9 Solutions to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac 2023

Megan Charles
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PowerPoint slides provide us a great way to express our ideas, present ourselves or promote products with photos, audios, videos, animations, fonts, charts or other rich elements. Sometimes, there are existing sources available that can be used as PowerPoint materials, for example, a PDF file. In this case, we will need to convert PDF to PowerPoint slides.

Basing on this, here we are going to list 9 solutions to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac, each of these solutions have been proved to be useful and workable. They are web-based or standalone, no matter you want to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac for free without limits, or export PDF as PPT or PPTX on Mac without losing quality.


Best PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac (with OCR)

Yes, it is true that there are free ways to convert a PDF to PowerPoint on Mac. But if you want to convert without losing original file quality and make your PowerPoint look professional, a dedicated PDF to PowerPoint converter for Mac is required, like Cisdem PDF Converter OCR. 

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a mac PDF OCR converter coming to service since the year of 2013, designed to convert any PDFs native, scanned, locked or large PDF files to PowerPoint and other 15 formats. It has gone through several upgrades to meet users’ needs as much as possible. The current version, which aims to yield best outcomes with least time and efforts, has received a loud applause from its users. 

It is very easy to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac with Cisdem, with 3 steps: Import > Select output > Convert, you can get professional PPTX files. For scanned PDF or image file, there is an additional step: enable OCR. Here we will list the steps as following to convert both native and scanned PDF to PowerPoint format on Mac.

How to Convert Native PDF to PowerPoint on Mac?

  1. Free Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR to your Mac, MacBook Air/Pro.
    Free Download
  2. Go to the “Converter” interface, drag your PDF files into the uploading area or click the “+” to import files from your folder.pdf ppt mac cisdem2
  3. Select page range, choose output folder and set the output format as “to PPTX”.
  4. pdf ppt mac cisdem1Click the Convert button to export PDF as PowerPoint on Mac or MacBook.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to PowerPoint on Mac with OCR?

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR to your Mac.
    Free Download
  2. Add PDF files to the program by drag and drop.
  3. This program will prompt you to download the OCR module for the first time, click OK to start.pdf ppt mac cisdem3
  4. The program will recognize scanned documents automatically and run OCR feature. Then the same as above part: choose the page range, output folder and select output as PPTX.
  5. Click Convert button to convert scanned PDF to PowerPoint with OCR on Mac.

Also, you can check the following video tutorial to convert PDF to PowerPoint with Cisdem.

Convert PDF to PPT or PPTX on Mac Free in Preview

One great benefit that macOS bring to Mac users is its free utilities offered to boost productivity, such as Preview. Though Preview doesn’t allow exporting PDF as PowerPoint directly, it is helpful to copy text from PDF and then paste to a PowerPoint file, or insert PDF as images to PowerPoint.

#1 Convert PDF to PPT on Mac Free in Preview by Copy & Paste

  1. Open PDF with Preview.
  2. Copy the wanted part from PDF, then paste to your PowerPoint document.

If the PDF file is scanned or locked, read to copy text from PDF.

#2 Convert PDF to PPT on Mac Free in Preview by Inserting

  1. Open PDF with Preview.
  2. Go to File> Export...pdf ppt mac preview1
  3. Choose “JPEG”, “PNG” or other images in the drop-down menu of Format.pdf ppt mac preview2

  4. Then launch PowerPoint for Mac, go to Insert > Image, add the PDF image you just saved as with Preview.
  5. Repeat these steps if you want to add more PDF images.
  6. Once all PDF pages are imported, go to File > Save.

3 Free Ways to Convert PDF to PPT on Mac Without Software (Online)

If you are looking for ways to convert PDF to PowerPoint on mac without software, online free PDF to PowerPoint converters will help, and here we pick 3 options for you.

But before using these online free tools, be aware of following disadvantages on using them:

  • It may process slow due to large file size, poor internet connection, etc.
  • File information may be leaked since the information is saved on the server
  • Limited files can be uploaded for conversion
  • Conversion quality may be poor with messy formatting, requires manual adjustments

#1 Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Acrobat is the most powerful PDF tool to create, convert and edit PDF files offline, it provides online service as well. It can convert PDF to PowerPoint file with good quality, but you can only convert 2 files for free, by converting one without sign-on while another via Adobe account sign-in.

Change PDF to PowerPoint on Mac Online Free with Adobe Document Cloud

  1. Go to Adobe Document Cloud
  2. Choose Convert PDF > Convert PDF to PowerPoint, click Select a file to upload PDF.pdf to ppt adobe free
  3. Wait for the converting process.pdf to ppt adobe free 02
  4. Click the Download button to save the PowerPoint file to your Mac.pdf to ppt adobe free 03
  5. (Optional) To convert another PDF file with Adobe Document Cloud, sign in with Adobe account and repeat the steps from 1-4.pdf to ppt adobe free 04


  1. Free to use
  2. Fast to convert
  3. Good quality
  4. Extended features: create, convert and edit PDFs


  1. Cannot convert scanned PDFs
  2. Convert 2 PDF files for free

#2 iLovePDF

iLovePDF is another option to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac without any software and without limit on file quantity. It is feature-rich to work on a PDF file, merge, split, compress, convert, edit, protect, sign, etc. When exporting PDFs, it helps to save as PPTX.

