8 Recognition Modes For All Your OCR Workflows

  • Single Image Recognition: Quickly convert a single image to text with high accuracy.
  • Batch Images Recognition: Fast, high-volume batch image to text conversion. Process multiple images at once.
  • Image Excel Recognition: Extract data from image documents and save in Excel format.
  • PDF Recognition: Convert scanned or normal PDF files to DOCX, TXT or RTF.
  • Partial Image Recognition: Recognize and convert text from a certain area in an image.
  • Screenshot Recognition: Capture the screenshot and then extract the text from these pictures in the most efficient way.
  • Advanced Recognition: Recognize and convert selected areas, show page region and document properties.
  • Handwriting Recognition: Recognize handwritten text and export it to DOCX, TXT or RTF.

Support Almost All Documents

  • Support popular image formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.
  • Support all types of PDF, including ordinary PDF files, scanned PDF files, and encrypted PDF files.
  • Support 25 popular OCR languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian, etc.

99% Recognition Accuracy

We use advanced technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Large Language Models. The recognition accuracy of Cisdem OCRWizard can reach up to 99%. Not only the characters can be precisely recognized, but also the original format and layout can be retained. You can rest assured that your data is accurate and ready for the next step in your business processes.

Trained for Processing Multiple Document Types

As the leading OCR software, OCRWizard has already processed millions of pages across many industries, including finance, law, insurance, real estate, e-commerce, etc. It supports convert receipts, invoices, purchase orders, contracts delivery note, ID cards, bank statements, passports, etc. into structured data and does it fast. The conversion speed is between 1 and 7 seconds per document.

Cisdem OCRWizard Increases Productivity for All of Us

Enjoy Improved Working Efficiency

Tired of tedious retyping? Just extract the texts from your paper documents or photos taken by your phone & camera. Fewer errors and time-saving!

Save Time and Money

No more chasing invoices, receipts or contract around the office, Save time and money previously spent in typing, filing, archiving invoices.

Images Now Become Searchable and Editable

Convert images into digital files that you can search, edit, and share securely. Helps you free up storage space and get instant access to your data.

Provide Convenience for Learning

Make citation in research papers or academic reports much easier and quickly search within a document by digitizing. Provide great convenience to people with visual impairments by turning image text to be speech text.