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Cisdem DataRecovery For Mac 3.5.0 Released

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Glad to see Cisdem DataRecovery 3.5.0!!! Dear users we have released the new version 3.5.0 of data recovery. For this updated, we have added new functions - Quick Scan & Deep Scan and Remind of Waiting on the screen when you scan the drive.Of course, we also fixed some bugs. We all hope this update could be very helpful for you.

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is the fastest way to recover the lost files, and it typically takes a few minutes to finish the scan. After Cisdem DataRecovery find you files, you just click it and recovery it simply.

Deep Scan

The Deep Scan is a comprehensive scan mode that detected the most results possible. The time of Deep Scan depends on how much data that DataRecovery found. With large capacity hard drives, it may require several hours to complete a scan.

Other Fixes and Improvements

- solved the Forced Termination when it is scanning the files.

-added the clock on the screen to remind you how long you have to wait before finished the scan.

-provided the small image preview when you check the files quality of you lost.

-improved filtering the search results by file name, sizes to find files quickly.


To update the latest version 3.5.0, you should uninstall the earlier version first. Then download the new trial version. The registration is still valid after installing the new version.


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