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Best PDF Reader for Mac OS(Sierra Included)

There are a variety of readers you can read PDF file on your Mac, but everyone has an opinion as to which one is the best PDF reader for Mac. Mac users are lucky as Apple has provided its Preview as a PDF reader, though its function is limited. Many businesses also have provided third-party PDF readers for Mac users, such as Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate, which will offer more features than Apple Preview. In this article, we will talk about the functions of 5 PDF readers for Mac, and we also provide the address to download PDF reader for Mac.

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate

Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate is a powerful PDF reader for Mac which will give you a complete PDF solution. With this application, reading PDF file is no longer a difficult task. Actually, as a feature rich Mac PDF Reader, what PDFManagerUltimate enables you to do is more than just view PDF files. A smart PDF management system is provided by it, which allows you to quickly categorize your PDF document mess by classifying and adding tags. It also provides the build-in search box, you can also use it to search for PDF files directly in the program.

What’s more, Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate has many magical functions for PDF users. Editing PDF files on Mac also is easy– rotate, highlight, add comments, text, text box, sticky notes, and annotate PDF. And it also can merge, split, compress and extract text or images from PDF files, even quickly fill and add signature to PDF on Mac. The application's highlight is that its top-of-the-line OCR technology allows you to convert normal or scanned PDF to Word, Excel, Text, PPT, Keynote, Pages, HTML, EPUB, Rtfd, and image formats.

PDF reader for Mac free download:

Download the freetrail of Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate Now! >>


The greatest strength of Apple Preview is that it's baked into Mac OS, so users can use it to view PDF file directly without downloading and installing. If you only want to view some simple PDF file and don't need any other option, Preview undoubtedly is your optimal choice since it is speedy and does great in reading PDF.

The features of Preview include adding text notations, encrypting files, rearranging a document’s pages and deleting a page. Preview also allows users to edit and annotate PDF files, users can add text, strike-throughs, thought bubbles, and more. Adding an electronic signature also is provided.

Formulate Pro

Formulate Pro is a simple Mac OS X application that allows one to overlay text on top of a PDF file. This is particularly useful for filling out forms. With it, you can open and write on PDF documents and you can also fill out any PDF form document, drop in graphics, scribble with the mouse or a tablet, save and print.

The feature of Formulate Pro is limited, but that does not prevent it to be a good PDF application. At least, it is an effective tool for amending documents.

PDF reader for Mac free download:

Download Formulate Pro >>


Skim is very useful to view any document of this type and it is very popular. Just as its official slogan "stop printing and start skimming," Skim provides many powerful functions for users. Its option interface is very conciseness, users can learn it easily. Liking most of PDF readers, Skim also supports zooming, navigating through pages, annotations, notes, page cropping, link previews and more. Making color-coded highlights and labeling annotations also can be done easily. Other features also can't be ignored, include bookmarks, text searching, etc.

PDF reader for Mac free download:

Download Skim >>

Adobe Reader for Mac

Adobe Reader for Mac is a widely used PDF reader since the creation of the PDF itself. What are the features of Adobe Reader? At first, it is super easy to use and it is constantly updated and improved. Then, it supports zooming document, snapshot captures, annotation, selecting text, electronically signing and filling out forms.

Although Adobe’s reader may be chosen over all other rivals, many people will take other similar application into consideration due to the necessary licensing agreements.

PDF reader for Mac free download:

Download Adobe Reader for Mac >>

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  • Jackson

    If you got a mac, Preview is free, also it meets your basic requirements to manage a PDF file.

    2 months ago REPLY
  • Koddi

    Adobe, no doubt is the best but not so affordable. Preview is free but not so versatile in functions, I am now using your PDF Manager Ultimate to make interactive PDF, like highlighting, adding notes...

    6 months ago REPLY
  • Margaret

    Indeed, Adobe Acrobat is too expensive, I need to pay for it every month. The function of Preview is limited. Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate is a better alternative, it is great. I like it.

    1 years ago REPLY

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