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The Mac Contact Manager Software That You'll Actually Use

The best selling contact manager software that keep all your contacts organized, synced, and up-to-date!

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Sync All Contacts in One Place

ContactsMate 5 has been built around our customers’ needs to have a secure and reliable syncing around all their contacts. It takes only 5 minutes to setup your first sync.

Import Contacts
Contact manager enables you to easily import contact or contact lists directly from a .CSV or vCard file, so you are now ready to manage your local contact lists.
Sync Contacts
Contact manager syncs with the built-in Contacts app on Mac and supports all leading cloud services, including iCloud, Google, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc.

Manage and Grow Your List of Contacts

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"Discovered somewhere between oodles and a slew of errors...can immediately swap to ContactsMate or any other such app without exporting or importing data..."

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"Quickly import your contacts and clean your database, effortlessly identify the entries that need your attention and more, unsophisticated..."

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"The ability to clean your contact list of duplicate items is the program's major asset. This way, the utility automatically scans your address book..."

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Quickly Access & Manage Contacts from Menu Bar

Contact manager installs to your Mac OS X menu bar which give an easy access to all your contacts, you can easily search for contacts and add new contacts with just a few keystrokes. Also you can easily send messages, emails or start a call right from the menu bar. Really handy.

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We’ve Converted the Complexity of Mac Contact Manager Into a To-do List

Find and Delete Exact Duplicate Contacts
Automatically scans your contacts for exact duplicates and flags them for removal. Once flagged, you have the opportunity to review one or all of the duplicate contact groups before processing. Or, simply remove all duplicates with one click. Wow, that's easy!
Compare Duplicate Contact Side by Side
Group all compatible duplicate contacts together to be safely edited, updated or merged. Compatible duplicate contacts are contacts that have two or more matching fields. Once flagged as a potential duplicate contacts, you have the opportunity to dig through scan results and handpick the files to erase, update, etc. Save yourself the hassle of wondering which entry is correct.
Fix Formatting Errors and Conflicts
Contact Manager also scans your address book for formatting errors, including invalid characters, incomplete name, blank name, etc. and it will group errors into similar kinds. Allows you to determine the logic of fix that group(merge, delete, neglect, etc.).
Better Control Over Suffix & Prefix
Long awaited suffix and prefix settings have landed on the contact management software to help more accurately find unusual suffix and prefix in contacts list. Now you can add allowed titles and suffixes in your own language, which is very handy for users from non-English speaking countries.
Nothing's Deleted for Good — Until You Say So.
Every time you want to update and edit your contacts data, you can choose to back up your contacts first, and when you delete a contact, it goes directly to our built in trash, so you never worry about merging or deleting the wrong contacts by mistake. And safely revert your data back to its original condition.

Share and Export Contacts to CSV, vCard, Excel, etc.

Share Contacts via Mail, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or export the whole or assigned contacts list to local files in different formats, including CSV, vCard, Excel, TXT, Docx, HTML, Numbers and Pages. Then you can easily backup or import it to Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.


Start Using the Best Contact Manager for Mac

If you don’t need CRM but do need a contact manager that can handle large lists, Cisdem ContactsMate is the one.
Free Download For macOS 10.11 or later
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