5 Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac (Really Work)

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Inevitably, we need to give presentations, no matter if you have started a career or not. Yet, we seldom create PowerPoint by beginning with a blank slide, because there are existing sources available that can be inserted to create slides, these sources can be any files, but very often, we deal with files saved in the standard format---PDF. 

Basing on this, here we are going to list 5 methods to convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac, each of these solutions have been proved to be useful and workable. They are free or professional, no matter you want to import PDF to PowerPoint as an image, or convert PDF to editable PowerPoint on mac for further modifications.

If you want to convert PDF to editable PowerPoint file, the 1st~3rd solutions are for you;

If you are OK with inserting PDF into PowerPoint as image, go to the 4th~5th ones.

Easiest, but with Most Professional-Looking Results

As our work increasingly relies on digital means, there are more and more digital tools appear or evolve to work for us, this is also true on the issue of “converting PDF to PowerPoint on Mac”. It is not ever easy to pick the best one among so many competitive contenders, but we manage to.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac---Best Pick

It is a Mac PDF OCR Converter coming to service since the year of 2013, designed to convert any PDFs (native, scanned, locked) to PowerPoint and other 15 formats. It has gone through several upgrades to meet users’ needs as much as possible. The current version, which aims to yield best outcomes with least time and efforts, has received a loud applause from its users. 

List of Full Features of Cisdem PDF Converter OCR

  • Export PDF into Word, Excel, Pages, Keynote, ePub, HTML, etc, total 16 formats
  • Can convert scanned, encrypted PDF and images to 16 formats
  • Highly preserve original layouts, formatting, graphics, text and font styles. 
  • Runs very fast, conversion can be done within seconds
  • Supports batch conversion;
  • Supports partial conversion (set page range)
  • Extended features: Create PDF, Protect/Unlock PDF, Compress PDF;

For different users, reasons to use Cisdem may vary, but following 2 reasons can be never ignored.

Extremely Simple

When we decide to turn to a tool, we want to make things as simple as possible. And the truth is, we are also more willing to utilize a program when it makes us feel right at home.

Cisdem is doing so!

First, the installation is quite simple. Not like other programs come with a complicate step-to-step wizard guiding you to install the software onto your mac, Cisdem requires only 2 steps to complete the installation. Meanwhile, without cluttering icons or toolbars on the interface, Cisdem gives a modern and intuitive interface, all the icons appear in the place where you feel comfortable to activate them. Most importantly, the operation is easy and simple, with several clicks, you can convert different types of PDF, or a batch of PDFs to your preferred output.

Professional-Looking Results

Though Cisdem has a simple interface, it doesn’t come at the expense of its functionality and performance. It produces professional results.

Not only able to convert PDF to plain text, Cisdem allows users to export PDF as well-formatted PowerPoint, Word and other editable formats. That’s to say, the original formatting, layout, high quality images, etc will be preserved in the output file. Hence, you don’t need to manually adjust the formatting here and there. 

As for formatting, in my way of thinking, it is particularly important to make a PowerPoint look professional. So, why not Cisdem?

Let's Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac

Step 1 Upload PDF Files for PDF-to-PPT Conversion

After you have installed the program and launched it on your mac, go to "Converter", drag and drop an array of PDF files to the interface. This PDF to PowerPoint converter for mac supports batch conversion.

convert pdf to ppt on mac 01

Step 2 Prepare for PDF-to-PPT Conversion on Mac.

By default, Cisdem PDF Converter OCR will convert the entire document. But you can specify the page range according to your need. 
Tips: You can see the detail information for each PDF file on the interface. If you have added an protected PDF, click the lock icon and enter the correct password to unlock the PDF first.

Step 3 Set PowerPoint (.pptx) as the Output Format.

Click the thumbnail on the right to choose PowerPoint (.ppt) format once the file is ready for PDF to PowerPoint conversion. If you need to insert scanned PDF to PowerPoint on mac, turn the OCR function ON and choose the language.

convert pdf to powerpoint on mac 02

Step 4 Start Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac.

Press the "Convert" to start converting PDF to PPT on Mac. Go to find the converted file in the destination folder.

Other 2 Top PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac

If you want more choices on PDF to PowerPoint converters to choose from, you are also recommended to try these iSkysoft’s and Lighten’s, both are good alternatives to Cisdem PDF Converter OCR to give you different user experiences.

iSkysoft PDF Converter for Mac

iSkysoft PDF Converter for Mac is a mac PDF to PPT Mac converter, it is easy to use and also runs fast. What's more, converting multiple PDF files to PowerPoint (.pptx) formats in batch is also supported. You can also choose the page-range for partial conversion.

It is quite similar to Cisdem, from interface to functionality, but Cisdem’s is giving more with a more modern interface. And the price is a little expensive since it doesn’t even support doing OCR on scanned PDFs.

