Cisdem AppCrypt V4.0.0 is Released with Enhanced Performance

Norah Hayes
December 12, 2018 Preview 1250 Preview 0
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Recently, Cisdem announced to release its new version of AppCrypt, i.e. the version 4.0.0 and claimed to give much better performance on working for productivity boost and privacy protection.

Cisdem AppCrypt is a Mac program helping users to lock apps or block websites on mac, to be able to focus on current job. You can lock all kinds of Apps on your mac, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, Outlook or others, either for the reason to stop someone’s illegal access to your privacy or for the reason to keep yourself concentrated on your work. Also, you are able to block all types of websites on your mac on a schedule to block or unblock those distractions according to your own needs. To successfully do the jobs on locking or blocking, Cisdem AppCrypt is designed to be quite tough even there is a program trying to force quit or delete the program in an unauthorized way.

What’s New in V4.0.0

  • Prevent the program from being forced to close.
  • Backup the data to prevent data deletion.
  • Support auto update
  • Fix some bugs

Main Features

  • Lock Apps.
    No matter which App you want to lock, just add to the program and that’s done. To use the App again, you just need to enter your Cisdem AppCrypt password.
  • Block Websites.
    For Web-Block, there are blacklist and whitelist accommodated in the program. Also, users are allowed to block or unblock a website on a schedule according to routine.
  • Record Failure Attempt.
    In the case there is an unauthorized access to the program by entering the wrong password, Cisdem AppCrypt will take a picture of the person who caused such a failure and record the details.
  • Defend when There is Unauthorized Quit or Uninstallation.
    The program is designed to stop an unauthorized force quit or uninstallation, also all the data is backed up in case there is a data deletion.
  • Auto Update.
    Cisdem AppCrypt is under active development to get more improvements in functionality and performance. It will check for updates and guide users to update to the latest version.

Price and Availability
Cisdem AppCrypt V4.0.0 is now available on the official website: Users can download the free trial at With $39.99, users can get a lifetime license of Cisdem AppCrypt, including a free service to get lifetime upgrades. 

About Cisdem
Cisdem is a professional and dedicated team to develop utility and productivity tools for Mac users, allowing users to boost efficiency both in work and life. Range from media tools, PDF tools to utility programs, Cisdem has won numerous users and made users believe in its bright future in this field. If you want to know more about Cisdem, please visit

Norah Hayes
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Norah Hayes likes to share her tips on how to improve focus and stay motivated at work. She believes it is essential to eliminate all online distractions during work hours.

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