Top 15 Free Printable Christmas Word Search PDF for 2019

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Christmas is coming, come with any idea to bring your kids enthusiasm into play for this great event? How about printing them some Christmas word search PDF, to make them learn Christmas tradition in the playing?

It is never outdated to make family word search competition a part of your Christmas activities. So, here we pick some great free printable Christmas word search in PDF with download address for you, together with some platforms for more open resources.

Top 15 Free Printable Christmas Word Search in PDF

First thing first, these open resources are proved to be safe for printing and downloading, there won’t be virus or malware bundled with the printable PDFs.

Also, all these printable Christmas Word Search in are in PDF format for easy printing. They are free, even not any registration is required to get the free source. Now, choose your favorite pick.

Easy Level

  1. Hidden words: 12
    Print or Downloadword search 01
  2. Hidden words: 14
    Print or Downloadword search 02
  3. Hidden words: 12
    Print or Downloadword search 03
  4. Hidden words: 12
    Print or Downloadword search 04

Medium Level

  1. Hidden words: 15
    Print or Downloadword search 5
  2. Hidden words: 15
    Print or Downloadword search 06
  3. Hidden words: 18
    Print or Downloadword search 07
  4. Hidden words: 20
    Print or Downloadword search 8
  5. Hidden words: 20
    Print or Downloadword search 9
  6. Hidden words: 20
    Print or Downloadword search 10
  7. Hidden words: 25
    Print or Downloadword search 11
  8. Hidden words: 27
    Print or Downloadword search 12

Difficult Level

  1. Hidden words: 40
    Print or Downloadword search 13
  2. Hidden words: 55
    Print or Downloadword search 14

Super-challenging Level

  1. Hidden words: 98
    Print or Downloadword search 15

Websites to Get More Printable Christmas Word Search

If you want more printable Christmas Word Search, here are extra 3 websites to offer free sources for you. 

For your convenience, we just pick these websites require no registration to get free printable Christmas word search, you just need to download or print them out according to the web instructions. Also, as we tested, they are all safe to download files.

#1 Big Activities

BigActivities is an online website dedicated to create kids activities that are both educational and fun. It offers various open sources to keep your kids highly involved in creative learning, including coloring pages, puzzles, crafts, worksheet, and word search as well.

All the free Christmas word search resources are listed on BigActivities basing on difficulty level. Once you have selected a word search, click on the icon, then choose “Print” or “Refresh” to get a desired Christmas word search in PDF.

word search big activities

#2 OT Mom

OT Mom is created to help children develop skills needed for schooling. It covers open resources fro handwriting, sensory processing, cutting skills, visual motor, also offers printable files in different themes to get a kick out from learning.

Though there are just several printable word search available on this website, it offers different themes for users’ choice. You can print out a “Nativity Bible Passage” or “Christmas Prophecies”, etc.

After deciding which one to be printed out, click on the theme and you will be guided to a PDF page, download it or print it.

word search otmom

#3 Busybeekids

Busybeekids offers free printables on different topics. Everything offered by Busybeekids is well displayed according to the theme, also you can preview the printable file since they are listed in thumbnails.

There are 5 free Christmas word search pdf available on this website, each of them are saved in PDF format. Once you have chosen the desired word search, you will be guided to the PDF.

word search busybee

Online Christmas Word Search

Also, there is online Word Search to play on your digital devices. With online choices, you don’t need to print or download them out, even you can create new free word search for a great fun.

The game interface are quite simple to use, you can choose different difficulty level and it will do the timing for you. Also, no online advertisement will pop out to interrupt your game time.

#1 proprofs

You are allowed to play and create new word search easily on this website.

online word search 01

#2 wordgames

You are allowed to choose different difficulty level: Easy, Medium or Hard. The interface is quite user-friendly.

online word search 02

#3 word-search-puzzles

The word search on this website is relatively difficult than 2 above-mentioned ones, you need to find out 42 hidden words from the page, also you can refresh the page to get a new word search puzzle.

online word search 03

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