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Sometimes smaller is better: How to make a PDF smaller on Mac(OS Sierra Included)

Conveniences come at a cost and PDF documents are no different. Some of the features we use can lead to large file sizes. Just think about how much space you can save on your computer if you reduce the file size of all your PDF. This action will help your clients to open the PDF files that you send via email or share on your website easily. So, how to make a PDF smaller on Mac?

When it comes to making PDF smaller on Mac, Adobe Acrobat is often the best way to go; it can do all sorts of magic on PDF files. But here are also some alternative programs that can make a PDF smaller for free or at a much lower price, one of the most popular options is Cisdem PDF Compressor for Mac. Just read the article below.

How to make a PDF smaller on Mac via third-party application?

Cisdem PDFCompressor is a powerful PDF compressor and PDF size reducer; it allows you to optimize all your PDF files by 90% ~ 20% comparing to their originals while keeping their original quality formats. With PDF Compressor Mac, you can save huge space and share PDF files with your friends much faster.

I’ve run a test which PDFCompressor (doc file size 850k), and it produce a PDF file which is only 1.2MB. Amazing right!

Download the free trial of Cisdem PDFCompressor Now!

Step 1. Add PDF Files to the Program

Launch Cisdem PDF Compressor Mac. And then drag and drop PDF files to the application.

add files to cisdem pdf compressor 01

Step 2. Choose from 4 PDF Compression Modes

Cisdem PDF Compressor Mac provides you with various different ways of compressing documents - Minimal File Size, Small File Size, Medium File Size, Large File Size. You can make an appropriate choice based on your needs.

choose compress mode with cisdem pdf compressor

Note: Remember that it is always a tradeoff between compression/file size and quality and there really is no magic solution for all documents, other than trying different settings and seeing which give the balance that you like best.

Step 3. Start Compressing PDF Files on Mac

Once you have completed all the necessary settings and preparation work, please click on the “Compress” to start the compression.

make pdf smaller with cisdem pdf compressor

How to make a PDF smaller on Mac with built-in tool?

Except making a PDF smaller on Mac by using Cisdem PDF Compressor, there is also other way to do that. Mac users can directly reduce PDF file size by Apple Preview. As the built-in app of Apple, Preview is undoubtedly the most convenient way to make PDF smaller on Mac.

Step 1: Run Preview on your Mac.

Step 2: Then open your PDF file on it. Go to “File” menu and then choose “Open”. Select the PDF files you want to compress, and then click “Open” option.

Step 3: Next, go to “File” menu again, choose “Export …” option, and in the “Quartz Filter”, choose the “Reduce File Size” option.

Step 4: Give a name for your PDF file, click the “Save” option.

But the drawback of this method is that users can’t choose compression modes, can’t reduce PDF file size farthest. If you is not very care about compression degree, Preview is your best choice to make a PDF smaller on Mac.

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