Cisdem ContactsMate 3 for MacFormer Name: ContactManager

The Contacts App Your Mac Has Been Waiting For!

Create, search, group and manage your OS X Contacts using the all-new ContactsMate 3 for Mac. With a simple and intuitive interface, it can accurately find & fix contacts duplicate and conflicts, and export contacts to CSV, vCard, Excel, Txt, Html, etc. for easy Contacts backup or sync.

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All Your OS X Contacts Managed in One Place

export contacts Fully or partially export Contacts to common formats for easy backup or sync, including CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers and Pages. 
edit contacts Easily make edits to the Contacts fields, such as contact name, email address, phone number, etc. You can also add labels like job title,instant message, etc.
find certain contacts quickly Quickly find certain person in your list or certain group by entering contacts name in search box.
detect contacts Scan through all contact details to find problematic contacts in 14 conflicts such as duplicate contacts, unusual title, blank name, etc.
group contacts Make groups respectively for your family, friends, colleagues, customers or any others so that you can efficiently manage, find and export the targeted contact(s) easily.

Contacts Collecting

The Mac contacts app is an Address Book alternative to collect all your contacts to one place, via automactically syncing with the bulit-in OS X Contacts that supports iCloud, Google Contacts, etc.

Simple and Beautiful Interface

The redesigned interface makes it simple, smart & stunning! You'll get the whole picture of the selected Contact details with all related information at first glance. It's pretty easy to understand the menu and manage contacts without confusion.

Add, Enrich, Find and Update Contacts

Add new contacts, edit and enrich properties to existing contacts (e.g. multiple addresses, numbers or emails), paste in images or screenshots, attach addresses, search for specific contacts... Everything becomes easier!

Custom Groups

Organize your contacts into custom groups easily. You could make contacts groups respectively for your family, friends, colleagues, clients or work contacts, etc. The options are endless, making it easier to find your targeted one(s).

Macnn Review - 1. Macnn Review - 2.

"Discovered somewhere between oodles and a slew of errors...can immediately swap to ContactsMate or any other such app without exporting or importing data..."

Softpedia Review - 3. Softpedia Review - 4.

"Quickly import your contacts and clean your database, effortlessly identify the entries that need your attention and more, unsophisticated..."

Macdownload Review - 5. Macdownload Review - 6.

"The ability to clean your contact list of duplicate items is the program's major asset. This way, the utility automatically scans your address book..."

Keep Your Address Book Updated, Clean and Always Available

remove duplicated contacts

Say Goodbye to Duplicates

fix contacts

Unify Fragmented Info

set suffix and prefix

Suffix & Prefix Setting

fix conflicts

Conflict Resolution

Say Goodbye to Duplicates

Have multiple duplicate contacts in your address book? Confused which is the right one? Well, instead of manually crawling through your entire OS X Contacts, save yourself the trouble with the contacts app. It will automatically scan your contacts for duplicates or conflicted information. Simply clean all duplicates with one click!

How it works?
  • Find & merge matching contacts, e.g. contacts with similar names.
  • Find & merge contacts with duplicate phone, address or email.
find duplicate contacts

Safely Backup and Flexibly Control Your Contacts

Export and back up contacts to keep them safe all the time and available to other supported devices.

export os x contactsExport to CSV, Excel, vCard

Export the whole or parts of your contacts to local files in different formats, including CSV, vCard, Excel, TXT, Docx, HTML, Numbers and Pages. They can then be used for backup or imported to platforms like Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

back up contactsBack up Your Contacts

Regardless of the possible contacts missing reasons, system upgrade, virus attack or unintentional deletion, your contacts are always with you. Have peace of mind knowing that your contact list is backed up and easily recoverable.

control contacts yourselfFully Control Your Contacts

Instead of handling with your contacts automatically, ContactsMates gives you total control of how and when you delete, modify, update or sync your contacts. Besides, all your contacts will be 100% private.

With ContactsMate, Things Become Easy from Now on

Disappointed at the built-in OS X Contacts? Now, you can easily free yourself from the troubles.
quick search for names

Find Friends Easily

Add or access to the contact details of certain friend(s) with just two click.

easily orgnize contacts

Collect & Organize Info

Ensure all contacts infos like emails consolidated and accessible anywhere.

efficient follow-up

Improve Customer Relationships

Make the essential following up timely so as to nurture customers into advocates.


  • Click to enlargeAdd labels and properties like address, email and phone numbers to contacts.
  • Click to enlargeGroup your contacts to manage and export some contacts in bulk.
  • Click to enlargeReal-time Scanning with 14 conflicts.
  • Click to enlargeAdd or delete available suffixes and titles to improve the accuracy of problems scanning.
  • Click to enlargeList possible solutions for you to review, fix or remove.
  • Click to enlargeSupport totally 8 output formats for backup or sharing.

Cisdem ContactsMate 3 for Mac

The all-in-one Mac contacts app makes it easy to create, search, group, fix, manage and export your Mac Contacts. It's time to try the smart and secure tool for free now!
Try It Free Buy Now | $19.99
Version 3.1.0 (April.14th, 2016) | Support macOS 10.7 + | 100% safe & clean | 30 days moneyback guarantee

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