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Multifunction Color Printer Canon Maxify MB5320 Review

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Canon, a business aiming at studying printer, unveils a new Multifunction color printer recently, Canon Maxify MB5320. But, before that, Canon has shipped a variety of printers in an exciting market–from the home consumer to graphic designers and office workers. Company executives may feel like they are not enough, so they launch Canon Maxify MB5320 targeting at small office/home office and small business users. What this market really needs? Canon pointed out it needs a high-performance workhorse inkjet machine that offers large paper capacities, ink yields, and cloud connectivity.

The main feature of Canon Maxify MB5320:

The size of this printer is 18.3 x 18.1 inches and 13.9 inches high, and it is not heavy, less than 29 pounds, which means that you can pick up or put on a desk, but it won't take up too much space. For business users, this printer is sufficient for faxing, copying, scanning to optical character recognition (OCR) software and cloud. Scanning both sides of a document simultaneously are available, you don’t need to manually flip the page. What’s more, the user demands of the cloud as a delivery method for digital documents is growing, this printer also supports Cloud functionality. To use the Cloud capabilities, you must connect your device with internet. Only need to use the Maxify Printing Solutions (MPS) for iOS or Android, can you print wirelessly from mobile devices with Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or Wi-Fi Direct print. But the MB5320 doesn’t support memory card as it have no memory card reader. The MB5320 has two paper trays, each paper trays can hold 250 page paper. It is more than sufficient for ordinary users. Whether it’s the home or office, the MB5320 is strong enough to take on daily printing, copying, and scanning abuse.

If you want to transfer a paper document to your computer, with this multifunction printer, you can scan your files directly without manual input. However, the scanned file is just a picture through the printer, editing directly is impossible. In fact, what we want is not only preserve the file, we but also need to do some tag or edit. So is there a way can assist it to make it perfect? The answer: Yes. Cisdem PDFConverterOCR for Mac can help you to do that, you can import your image, this application will use its OCR function to extract your file content and convert it into any format you want, such as Word, Text, Excel, PPT, Pages, etc. With this application, editing your scanned files becomes so easy, so give up cumbersome manual input, work cheerfully!!!

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