Change PDF to PowerPoint on Mac Online Free with iLovePDF

  1. Go to iLovePDF > Convert PDF > Convert PDF to PowerPoint.
  2. Add files by drag and drop or click on Select PDF file.pdf to pptx online 1
  3. Click Convert to PPTX.pdf to pptx online 02
  4. Click the Download button to save the PPTX file to your mac.pdf to pptx online 03


  1. Free
  2. Support fast and batch convert
  3. No limit on file quantity


  1. Cannot work on scanned PDF
  2. Unstable conversion quality, need manually revise errors and adjust formatting

#3 Google Docs

In the case that you store and sync files in your Google account on a routine, you can utilize Google Docs from Google Drive to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac online too. Though it cannot directly export a PDF file as PowerPoint format, it can extract texts from a scanned PDF and paste to your PowerPoint file.

Change PDF to PowerPoint on Mac Online Free with Google Docs

  1. Login into your Google Account, go to Google Drive.
  2. Upload PDF file to Google Drive.
  3. Right click on the PDF file and open with Google Docs.pdf to pptx google docs 01
  4. When the PDF file is opened in Google Docs, copy texts from the native or scanned PDF.pdf to pptx google docs 02
  5. Open a PowerPoint document, paste the PDF text to it and click Save.


  1. Free
  2. No limit on file quantity
  3. Convert scanned PDF
  4. Can edit PDF files


  1. Cannot export PDF as PowerPoint directly

2 Free PDF to PowerPoint Converters on Mac (Offline)

Online tools can solve most of the PDF problems, but they also have many annoying limitations. So don’t overlook free PDF to PowerPoint converters on desktop, almost no file size and number limits in conversion.

#1 PDFgear

With completely free reader, editor, converter, combiner, signature creator, compressor, organizer and other strong features, PDFgear makes PDF tasks easily. Not only works for Mac device, but also available on Windows and iOS. It covers multiple options in conversion such as PDF to PPT, PPTX, Word, Excel, JPG, JPEG, PNG and PSD. Let’s try this free PDF to PowerPoint converter on Mac or MacBook.

  1. Run PDFgear, head to Convert from PDF > PDF to PPT.\
  2. Import PDF files by clicking “Add Files” or drag-n-drop.pdf ppt mac gear2
  3. Enter the page numbers that you want to convert in the Range pane.
  4. Set the output path and click “Convert” to download your converted PPT files. 

#2 iPubsoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Another free desktop converter we’d like to show Mac users is iPubsoft PDF to PowerPoint converter, an easy-to-use converter that support batch/partial conversion and maintain the original formatting, content and quality. However, scanned documents cannot be recognized and converted successfully. Now, convert PDF to PowerPoint Presentation with iPubsoft.

  1. Get started with “Add File” or “Add Folder”.pdf ppt mac ipub1
  2. Select any file in the status bar, and then you can choose to convert all pages, the current page or a custom range on the right pane.pdf ppt mac ipub2
  3. Browse and set the output folder and press the Start button to start PDF to PPT conversion free offline.

How to Insert a PDF to PowerPoint on Mac?

You may be wondering if Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to convert PDF to PowerPoint on mac directly. The answer is Yes, but, you can only convert PDF to PPT or PPTX as images in MS PowerPoint. That’s to say, you won’t be able the edit the PowerPoint pages in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you don’t care, you can still convert PDF to PowerPoint on mac with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Steps to convert PDF to PPT as images on Mac

  1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac, create a new PowerPoint document or insert a new slide.pdf ppt mac ms1
  2. Go to Insert > Pictures, then insert the PDF as an image to MS PowerPoint.
    You can only import one PDF page to PowerPoint every time, repeat this to insert multiple PDF pages to PowerPoint.pdf ppt mac ms2
  3. Once all PDF pages are imported to Microsoft PowerPoint, go to File > Save.

Export PDF as PowerPoint with Mac Adobe

If you are using PDF on regular basis, you will be much familiar with Adobe. Assuming you have installed Adobe Acrobat or are considering to get an Adobe, you can absolutely utilize these super powerful PDF tool to do the PDF to PPT conversion. 

In addition to its as-always excellent performance, another great benefit from Adobe Acrobat is its strong presence in a whole ecosystem, by offering users different versions of Adobe to use on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android. Even with Adobe OCR, you can export scanned PDF as editable PowerPoint format on mac.

How to Export PDF as PowerPoint on Mac with Adobe Acrobat DC?

  1. Open PDF document that need to be converted to PowerPoint with Adobe Acrobat DC on mac.
  2. Go to Tools > Export > choose Microsoft PowerPoint as the output, then save the file.convert pdf to powerpoing on mac with adobe dc

Start Your Conversion Now!

What is on your mind now?

Adobe is a good choice if you have already invested the big money on it. If not, taking price, results and features into consideration, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR seems pretty good. Free download it and start a 14-day free trial right now!

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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