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How to Block Specific Websites on Android Effortlessly? Four Awesome Apps Can Do You a Favor!

How do I block a website on my Android? Is blocking websites on Android a strenuous task? A number of Android users might ask the same question.

In recent times, people spend more time on playing mobile phone, especially staying at some attractive social network sites, like Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Other Android users may go to websites to play games. Unfortunately, poor consequences are also emerged. Your works become unproductive and your device start getting virus, malware due to the distracting and unhealthy sites.

Therefore, a decent way on how to block a website is often asked. Although there are many ways, I’m going to address the most secure ones to help you block websites on Android.

Pick a Blocking App:

How to Block a Website - The Benefits

1. Restricts the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites.

2. Helps you stay focused on your work and study.

3. Helps limit the time you spend in social media and other websites.

4. Quit addictions such as games, gambling or porn.

5. Limit time your kids spent on online and desktop games and websites.

***By the way, one can also block a website to get all this benefits on iPhone and Mac with a App and site blocker. Here's more on the topic: How to Block a Websites on Mac.

Option One: Block Websites on Android Using ES File Explorer

Far and away, that using ES File Explorer to block websites on Android is a super convenient way. It needs in virtue of editing the hosts files. Beginners might don’t know what the hell is the hosts file, in fact, it is a plain-text file in an operating system to map hostnames to its IP address. In my view, ES File Explorer is the most suitable file manager and text editor to block websites on Android through hosts files.

  1. Download ES File Explorer from Google App Store and install it on your Android phone. After that, come back to Home Screen and open ES File Explorer, then click on the “/” button.Block Websites on Android Using ES File Explorer Step One
  2. You are now in the root directory, tap ect file on your phone, and scroll down to find hosts file. Click on the hosts file, then it will show you a small frame on the right of the screen, navigate to Open as –> Text –> ES Note Editor –> Edit.Block Websites on Android Using ES File Explorer Step Two
  3. The last step is editing the websites that you would like to block on your Android device. For instance, if you are prepared to block, you must write down BTW, you have to reboot your Android phone for activating the changed settings.Block Websites on Android Using ES File Explorer Step Three

Option Two: Block Distracting Websites with Safe Browser

Safe Browser is neat and practical web browser which make you online safer by monitoring millions websites and billions of webpages. With it, you can block porn, violation, gambling or gun related websites. Meanwhile, you are able to keep away from virus and spyware. If you have a child, you can restrict them from playing online games frequently.

  1. Once Safe Browser is installed on your phone, open it and press the menu button. From the items list, select Admin icon in the configuration menu. Then type your desired password. It will ask you to confirm the password again, repeat the password and press OK.Block Distracting Websites with Safe Browser Step OneBlock Distracting Websites with Safe Browser Step One
  2. You can block websites on Android now. Type the site you want to block and wait for the loading, then press More on the menu bar. Next, choose Add blacklist. After which, the site will be voluntarily blocked on Android.Block Distracting Websites with Safe Browser Step TwoBlock Distracting Websites with Safe Browser Step Two
  3. Actually, all settings are done. If you intend to prevent others from modifying the restrictions that you have made, you can press the menu button once again. Select More then click on Exit Admin. In this way, they won’t have admin access and they can only browse the accessible sites.Block Distracting Websites with Safe Browser Step Three

Option Three: Block a Website via Kaspersky Parental Control on Android

If your child is still entering unwanted websites and software, I believe Kaspersky Parental Control is your best bet. This program works with the standard browser Android and impede your child go into other browsers that haven’t been filtered. To flexibly block access to inappropriate websites and keep family relationships more harmonious, you can follow the steps below to block websites on Android.

  1. After you install Kaspersky Parental Control on your phone, open the app to configure it. Select the website categories you want to block. Next, it will let you impose control on the apps your kid use. You can add or remove apps which are allowed by default in the list.Block a Website via Kaspersky Parental Control on Android Step One
  2. You need set up a password and activate the app as the device administrator. Afterwards, register with your e-mail address to finish the process. You can use this e-mail to connect with Kaspersky Parental Control customer service in case of forgetting the administration PIN.Block a Website via Kaspersky Parental Control on Android Step Two
  3. Make sure you have set default browser for surfing the website. This selected website browser is only allowed and other websites are blocked by default on Android. At last, you can text the blocked apps and websites on your device.Block a Website via Kaspersky Parental Control on Android Step Three

Option Four: Block Websites by Trend Micro for Android

Have you ever considered using an antivirus application to block websites on your Phone? Maybe you have not realized blocking websites on phones is very easy and smooth, particularly on Android. Here I highly recommend an antivirus program- Trend Micro. This is a reputable security agency whose key responsibility is distributing and developing multiple security applications. Trend Micro is also a real market bellwether and a trustworthy app for blocking websites on Android.

  1. Firstly, launch Trend Micro on your device. Then press Safe Surfing in the main menu and switch the slide button next to Parental Controls. It will be redirected to a new page, scroll down and create a new account.Block Websites by Trend Micro for Android Step One
  2. In the second step, tap the slide button that is next to Parental Controls again. Next, you should write down the password which you offered for creating a new account in step one.Parental Controls will be opened up and then you can add any websites to block on Android freely after clicking on Blocked List.Block Websites by Trend Micro for Android Step Two
  3. At last, everything becomes clear. You only need type or paste the address of the website and tap Save option. Like that, the website has been blocked authentically. If you would like to check, just enter into the website, you will see the website is on Trend Micro blocked list now.Block Websites by Trend Micro for Android Step Three

Wrap Up

That’ all on how to block websites on Android with brilliant applications. Although both of these android website blocker apps are great, I prefer using Trend Micro for Android. If you are a Mac user, I highly recommend AppCrypt. It’s a fantastic program to block apps on Mac. So guys, do you have any recommendations? Be free to write the comments below.

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    Kaspersky Parental Control is Superb, I can block both apps and websites on Android phone now. Very magical!

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    I loved your post!!! Exactly what I wanted. Your recommendations will be useful to get rid of the addiction from online games and Facebook.

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    I prefer using ES File Explorer. It seems easier to operate. When I went to its downloaded page, many positive reviews there. I believe it's a reliable program. thanks.

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