How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Mac (Including macOS System)?

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People always make a variety of friends, they might be the old couple met in the journey, they also might be your business partner knew in the cooperation. Anyway, you will keep their contacts information, this is routine. Accumulating through long years, duplicate contacts inevitably appear in your Contacts. How to delete duplicate contacts on Mac? This is a problem for deserving discussing.

For some people, removing duplicate contacts sounds not simple. Don’t worry, you need to choose the best contacts manager firstly. According to popular usage, Cisdem Contacts Manager can help you to delete duplicates effectively. This article will show you an easy way of using contact manager

Step 1. Installing Cisdem Contacts Manager on your Mac

Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac is a contact management software that will find and remove duplicate contacts quickly and efficiently. And this application also can export Mac Address Book to CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages format for easy Contacts back up or sync. Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

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Step 2. Syncing with OS X Contacts

After installing the app to delete duplicate contacts, you need to run it and sync with OS X Contacts. This app will ask you to allow it to access your Contacts,click “OK”, your Contacts will be synced successfully.

Step 3. Searching duplicate contacts

And then, what you should do is searching duplicate contacts. How to do it? Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac provides 13 screening conditions for users. You can click “Cisdem ContactsMate” on menu bar and then select “Preferences”, check all the condition about "Duplicate" and click the "ok", it will start to scan.

Step 4. Deleting duplicate contacts

The last, Cisdem ContactsMate will show you the report of all the duplicate contacts in the left. Click on any of them, the name of the contact, problem, solution and details will be showed on the right part of the interface. You can choose “Merge contacts”, “Delete this contact”or “Delete the duplicate contact(s)”. Then click “Fix”or “Fix All”to delete duplicate contacts.

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