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How to Block and Unblock Someone on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform for networking. You can share information, keep in touch with others and market your practice here. But there are also many pitfalls. To ensure your privacy, sometimes, you have to block someone on LinkedIn. Follow this guide, we will show you the steps on how to block and unblock someone on LinkedIn.

Block and Unblock LinkedIn Apps & Websites on Mac
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Why Need Block Someone on LinkedIn?

  1. You have written down some private information on LinkedIn, such as name, e-mail, location, phone number, etc. If someone is a stalker or acts like a stalker, you’d better hide your LinkedIn profile from these guys.
  2. In your connections, you may follow a number of former colleagues. To preclude them from knowing where you are working, you need block them on LinkedIn.
  3. The key objects that you should block are former business partners. These persons can check your connections and they would find the clients you are following. It's terrible, you know. Since they might steal your clients.
  4. Some promoters would send the unwanted messages to you. Or you may receive the annoying messages from some bad guys. So don’t hesitate to block someone on LinkedIn.

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn?

  1. Search for the profile page of the individual you intend to block.
  2. Click the three-dot icon at the right side of the profile image. And then choose Report/ Block option from the drop-down box.How to Block Someone on LinkedIn Step 2
  3. You only want to block people on LinkedIn, so please don’t select report options. Just click the first one from What do you want to do.How to Block Someone on LinkedIn Step 3
  4. Finally, click on Block button to start blocking someone on LinkedIn. How to Block Someone on LinkedIn Step 4

How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn?

Occasionally, you might block someone on LinkedIn by mistake or change your mind later on. In this case, you can read the guides below to learn how to unblock people on LinkedIn.

  1. Click Me icon at the menu bar and choose Privacy & Settings on the drop-down menu.How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn Step 1
  2. From the Privacy tab, scroll down and find Blocking under Blocking and hiding section. Click Unblock to remove the member that you would like to unblock on LinkedIn.How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn Step 2
  3. Type your password to unblock this member. If you want to reblock he or she again, you have to wait for 48 hours after unblocking.How to Unblock Someone on LinkedIn Step 3

Bonus Tool: Block LinkedIn App & Website on Mac

Besides prevent someone from accessing to your LinkedIn profile, have you ever thought block yourself from logging in LinkedIn account? As LinkedIn is so attractive, which will distract your attention and waste your time. At this moment, you need use a productivity tool like Cisdem AppCrypt to block LinkedIn app and website at specific time.

Key Features of Mac App & Website Blocker:

  • Block Mac apps to protect your privacy, like Skype, Twitter, Photo app and so on.
  • Also block distracting websites, such as Facebook, Game websites, Reddit, etc.
  • Make a schedule to block app and websites at the appointed time.
  • Take a photo of suspicious actions- someone enter into the blocked websites or apps with a wrong password.Block LinkedIn App & Website on Mac

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