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All your contacts in one place and up-to-date

ContactsMate gets all your contacts from multiple sources into one place and up-to-date, so you can conveniently manage and use them.

  • Auto import from built-in Contacts

    ContactsMate will automatically import contacts from Apple Contacts each time it launches.

  • Fetch contacts from CSV or vCard

    Import contacts directly from CSV or vCard file, so you are always ready to manage your local contacts lists.

  • Sync with other contacts systems

    Sync with popular third-party contacts systems, including iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Manage and grow your list of contacts

ContactsMate provides powerful contacts management functions, allowing you to manage contacts details in all directions without confusion.

basic features

View, group, tag, add, edit, search contacts

ContactsMate displays contacts details in the info panel, including photo, name, email, address, etc. Groups or tags help sort a long list of contacts by different parameters, making it super simple to categorize and organize your contacts. To expand your contacts database, you can add a new contact and edit info by typing into the fields. The search feature allows quick lookup for a particular contact.

Export, share, print, email contacts

ContactsMate can export selected contacts to CSV, Excel, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Numbers and Pages. You can easily share contacts via Mail, Messages and print out with predefined fields. Well integrated with Apple Mail, ContactsMate gives you the freedom to send email to individual or a group of contacts.

export feature
mebu bar version

Quickly access to & manage contacts from Menu Bar

ContactsMate offers menu bar version to quickly access to your contacts, you can easily search and add contacts. There are quick action buttons present to send messages, make a call, initiate FaceTime video or send emails.

Scan and deal with problematic contacts

ContactsMate scan and delete duplicate contacts, fix contacts formatting errors, you could backup them before handling problem.

  • Delete exact or partial duplicate contacts

    Find duplicate contacts, such as exact duplicate contacts, high-confidence contacts with duplicate phone/email/address, and get rid of the duplicate contacts with one click to reinforce reliability of your contacts base.

  • Fix contacts formatting errors

    Scan and fix problematic contacts, such as incomplete or blank name, invalid characters, unusual prefix or suffix, missing company info, empty notes, etc., then type necessary data into defaulted or additional fields to get clear contacts.

  • Provide flexible solutions

    4 solutions offered for the problematic contacts: edit, delete, merge and ignore. You can directly merge duplicate contacts, also edit, delete or ignore conflicting contacts. A high flexibility is given to fix one contact or batch fix all.