How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts?

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LinkedIn is a commodious platform to find and make contacts for business users. It provides you with up-to-date information of your business contacts. You will know what they are doing and where they are working. To manage these business friends more easily, you can export contacts from LinkedIn. As for how to export LinkedIn contacts, we will show you some great ideas in this post.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts via Its Built-in Setting?

LinkedIn enables you to sync and import your contacts from other applications, so that you can access existing contacts on LinkedIn straightway. Certainly, it can also allow you to export LinkedIn contacts to excel. Now check out how to export LinkedIn contacts out of LinkedIn below.

  1. Log in your LinkedIn account and click “My Network”. It will lead you into a new page. In this new page, you should click to see all your connections.
  2. Choose “Manage synced and imported contacts”, you will catch sight of  “Export contacts” at the right side of the page (under the “Advanced actions”).
  3. In the third step, you need click “Request pending”, then an e-mail will be sent to your mailbox. Read your e-mail and you will find a download address. Just download it to export your LinkedIn contacts to excel (csv.). Or you can refresh LinkedIn page directly and click the “Download” button as the screenshot shows.

Why Need an Application to Export LinkedIn Contacts?

Now that we can export LinkedIn contacts from LinkedIn’s built-in setting, then why do we need use an app to export LinkedIn contacts? That is because the functions of built-in setting are too simple, you can't get the true sense of satisfaction from it. Next, vCard me show you some detailed reasons as follow.

  • The export format of built-in setting is monotonous
  • Not conducive to manage the exported LinkedIn contacts in long term
  • Have no choice to backup and restore these contacts
  • Can’t access or add to the contact specifics of certain friends
  • Inconvenient to share contacts to email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It seems that using a third-party app to manage and export LinkedIn contacts is more effective. So what’s kind of app can finish this task as expected? Here I would like to recommend Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac users. For further information, please move on to the next part.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts on Mac?

Cisdem ContactsMate is an all-in-one contact management software for Mac. It can help you analyze and solve multiple conflicts according to suggested resolutions. Meanwhile, you are able to sync popular platforms’ contacts to Cisdem ContactsMate and Contacts app on Mac. Plus, these imported or synced contacts can be exported to vCard, CSV, HTML, Excel, TXT, Docx, Numbers, and Pages format for easy contacts back up. From now on, let’s focus on how to export LinkedIn contacts on Mac by Cisdem contacts manager for Mac.

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem Contacts Manager Now!

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem ContactsMate Now!

Step 1. Import LinkedIn contacts to the program

Run Cisdem ContactsMate on your Mac. In the main window, you should click “Add Account” to earn another small window. Scroll down to find LinkedIn and log into your account by typing the user name and password.

Then LinkedIn will appear in the left-hand window. You have to click it and tick “Contacts” option at the right side of the window. Of course, you can remove the LinkedIn account or add other accounts.

Import LinkedIn contacts to the program

Step 2. Manage LinkedIn contacts (optional)

Before export LinkedIn contacts on Mac, you can manage it in accordance with your preferences. You are able to create, search, share, print and group LinkedIn contacts using Cisdem ContactsMate.

Besides, you scan duplicates and conflicts to fix them. What’s more, you can classify this LinkedIn contacts by editing tags. So many features! If you want to know more, just download the free trial to have a try.

Manage LinkedIn contacts

Step 3. Export LinkedIn contacts on Mac

After that has all finished, you can feel free to export LinkedIn contacts on Mac. This step is particularly easy, you should only choose “Export All” in the main window to convert all your LinkedIn contacts to CSV, DOCX, Number, Excel, HTML, etc. If you intend to export part of the contacts, you can press “Shift” to pick the contacts, then right-click to choose “Export”.

Export LinkedIn contacts on Mac

Sum up

LinkedIn’s built-in setting allows you to export LinkedIn contacts from it directly, but if you are looking forward to acquiring rich functionalities and professional operation on Mac, a specialized contacts management software will be better. Thus for all Mac users, please follow the step-by-step guides above to export LinkedIn contacts on Mac.

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