How to Crack PDF Password without Failure?

Rosa Reyes
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The idea of Go Paperless  pervades our modern business, which greatly drives the PDF files grow in popularity and develop in sophistication. To protect PDF files, we often add an extra layer of security. You may send out or get a protected PDF file, equally, you may unfortunately forget or lose the password of the PDF files. It's true sometimes we just have a very genuine reason to crack PDF password to unlock PDFs for viewing, editing or printing, or find back our forgotten PDF password for further use. 

Why We Need to Crack PDF Password?

I guess you have noticed that there are 2 kinds of PDF passwords

Open/User Password: restrict others from opening or viewing the PDF files

Owner/Permission Password: restrict others from editing, printing, copying.

As you can see, these 2 PDF passwords protect our files from being altered or modified, but in the case you lost or forgot PDF password, you won’t be able to open, view, edit, copy or print the PDFs, then, you will need to crack the PDF password.

To crack an owner-password protected PDF is much easier than that to crack a user-password protected PDF, you just need to remove the PDF protection with a PDF Password Remover. But to crack a user-password protected PDF, you will have to decrypt the PDF password with brute force or other search methods. In the following part, we will instruct how to crack both forgotten open and owner passwords.

How to Crack PDF Password?

The solution to crack PDF password we list here is using a desktop PDF Password Remover, because such a stand-alone program can guarantee the information safety when dealing with these secured PDFs, also it can crack PDF password without failure.

If you are cracking PDF password on Mac

Cisdem PDF Password Remover for Mac, it is designed to directly remove owner password or restrictions from PDFs by creating an equivalent unsecured PDF, also to crack PDF password, so that you can get full access to your PDF even forgot passwords.

Free Download

  1. Free download Cisdem PDF Password Remover and launch it on your Mac.
  2. Add your PDF files to crack PDF password on mac.
    If there is no lock icon appearing, your PDF file is only owner-password protected, you can move to the step 3.
    If there is a lock icon appearing, your PDF file is protected with a user password. Click the lock icon, and choose “forgot” to decrypt the forgotten PDF password. Also, you can tweak the setting the speed up the decryption process.crack pdf password on mac
  3. Crack PDF password on Mac.
    Finally, click "Remove" and you will an equivalent PDF file without password protection. The PDF file has been cracked for free manipulations.crack pdf password on mac

If you are cracking PDF password on Windows

Eltima Recover PDF Password is the Windows program decrypting and recovering forgotten PDF passwords. It provides 3 modes to recover PDF password: Brute-Force, Dictionary and Network search. 

  1. Run the program on your Windows PC.
  2. Import the secured PDF into the Windows program.
  3. Choose “Decrypt” to crack the PDF password directly, or select “Recover” to find back your lost PDF password. Choose different search mode and fill in parameters as needed to crack faster.crack pdf password on windows


Bonus: Recommended Online Tools to Crack PDF Password for Free

If your PDFs are only protected with an owner password, You can try online free PDF crackers to remove PDF protection. But before cracking with online free PDF Password Remover, you need to know:

  • Don’t upload highly private PDFs for unlocking, these online free tools will save your files on the server for a while
  • Don’t upload large size file for unlocking, it may slow down or pause the unlocking process
  • Most online PDF password remover supports only owner-password protected files, they won’t work on user-password protected files. 

​Recommended Online Free PDF Crackers:

  1. PDF Unlock
  2. Free My PDF
  3. PDFCrack

It is quite easy to use an online PDF Password Remover, just follow the instructions on the website.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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    I bought a protected PDF course before, but I lost the passwords, thanks for getting me to the solution.

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