Apple's iBooks Increasing 1 Million New Users Per Week after iOS 8

Peter William
January 21, 2015 Preview 2108 Preview 0
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According to the statement of Keith Moerer (Apple Director of iBooks) at the Digital Book World Conference, Apple's iBooks increases 1 million new users per week after iOS 8. Along with the release of iOS 8, iBooks was per-installed, which couldn’t be deleted from a user's device. But previously, users must search and download iBooks from the App Store, users have the chance to choose another eBooks apps. Now, for most of users, it is easy to try iBooks for the first time, they would not download another eBooks app to replace iBooks. In addition, “Family Sharing” is the other key to improve customer acquisition. Moerer also pointed out that “more of our book sales starting to come from the phone”, which meant that iBooks played a more and more important role in users’ life and work.

At present, the supported e-book formats by iBooks are EPUB and PDF. As of version 2.0, iBooks also supports a proprietary iBook format (IBA), generated with the iBooks Author tool. Many users don’t know how to add EPUB and PDF file to iBooks, for importing EPUB file, it is actually very simple. First, download the EPUB eBooks (please note the copyright issues). Then, import to iTunes and add the cover. Last, connect devices and synchronize. But for importing PDF file, it is a little bit complicated. Method one, you can receive mail on iPad, and then use iBooks to open the attachment, the PDF will automatically be added to the iBooks. Method two, you can add PDF files to iTunes and synchronize to iPad. Surely, if you dislike PDF file, you can convert your PDF file to EPUB file by using PDFConverterOCR, it will help you to quickly convert PDF documents to EPUB eBook formats and retain the original layout, hyperlinks, images, tables, page flow, margins, and type size after conversion. So you can read eBooks more easily.


Peter William
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