, etc.
  • Display real time size: file size after different compression mode will be calculated
  • Batch compress: import multiples PDF form compression
  • Compress fast: make large and multiple PDFs smaller quickly
  • Keep quality: prefer quality or smaller size or balance

How to Make a PDF Smaller on Mac with Cisdem PDF Compressor?

  • Step 1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Compressor for Mac.
    Free Download
  • Step 2. Drag the PDFs you want to make smaller into this Cisdem.make pdf smaller batch
  • Step 3. Customize settings.
    There are 4 compression levels: Small, Medium, Large, Custom. Select an option according to your need. To apply the same settings to all imported PDF documents, just select the checkbox before Apply to all. Click OK.4 compression mode
  • Step 4. Start making a PDF smaller on Mac.
    In the main interface, click Compress. Click the folder icon to find the PDF files with smaller size.

Note: Remember that there is always a tradeoff between compression/file size and good quality. There really is no magic solution for all documents, just try different settings and see which give the balance that you like best.

Also, you can check following YouTube video to get more guides to make your PDFs smaller on Mac:

An Alternative

Looking for a PDF compressor, Cisdem PDF Compressor is absolutely the best choice. But if you have files more than PDF format to compress, Neuxpower file compressor will be a good alternative.  

It is a mac file compressor to make PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG and TIFF files smaller on Mac. There are 2 compression modes: default and custom. Users can create a new compressed copy, back up and replace original or replace original in the same or selected folder.


  1. 2 compression modes
  2. Batch compress PDFs
  3. Compress other documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  4. Adjust Save settings


  1. Files can not be largely compressed
  2. No real-time file size is displayed under different mode
  3. Process slow when working on multiple compressions

How to Make PDF Smaller on Mac with Neuxpower?

  1. Download and install Nuexpower on your Mac.
  2. Drag and drop all PDF files to the program for compression.nxcompressor01
  3. In the Optimize profile, choose a compression mode, also adjust the settings manually as you need.nxcompressor02
  4. Click Optimize to make your PDFs smaller on Mac.

To Sum up

There aren’t too many tools specially designed to shrink PDF file size, you can find the compress or optimize feature in a PDF editor, but there is no need to invest so much for PDF compression only. To protect your privacy and make PDFs smaller on Mac quickly & easily, let’s try a professional PDF Compressor, Cisdem will be the best choice for you after it proves how efficient it is to compress PDFs on your Mac.

Now, have a try on Cisdem PDF Compressor, then decide to keep it or remove it

Free Download

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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    Honestly, when choosing a tool to reduce PDF size, preferably free! But, in light of my experience with online services, paid ones prove themselves better.

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