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" Taking all things into consideration, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is an efficient and user-friendly application for the Mac that can help you deal with the awful situations when you have lost precious files."

Vladimir Ciobica@Softpedia

" Saya sudah mencoba Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac 3 dan berhasil memulihkan 3 GB foto yang hilang karena tidak sengaja menekan tombol format di SD Card pada kamera DSLR. Tidak seperti aplikasi recovery data."


" Cisdem Data Recovery 3 for Mac is fully functional software to restore deleted, formatted or lost data. It can recover files from various types of storage mediums like hard disk, external hard disk,"


" A simple and efficient recovery tool that offers to restore data you lost accidentally. It may not be the fastest file recovery tool, but the accuracy of the results exceeds the average recovery rate of other similar programs."

Ioana Dumitrescu@Mac.informer

" Cisdem Data Recovery can be a lifesaver for many of us. Losing important files can be a big problem for us. Fortunately, this software solves this issue. Overall, this is a good data recovery software for Mac."


" Many prefer Cisdem Data Recovery software mainly for its super fast speed and amazingly accurate file recovery ability. When i tried to use it for the first time, i really liked about its speed and file discovery."

Robin C@DailyTUT

" An excellent choice if you’re into data recovery. It works smoothly and offers lot of options to make the file recovering an easy task. We highly recommend you Cisdem Data Recovery software."


" Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is a powerful file recovery app that will help you undelete lost files with ease. It could do with more options, but it does a good job overall."

LIZ D.@ReviewHarbor

" Cisdem cuenta con varios productos de buena calidad en su web, tales como el ocrwizard que es una excelente opción para el OCR, también nos ofrece una solución a las pérdidas de datos en MacOS."

Georges Noguera@EscapeDigital

" We are very satisfied with the performance of the tool. Taking all things into consideration, we recommend our readers to use this awesome tool to recover deleted data from their Mac."


[Video Review] " This is a really great app that will allow you to recover media from a drive. This will allow you to do it for things that were deleted, if the drive died, or even if you formatted it."


[Video Review] " Great app to recover deleted or lost files. It helped me recovered the photos successfully. Excellent scanning&recovery speed."


[Video Review] " Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is a decent Mac data recovery app that will help you undelete all sorts of files"

Cisdem Data recovery is capable of recovering almost all file formats with ease. Well, we are very much satisfied with the results that Cisdem returned. It is indeed a worthy tool for recovering the lost data from your Mac.


[Video Review] "Cisdem Data Recovery is a great data recovery to recover documents, media, archive and other files. It performs well on recovering my deleted medias especially photos. And it is a very intuitive app."


Cisdem Data Recovery Mac hard drive recovery software is inexpensive and has fast scanning and recovery speeds. It does a great job recovering image files.

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