Price: $59.95

Cons:Not Working on Scanned PDF

Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac

Lighten PDF to PowerPoint Converter for Mac is another effective PDF tool that helps users of converting PDF file back to PowerPoint Presentation. It allows you to get the output PowerPoint presentation with the texts, graphics and other elements places in the right place. Moreover, users can preview files before conversion.

Comparing to Cisdem’s and iSkysoft’s , this tool processes conversion relatively slowly and users will be required to manually adjust the formatting a little. Still, it cannot work on scanned PDF neither.

Price: $14.99

Cons: Limited Output Format

           Not Working on Scanned PDF


Convert PDF to PPT on Mac Online Free

If you are new to such a “PDF to PowerPoint” problem, you may give top priority to using an online free PDF converter, which can do the work without costing any cents. It is true, but sometimes, online free solution just annoys you with their limits, and pushes you to a professional tool.

  • It may process slow due to large file size, poor internet connection, etc.;
  • File information may be leaked since the information is saved on the server
  • Limited files can be uploaded for conversion;
  • Conversion quality may be poor with messy formatting, requires manual adjustments;

Of course, if you are not that picky on the PDF to PowerPoint conversion, going to online free service is a still smart idea.

Smallpdf is a good option to convert PDF to PowerPoint online. It provides various free services to edit, create, unlock, compress and convert PDFs. Most importantly, users can convert PDF to PowerPoint with this online free tool without submitting email address to get the PowerPoint output, as other tools require.

  1. Go to Smallpdf.
  2. Drag PDF into the specified area as instructed on the webpage. As you may have noticed, you can add PDF for conversion directly from DropBox or Google Drive

convert pdf to powerpoint on mac online

  1. Once the PDF to PPT conversion is done, click the download link to get the converted PowerPoint file.

convert pdf to powerpoint for mac online


Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

If you are using PDF on regular basis, you will be much familiar with Adobe. Assuming you have installed Adobe Acrobat or are considering to get an Adobe, you can absolutely utilize these super powerful PDF tool to do the PDF to PPT conversion. 

In addition to its as-always excellent performance, another great benefit from Adobe Acrobat is its strong presence in a whole ecosystem, by offering users different versions of Adobe to use on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android.  

Now, Convert PDF to PPT on Mac with Adobe Acrobat!

If you are using Adobe Acrobat version earlier than Adobe Acrobat DC:

  1. Open the PDF file that need to be converted to PowerPoint with Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click the "File" >"Save As Other" >”Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation"

pdf to ppt on mac with adobe

​If your PDF is scanned, try to perform OCR with Adobe Acrobat on mac and convert them into PowerPoint.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat DC:

  1. Open PDF document that need to be converted to PowerPoint with Adobe Acrobat DC on mac.
  2. Go to Tools>Export>choose Microsoft PowerPoint as the output, then save the file.


convert pdf to powerpoing on mac with adobe dc


Insert PDF to PowerPoint on Mac with MS PowerPoint for Mac

Many users may be wondering if Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to convert PDF to PowerPoint on mac directly. The answer is Yes, but, you can only convert PDF to image PowerPoint. That’s to say, you won’t be able the edit the PowerPoint pages in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you don’t care, you can still convert PDF to PowerPoint on mac with Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint, create a new PowerPoint document on mac.
  2. Go to Insert>Image>Add the image or PDF you want to convert to PowerPoint.
    You can only import one PDF page to PowerPoint every time, repeat this to insert multiple PDF pages to PowerPoint.
  3. Once all PDF pages are imported to Microsoft PowerPoint, go to File>Save.


Convert PDF to PowerPoint with Mac Preview

Most of the time, Mac users tend to solve PDF-related issues with Preview, which is the free Mac app designed to manage PDF and image files. However, Preview doesn’t allow users to save PDF as PowerPoint on mac directly, but still, here are 2 ways to insert PDF to PowerPoint with Mac Preview.

Method 1

  1. Open PDF with Preview;
  2. Copy the wanted part from PDF, then paste to your PowerPoint document.

If the PDF file is scanned or locked, read to copy text from PDF.

Method 2

  1. Open PDF with Preview;
  2. Go to File> Export, choose “JPG” in the format;

export pdf as jpg on mac

  1. Then launch PowerPoint for Mac, go to Insert>Image, add the PDF image you just saved as with Preview;
  2. Repeat these steps if you want to add more PDF images;
  3. Once all PDF pages are imported, go to File>Save.


Start Convert PDF to PPT on Mac Now!

What is on your mind now?

Adobe is a good choice if you have already invested the big money on it. If not, taking price, results and features into consideration, Cisdem Mac PDF OCR Converter seems pretty good. 


Leave us the comment if you have found some useful solution on how to convert PDF to PowerPoint on mac.

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