What's Coming From Apple in 2015?

Jose Henline
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In the past 2014, Apple released many new products and updated the system, including the iPhone 6, the iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 3, OS X Yosemite, and iOS 8. I have to say that, yes, 2014 had great significance for Apple. Especially iPhone 6, not only the screen size, but also the appearance design subverted the past all, opened the door to big screen of iPhone. But in 2015, a lot of rumors suggests that the upcoming products seems be more creative, which means that 2015 may be more unusual. What is coming from Apple in 2015? As ever, we collected related information and summarized the Apple new products plan. Now, let’s have a look.

Apple Watch

According to the latest reported, Apple Watch will come early 2015. Although specific launch time remains unclear, Apple Watch, as Apple’s first wearable device, will meet the Apple fans soon. It is said that it will be available in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm and be designed in six different casing materials.


The most popular iPad product in 2015 is absolutely iPad Pro, a 12.2 to 12.9-inch tablet. It is aimed at enterprise customers, will come at mid to late 2015. As for the name, this larger-screen tablet will be named “iPad Pro” according to earlier rumors, but a recent rumor has suggested that it could also be called “iPad Air Plus”.

It is customary that Apple will update its iPad lineup annually, so the iPad Air and iPad Mini are perfectly capable of get update. One rumor has already said an iPad mini 4 is in the works with an A8X processor and a thinner iPad Air 2-style design.


Undoubtedly, Apple will release a new iPhone in late 2015 as it launched a new product every year since 2007. Although we know little about new iPhone, in 2015, it is bound to meet you. Based on observation, the new iPhone are likely called iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Like many "S" year upgrades, the new iPhone will have a significant camera improvement. As for appearance, the rumors suggested they are likely to use the same design.


The delays of Intel’s 14-nanometer Broadwell chips have an impact on Apple’s update plan, Broadwell chips are said to be 30 percent faster and more power efficient, offering significant increases in battery life and performance. With the restart of it, Apple updating Mac in 2015 is possible. The most highly anticipated Mac update is undoubtedly the ultra-slim 12-inch Retina MacBook, it could be released in early to mid 2015.

Different from other products people pay more attention, rumors about Retina MacBook Pro is very scarce. It could update in mid to late 2015.


Apple's Mac Pro didn't update in 2014, it's ripe for a refresh in 2015. So far no rumors are available for the upgrade of Mac Pro, but according to the previous time, Mac Pro upgrading in 2015 is possible. In design, an upgraded Mac Pro will likely use the same, but internals will be improved, possibly utilizing Intel's next-generation "Grantley" Xeon E5 v3 processors and new AMD FirePro graphics cards.

OS X 10.11 and iOS 9

Since the iPhone and the iPad upgrade every year, iOS and OS X surely follow the footsteps of them, upgrading yearly. Nobody know exact information about what improvement iOS and OS X will do, we just know upgrading them is inevitable.

Apple constantly upgrades its products, Cisdem, as an excellent application developer based on its system, also won’t lag behind. We will keep on product upgrade and new product development, aiming at meeting more requirement of customer. Just wait and see.

Jose Henline
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Jose specializes in reviews, how-to guides, top lists, etc. on PDF, data recovery and multi-media. On his spare time, he likes to travel or challenge some extreme sports.

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