How to Easily Block Pornhub on Mac, Windows and Mobile

Rosa Reyes
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This article will show you how to block Pornhub with ease on Mac, Windows and mobile devices. If there is a list of adult websites to block, Pornhub is definitely on it. Pornhub is one of the most visited adult websites in the world. Watching porn videos are bad for children and teenagers. Being addicted to such a website may also cause bad effects to adults. Therefore, blocking access to porn websites can be a necessary or recommended practice.

Here you will find how to block porn websites such as Pornhub in the following ways.


How to block Pornhub at the device level

For Mac & Windows

For users of computers, the easiest way to prevent access to dirty and other inappropriate websites is to use professional software like Cisdem AppCrypt. With it, you can easily add Pornhub and other unwanted websites to the block list. Alternatively, you can create a whitelist, which will block all websites except the few that are approved by you.

How to block Pornhub in easy steps

  1. Download and install Cisdem AppCrypt, the best porn blocker. Open it.
  2. Set a password when asked.set a password to block pornhub
  3. On a Mac, click its icon in the menu bar and choose Open Main Window. If it is a PC, right-click its icon in the main window
  4. Click Web Web Block
  5. Enter the domain URL and click the Add button.
    add to the block list

The blocking will be applied to web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and more. Now, when someone tries to visit Pornhub, the website won’t load at all. Instead, it will show this image.

pornhub is blocked on mac

Without knowing the correct password, no one is able to quit AppCrypt, let alone uninstalling it. This porn blocker does a good and effective job of shielding young from Pornhub and other sources of porn material.


  • Keep the password a secret If you are a parent who wants to keep children away from bad websites like Pornhub, never tell the children the password you set for AppCrypt. Those who want to stop porn addition with this app can ask trusted ones to set the password. Without knowing the password, they won’t be able to bypass the blocking at all. It requires the password to unblock a website, access the main window, access/change settings, quit/uninstall the porn blocker app itself, etc.
  • Unblock a blocked website To remove a domain, select it and click the minus icon.

For iOS

How to block Pornhub on iPhone? If your iPhone is running iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 or later, then there is a built-in way to add blocking on porn and any other inappropriate websites.

  1. On an iPhone (or iPad) running iOS 12 or later, choose Settings > Screen Time.
  2. Turn on Screen Time.
  3. Tap Use Screen Time Passcode. Set a passcode.
  4. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and enable it.
  5. Choose Content Restrictions > Web Content > Limit Adult Websites.limit Pornhub and other adult websites on iPhone
  6. Under Never Allow, tap Add Website.
  7. Enter the URL of Pornhub in the URL filed. Tap Done.

Now if one tries to open, the browser will display the following message.

You cannot browse this page at "" because it is restricted.

To add more domains to block, just repeat the last step. Note that despite the name, Limit Adult Websites feature actually allows you to block any websites.

For Android

How do I block Pornhub from son's phone running Android? This is asked by a concerned parent. In such a case, Android apps like BlockerX can definitely help. This app supports Android 6.0 and up.

There are a few great things that make BlockerX a great porn blocker app. In addition to the ability to prevent access to adult websites, it also provides users with the functionality to block any other websites, which gives a lot more flexibility. The fact is that it’s also possible to stumble up some mature or inappropriate content on non-adult websites. So this functionality can help. It also offers an option called Preventing Uninstall (premium only). If a parent installs this porn blocker on child’s phone (or his or her own phone accessible to child), the child won’t able to uninstall it. Only the parent has the password that can authorize the uninstallation.

  1. Install the app from Google Play. Open it.
  2. Let the app know if you install it for your child or for yourself.
  3. Allow the permission it asks.
  4. The blocking feature is off by default. To secure your child or yourself from adult content sources such as websites blocked on Android
  5. Toggle the switch to on. Pornhub should be blocked now.

How to stop access to Pornhub at the browser level

It’s also easy to block porn websites using a browser extension. When it comes popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, there are extensions available for the purpose of blocking porn websites. This part will take Chrome for example and how you how to block Pornhub from Chrome with extension.

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and install Adult Website Blocker provided by MateCode.
  2. Click the extension's icon in the toolbar and click Options.
  3. In the default list of Blocked Domains, you will find In other words, once the extension is installed, Pornhub is already blocked by it by extension to block pornhub

Here's a tip. Right-click the icon and choose Manage Extensions. Enable Allow in incognito. This will prevent someone from bypassing the blocking by open an incognito window.

How to stop Pornhub access at the router level

There are home-use wireless routers that offer parental controls. Such a router can help block porn websites and any other unwanted websites. Once the blocking is set up, all or selected devices that use this connection won’t be able to visit the blocked websites.

Note that the settings and options available can be different depending on the router you use. But the steps below can still be useful.

  1. Open the command prompt on your computer and enter "netstat -nr" or "ipconfig".command prompt
  2. Find the default gateway IP and enter it in the address bar of your web browser. Press Enter.
  3. Login to your router. Now you have access to the settings including parental control settings.
  4. Enable the parental control feature first if it's not enabled yet.
  5. Select the device(s) to which you'd like to apply the Pornhub blocking.
  6. Add Pornhub to the block list of your router. Save your settings.
  7. Set the parental controls password if such an option is available.

How to restrict access to Pornhub at the DNS level

It’s also possible to use DNS to block websites. Therefore, you can choose to block porn websites use DNS. Among other choices, OpenDNS is a great service that allows you to easily get the blocking set up. Its content filtering feature has been helping many parents to make Internet safer for children.

  1. Visit OpenDNS' website. On the homepage, choose Consumer.
  2. There are multiple solutions provided, including free ones.
  3. Let's choose OpenDNS Home.
  4. Sign up and create an account.
  5. It allows you to change DNS on your computer and mobile devices, router or DNS server.
  6. Choose an operating system. And it will give you a very detailed guide on how to configure DNS on your device.
  7. Follow the steps provided in the guide and finish the setting up.
  8. Once you finish it, open the OpenDNS Dashboard.dashboard
  9. Now you can start blocking. If you set the content filtering level as Low, it will only protect against porn websites like Pornhub. It's preset and automatic, but you can still customize it.

Other common ways to block Pornhub and other dirty websites

  • As a matter of fact, Pornhub along with many other porn websites is already blocked in some countries. People there, regardless of ages, won’t be able to visit such websites to watch porn videos unless VPN is used.
  • Many schools choose to block access to websites like Pornhub and other websites considered inappropriate for students.
  • Internet service providers (ISP) can also block adult websites. AT&T, for example, provides the AT&T Secure Family app, which can help parents control what their children can access online.


By blocking Pornhub and similar websites, parents can reduce the risk of children being exposed to adult content. Stopping access to such websites can also help one quit porn addiction. The article recommends some useful methods and tools available for porn blocking. In addition, it can also help if parents turn on Google’s SafeSearch feature, which can prevent porn, mature and other inappropriate content, videos and images from appearing in the search results.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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