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Gemini 2 is a Mac utility from MacPaw that helps you reclaim precious storage on your Mac by finding and deleting duplicate files. And it was released by MacPaw on 10th May. Compared to the older version of Gemini, version 2.0 brings in many improvements.

The app which finds and deletes duplicate files on your Mac can now spot similar files as well. Gemini 2 also uses 10 different parameters to identify duplicates and similarities between files, and works with iTunes and Photos to discover that you may have songs or photos saved in multiple spots. It trims more fat from your Mac than ever before and replaces copies with hardlinks to save you space without deleting the files. And the interface of Gemini 2 is fancy, you can use it to remove duplicate files in 3 clicks.

Gemini 2 is more smarter, while it can only work on Mac OS X 10.10 or above. And in my test, it sometimes can’t select duplicate files by default, I have to select them manually. From some users’ feedback on the Mac App Store, it sometimes can’t find duplicates at all.

I have over 4000 photos on my mac with a good share of duplicates. After 20 minutes of processing Gemini 2 said no duplicates found and had me go manually through deleting similar files. That’s what I was trying to avoid. Useless.

This is where Cisdem DuplicateFinder comes in. It is quite a powerful alternative to Gemini 2 (which is bundled in with Mac OS X 10.7 and above).

Cisdem DuplicateFinder is one of the best duplicate file finder which can substitute for Gemini 2 for Mac users to find and delete duplicate photos, videos, music files, etc. It is designed with accurate duplicate scanning algorithms and identifies duplicates by file content, and the newest version brings a bunch of new features.

1. High scanning speed

In our tests, Cisdem DuplicateFinder scans duplicates very quickly and takes less time than Gemini 2 when scanning the same folder.

cisdem duplicate finder versus gemini 2 in terms of scan speed

2. Scan multiple folders and locations

When you add two or more different folders or locations which may include at least one duplicate file to look for duplicates, Cisdem DuplicateFinder always can help you find duplicates. While Gemini sometimes shows you no duplicates found.

3. Display results in a clear way

Cisdem DuplicateFinder displays the scanning results in both table view and pie chart which helps users know what kind of file take up how much space on your Mac while Gemini 2 displays results only in table view. And Cisdem DuplicateFinder sorts duplicates by multiple filters and classifies duplicates into documents, images, musics, videos, etc.

4. Preview results before removal

Cisdem DuplicateFinder allows users to preview the detailed information of duplicates before removal, and so does Gemini 2, but it is more likely to delete all duplicates without prompting and previewing when using Gemini 2.

5. One click to select all duplicates

Cisdem DuplicateFinder supports one-click auto selection/deselection of all duplicates at ease.

6. Three-way deletion

You can move all duplicates to Trash where you can restore the deleted duplicates later or erase them completely if you are sure they are useless to you. Moving duplicates to specified folder is also supported. And you can choose your option in “Preferences” before scanning.

7. User-friendly interface

Cisdem DuplicateFinder has a simple, clear-cut, and intuitive interface that allows you to manage the tool's functions with ease. From many users’ feedback, its interface tends to be much simpler and easier than Gemini 2’s for users to handle.

8. System Requirements

Cisdem DuplicateFinder requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later and it is suitable for more Mac users than Gemini 2 cause that Gemini 2 requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later.

9. No additional cost to upgrade

When the developer update a new version of Cisdem DuplicateFinder, it will cost you nothing to upgrade the app. Actually a lot of software developers like MacPaw do not provide free upgrade,so if you’re already using Gemini, MacPaw has a lifetime 50 percent off discount code waiting for you to upgrade.

This one is good! It helps me find all the duplicates including in Photos, really all duplicates even with different file names! Very useful! And it shows the result in a clear way, easy for me to handle!

Cisdem DuplicateFinder does what it claims and is a good alternative to Gemini 2. It finds all your duplicate files fast and accurately. The results are presented and sorted in file type. It has received high acclaim from users, and one of the users claimed that even his grandmother can handle this app easily. Above is one of the reviews of Cisdem DuplicateFinder from MacUpdate. You can download this duplicate file finder below and join the team to delete duplicates for freeing up space on Mac!

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Download free trial of Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac!

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    I tried Gemini 2, and its interface is very nice,but compared to the alternative-Cisdem duplicate finder, it is much complex for me to operate.

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