4 Best HD Digital Camcorder to DVD Burners for Mac and Windows

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Camcorder must have enough space to store newly recorded videos. What if your camcorder is full of precious videos that take up all the space? How to free up space in the camcorder and backup your previous videos? At this time, you can burn your Canon/Sony/GoPro/Nikon/etc. digital HD camcorder to DVD. This post takes a closer at camcorder-supported video formats and the best camcorder to DVD burner for Mac and Windows, free included.

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Can I Directly Transfer Video from Camcorder to DVD?

No, you can’t!

Based on my test, I inserted a DVD and connected the camcorder to the computer via a USB cable. When I tried to straightly put video from camcorder to DVD, nothing happens.

To make an actual DVD disc with menu and background music, you can transfer recorded camcorder videos to your computer and burn them to DVD using third-party DVD authoring software.

What Need to Prepare before Burning Digital Camcorder to DVD

  • Computer: A Mac or PC with an optical driver
  • DVD Disc: A blank, writable, single-layer, or dual-layer DVD disc, like DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, etc.
  • DVD Authoring Software: Install a powerful camcorder to DVD burner like Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac and Nero for Windows.
  • Camcorder Videos: Control the video duration. It's better up to 120 minutes per DVD 5 and up to 240 minutes per DVD 9. Also, make sure that the formats of camcorder videos are compatible with the DVD burning software.
  • Transmission medium: Use a USB cable, a FireWire cable (IEEE 1394 or i.LINK), or a card reader to transfer camcorder videos to the computer.

Popular Camcorder Video Formats

There is a multitude of camcorder formats in use today. They vary in quality, size, and behave. Before picking a suitable digital camcorder to DVD burner, know what popular video formats are supported by a general camcorder.

File Format Feature Extension
DV & HDV Create high-quality video output, but with a larger size AVI, MOV, QT, MXF

1. Not frequently used

2. High quality but the file size is larger than other formats

3. Easily burned to DVD

4. Can be played on QuickTime and Windows Media Player


1. Widely used

2. Support HD and SD video recording

3. Record high-quality video and compress it without occupying too much space

MP4, M4B, M4R, M4V, M4A, M4P, F4V, FLV, DIVX, EVO

1. Record HD videos like 720p, 1080i, and 1080p

2. Easily burned to DVD


Best Digital HD Camcorder to DVD Burners

1) For Mac

Cisdem DVD Burner stands out as one of the best camcorder to DVD burners for Mac, thanks to simple design and powerful features. It allows you to edit videos, self-define the DVD menu, preview files, burn videos, and more. Each function has a separate interface, which covers the required customization options.

Most importantly, it supports tons of input formats, so you are capable of burning digital camcorder videos from any format like DV, DVR, MP4, MKV, H264, AVCHD, MPEG, XWMV, etc. to DVD.

Check out the full format list here >>

Steps to Burn Camcorder Videos to DVD on Mac via Cisdem:

1. Download, install, and open Cisdem Camcorder to DVD burner on your Mac.

Free Download

2. Import Camcorder videos.

To browse Camcorder files from your Mac, click “File” > “Add File(s)” from the menu bar or click button. You can also drag and drop the Camcorder files to the "Source" interface as thumbnails.

import videos

3. Edit Camcorder files.

Choose a video you wish to edit and hit to bring up a video editor. From there, you can crop and rotate the video, add visual effects, put personal watermarks, divide long Camcorder videos into chapters, etc.

You can skip this step to keep original videos.

edit videos

4. Customize DVD menu.

Switch to the “Menu” tab and then menu templates show up. Select your preferred one or regroup elements in a template. If they don't fit your camcorder video theme, upload a suitable image as background.

create dvd menu

5. Click button to check your created DVD.

6. Configure DVD settings.

Click burn button. The “Burn to Disc” option is selected by default, so what you need to do is set the DVD name, workspace, NTSC/PAL, etc.

burn videos

7. Insert a blank DVD disc and click the “Burn” button to burn Camcorder to DVD on Mac.

2) For Windows

Nero Burning ROM is an oldest and advanced digital HD Camcorder to DVD Burner for Windows that enjoys a high reputation. It enables you to burn Canon, Sonny, Samsung, Kodak, etc. Camcorder video, audio, and data files to DVD as well as copy from one DVD disc to another. It supports a variety of input media formats and output types of discs like DVD, CD, Blu-ray, etc. But every time you upgrade to the new version, you need to pay $39.95. Hence many users think it is a bit expensive.

Steps to Burn Camcorder to DVD via Nero:

  1. Download, install and open Nero Burning ROM on Windows.
  2. Click “File” > “New” on the main interface, and a “New Compilation” window pops up.
  3. Choose disc type as DVD and project type as DVD-Video.
  4. Click “New” at the bottom right to browser and import Camcorder video files from your PC.
  5. Click “Burn” in the top toolbar to get a “Burn Compilation” dialog box.
  6. Set the write speed and edit the numbers of copies if you desire to burn more copies of Camcorder DVDs.
  7. Insert a writable DVD disc and start the camcorder videos to DVD burning process.

Free Digital Camcorder to DVD Burners

1) For Mac

DVDStyler is a free and decent camcorder to DVD burner for Mac that can create DVDs from MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV, and so on. It's armed with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. So you can easily customize an interactive DVD menu, import background image file, load subtitles & audio tracks, and create photos slideshow without hassle.

Shortcomings of DVDStyler:

  • Low-quality output
  • Limited and old-fashioned DVD menu templates
  • No built-in video editor
  • Open-source software, no support team to solve your problem

How to Burn Camcorder to DVD Using DVDStyler on Mac:

  1. Install DVDStyler Mac version and run it.
  2. A “Welcome” window will automatically pops out.
  3. Choose the disc capacity (from DVD-1 to DVD-9), video/audio bitrate, video/audio format, and more.
  4. Drag Camcorder videos to the specified area, or click the “Add File” button to import them.
  5. Personalize the DVD menu by changing background/buttons, adding texts, etc.
  6. Insert a DVD disc > click “Burn” > “Start”.

2) For Windows

BurnAware comes in three versions, and the free one is enough for personal use. It delivers basic burning facilities that empower you to burn HD digital camcorder to DVD with fast speed. It supports a myriad of optical disc data storage, such as DVD, CD, Blu-ray discs, etc. Apart from DVD burning, it's also packed with other functions like erasing, copying, and backing up.

Shortcomings of BurnAware Free:

  • No DVD menu templates offered
  • Can’t edit Camcorder videos
  • No context menu integration
  • Keep reminding you to download Antivirus software

How to Burn Digital Camcorder to DVD Using BurnAware Free on PC:

  1. Put the DVD disc into the optical drive
  2. Install BurnAware Free and kick it off.
  3. Click “DVD-Video” on the primary interface, and it will begin scanning drives.
  4. Hit the “Add” button to upload Camcorder videos.
  5. If necessary, customize the burning settings and labels.
  6. When everything is ready, click “Burn”.

Final Words

We have shown you 4 best digital camcorder to DVD burners for Mac and Windows. To obtain advanced features, create more professional out-looking and create a higher output result, I recommend you to use the paid ones like Cisdem DVD Burner and Nero Burning ROM. It depends on your personal demands anyway.

To ensure the burning program supports your camcorder video format, it's best to try it out before you buy and just check to see if you can add camcorder video to the software.

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