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How to Convert Visio to PDF on Mac?

Visio is a famous drawing application that helps you easily create professional-looking business diagrams. As far as I know, this software is very common all over the world. However, in some forums, such as Yahoo Answer, people put forward to convert Visio to PDF on Mac. In this case, I am willing to share my ideas. This article will recommend a best Mac Visio to PDF converter for you. But prior to that, i need state why should convert Visio to PDF.

Why Should Convert Visio to PDF?

Visio, only designed for Windows users, can’t be viewed straight from Mac. Even if you have downloaded an App to open Visio on your Mac already, you could not check it on another Mac. Then that downloading the App repeatedly on each Mac is inevitable, don't you think it is very troublesome?

As is known to all, PDF is compatible with all operating systems, whether you are using Linux, UNIX, Windows, Mac or any other system. Meanwhile, PDF file is stable and hard to be modified. When you open PDF files on different computers and systems, it rarely appears garbled and unable to read. What's more, while converting Visio to PDF, the size of the document reduces by a great level. A document, which is smaller in size, can be downloaded and uploaded rapidly.

Since there are tons of advantages to convert Visio to PDF, why don’t we act now? After saving Visio as PDF, you will find many things are going to be convenient.

How to Convert Visio to PDF on Mac?

Have you realized the significance of converting Visio to PDF? If you say yes, Please read the following steps carefully: BTW, be bound to check out this guide on What is Visio and How to View Visio Files on Mac?

Step1. Launch Cisdem DocumentReader on Mac.

After downloaded Cisdem DocumentReader and installed it on your Mac, you need to double click its icon to run it. Then you can open your Visio file on it. ( P.S. Cisdem DocumentReader offers a free trial download, in this condition, there is no need to worry about paying for something you still haven't tested.)

Download the Free Trial of Visio to PDF Converter Now!

Maybe you are confusing that "What the hell is Cisdem DocumentReader?", let me give you a quick summary:

Cisdem DocumentReader is the easiest and the most elegant way to view WPD, WPS, XPS, Visio, PDF files on your Mac, and to print and save them into PDF for sharing. It has a number of practical features to make sure that you not only will get the best reading experience possible, but also can save, share or work on them. I will list some features of the software below, hope it could be helpful.

  • Easy to use, just drag & drop it into app.
  • Fast scrolling, never be lagged with the pagination.
  • Keyword Search at the top-right corner supports quickly find a word, character, or phrase anywhere.
  • Lets you print the opened WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, Visio, PDF files with one click or save them as an industry-standard PDF that can be opened and edited in any other PDF programs. 
  • Supports multi-tab viewing to switch between multiple Visio files easily.
  • Reads files on Mac with no additional software required.

In addition to this, Cisdem DocumentReader still has other merits and functions which can not be ignored. Click here to see more specifics.

Step2. Open your Visio files on it.

Add your Visio files to it, all pages of the file will be listed on the left, and the details will be displayed on the right. You can read the content of your Visio file. Of course, if you have other formats file, you can open them via Cisdem DocumentReader at the same time.

Friendly Reminder:

1. It provides different viewing styles with toolbar consisting view mode, searching pane, page navigation, zoom, rotate, save, copy and so on, which can give you a wonderful reading experience. Additionally, you can design the toolbar with the way you satisfied.

2. You can search the text by entering words on the search form.

Step3. Convert Visio to PDF.

Declare that Visio files are accurate and complete, click the "Save to PDF" option to convert Visio files to PDF.


General speaking, a good Visio to PDF converter for Mac is able to view the Visio file smoothly, convert the file quickly and get the PDF file originally. Cisdem DocumentReader meets all of these characteristics. More unexpected is that the software can also convert other type of formats to PDF. Is this not the icing on the cake? For me, Cisdem DocumentReader is filled with superiorities, I will continue to use this application in future. These are my personal views above, hope it'll be of value to users who are looking for answers.

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