5 Best Free PDF to HTML Converter for 2023

Jose Henline
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Most of the time, we need to convert webpage to PDF for sharing more convenient, but sometimes, we also need to do the opposite of it, converting PDF to HTML. By doing so, you can directly turn PDF files into your website content within seconds, and you can publish and share PDF content on the web. If you want to achieve this process, a PDF to HTML converter is an essential helper for you.

Here I will share 5 best free PDF to HTML converter for all of you. Additionally, 2 professional PDF to HTML converter will be introduced in details for users who require high on file safety and conversion quality.

5 Best Free PDF to HTML Converter

1. Zamzar PDF to HTML

Zamzar is a website that combines many functions in one, it can convert multi-type formats to PDF, also can convert PDF to other formats, including HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. It supports multiple versions of HTML output, such as HTML, HTML4 and HTML5. Still, users can convert multiple PDF files at the same time.

But you need to provide your email address to received converted files.

zamzar pdf to html

2. Online PDF to HTML5 Converter

The last one is Online PDF to HTML5 Converter, users also can convert PDF to HTML with this online tool, it is originally powered by JPDF2HTML5. It allows you to convert to “Real Text” and “Shape Text”. Also, it alows you to preview converted file online.

The HTML output will be saved in a zip file after the conversion. So you also need to unzip it so that you can get your converted HTML file.

online pdf to html converter

3. Soda PDF to HTML Converter

Another online free PDF to HTML Converter helps users to convert PDFs from computer, Dropbox and Google Drive. With only 2 steps, uploading files and converting, you will get the HTML output instantly. There are 2 ways to get the HTML output, downloading directly in the current browser or send file by email.

I tested with the same PDF file, but Soda performed the conversion slower than other converters.

convert pdf to html online

4. PDFOnline

PDFOnline.com is a quite simple website for users to convert PDF to HTML or Word online. It is very easy to use, just click “Upload file and convert…” to select your PDF file, and wait, you will get a download page for the output HTML file or you fill your email address then get the file via email. 

But please note, your PDF file size is limited, up to 2MB.


5. Investintech PDF to HTML Converter 

Investintech is the online free conversion service provided by Able2Exact Professional (a desktop kit to manage PDFs), allowing users to convert PDF to HTML. It is extremely easy to use, users just need to upload file from device, then the conversion process will start automatically. Also, it enables users to preview the HTML output before downloading.

However, there is no status bar indicating the process of file uploading or conversion, you will have to wait patiently.

investintech pdf to html

Full-scale Comparison between 5 Best Free PDF to HTML Converter

  ZAMZAR PDF to HTML Online PDF to HTML5 Converter Soda PDF to HTML Converter PDFOnline Investintech PDF to HTML Converter
Need e-mail address icon -- -- -- --
Conversion speed Fast Fast General General General
Conversion Quality High Medium(the file saved in zip file) Medium Medium Medium
File Security May be leaked May be leaked May be leaked May be leaked May be leaked

Best PDF to HTML Converter for Safe Work and High Quality

As you may have noticed, utilizing an online free PDF to HTML converter may bring the risk of information leakage, since all your uploaded files will be temporarily stored on the server.

To safely work on highly private files and yield best conversion results, a desktop professional PDF to HTML converter will be a better choice.

PDF Converter OCR is an offline PDF to HTML converter that allows users to batch convert PDF to HTML when a network connection is not present. Its partial conversion mode can convert any particular pages (e.g. 1,5-10,21 or all pages). In addition, this PDF to HTML converter for Mac will 100% preserve your original layouts, formatting, graphics, text and font styles. You don't have to manually adjust anything after conversion. Still, it can:

  • Convert any PDFs, even scanned documents into HTML, and other 15 formats(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, Keynote, Pages, etc.);
  • Convert images or screenshots to HTML, and other 15 formats;
  • Save HTML back as PDF for easy sharing or viewing;
  • Convert between different image formats:
  • Merge, protect and compress PDFs when creating PDF from other documents;
  • Batch conversion

Free Download   Free Download

With only 3 steps, you can convert PDF to HTML fast and well on Windows and Mac:

  1. Go to the Converter interface, import single or multiple files by drag and drop;
  2. Choose outout as HTML;
  3. Click "Convert" to make PDF in HTML format on your PC;


Each free PDF to HTML converter has its advantages and disadvantage, you can make full use these free services according to your real needs. But if you are requiring high on accuracy and speed, or may be working on scanned PDF files, you better try a professional one.

Jose Henline
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Jose specializes in reviews, how-to guides, top lists, etc. on PDF, data recovery and multi-media. On his spare time, he likes to travel or challenge some extreme sports.

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  • jose

    I'm actually using online service for this because it is free, but i realized online ones did't help when I require something on the conversion quality and processed time.

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    Those online tool couldn't make me satisfied, they made my file in a mess. I will try Cisdem PDF to HTML Converter. This is an useful article, I will continue to follow.

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  • Corey

    The comparison table is admirable!!! Cisdem PDF to HTML converter is really a better choice.

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