Top 12 Sites to Download Japanese Music to MP3 or FLAC (Hi-Res)

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When it comes to Japanese music, the first comes to people’s mind must be Anime soundtracks (OST), because Japanese Anime culture occupies an important position in the world. Plus with the popularity of Jpop, a great part of Asian pop music. A considerable increasing people around the world have been addicted to Japanese music. Thus, hundreds of websites are created to provide a convenient platform for people to download and listen to Japanese music or albums.

So, what are the best Japanese music download sites, and how to free download J-Pop, J-Punk, Japanese traditional & classical music, etc.? In this article, we have put together a list of 12 websites for Japanese MP3/FLAC hi-res songs download.


Top 12 Paid or Free Japanese Music Download Sites

01 - youtube

1. YouTube


YouTube is home to millions of music videos from global artists. You can find any Japanese music video you want based on different search criteria such as upload date, type, duration, features, etc. That means you easily listen to the latest Japanese albums or playlists (even longer than 2 hours) or watch 4k music videos with lyrics online.

To download Japan music videos from YouTube, you should cost $13.99 per month for Premium after 30-day free trial.

japanese music download 02 - spotify

2. Spotify


Spotify, a popular music streaming websites, covers huge single songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts from all over the world. And it archives massive resources by country, genre, style, and so on. For downloading Japanese music, move to the “Anime” or “J-Tracks” section, where allows you to play huge collection of anime, J-pop, J-Rock, Japanese Hip-pop, etc., including the newly released ones.

It offers different premium plans according to different people, such as student($5.99/month, single person ($10.99/month), 2 people ($14.99/month) or family($16.99/month). Just pick the best one to complete Jpop download for offline listening. Besides, it offers 74 languages to give people a better experience.

japanese song download site 03 - vimeo

3. Vimeo


Vimeo is another solid video hosting platform that one year earlier than YouTube. It aims to encourage people to share videos in all contents, including Halloween, Animation, Drama, Commercials, and more. And music is undoubtedly included, consisting of 3 types: live music, music documentary and music videos, where collects a fair amount of Japanese songs. You can via keyword and filters to find your favored Japanese music videos, channels, or groups.

The plus members and higher support Japanese music download. Upgrade your account to plus from Vimeo starting at $12 per month.

japanese song download site 04 - amazon

4. Amazon


Amazon is a famous online shopping site. It contains vinyl records, audio CDs, and digital MP3 tracks for you to purchase. You can see the after-sales reviews of each product.

Although Amazon provides you with an excellent buying experience, the Japan music download is too expensive. You have to pay for each Japanese song or album that you need to download, and the price varies.

free jpop download site 05 - jpop singles

5. JPop Singles


JPop Singles, founded in 2016, is designed to download Jpop torrents (OST and anime music included) to MP3 320kbps, FLAC lossless, or AAC 256kbps. It updates the latest resources on time and lets you search your desired music through single, album, and artist categories.

This free Jpop download site has showed you the step-by-step on how to download and extract zipped files. The password info is easy to see as well. However, people may have problem in downloading music at present, because the download link won’t appear as mentioned.

06 -

6. mp3jp-download. com

URL: is a popular jpop download websites, which contains the both currently hot music and classic music for people, including plenty of Japanese album and single music. Besides, people can look for the target music by using the search engine.

This site allows people to download Jpop to MP3, FLAC, and RAR format. However, those who are blocked by the websites are not able to make Japan music download directly.

japanese music torrenting site 07 - tokyotosho

7. Tokyo Toshokan


Tokyo Toshokan (東京 図書館) is a brilliant Japanese music torrenting site. It has a straightforward appearance. All the latest versions are listed on the homepage, and music, drama, anime, hentai, manga, etc. are indexed.

This site is free to download Jpop torrents to MP3, FlAC, WAV and RAR. The only thing you should do is to installed BitTorrent, uTorrent, or other torrent clients on your computer. However, many people are forbidden to access to the site due to the regional or network restrictions. But don’t worry, there are some Tokyo Toshokan proxy & mirror sites that duplicates the same content of Tokyo Toshokan, such as Tokyo Tosho Mirror Site.

08 - audiosparx

8. AudioSparx


AudioSparx been around for over decade, and it has become one of the best Japanese music download sites. It's an industry-leading music library, offering high quality commercial music for videos, TVs, films, slide shows, DVDs, and so forth. Not just for Japan, AudioSparx served over 60 countries and regions, and archived them well for people to operate easily.

The disadvantage is that the price of Japanese music track is relatively expensive, and there will be interference during the audition process. Another issue is that it loads the content slowly, so that you need to wait patient for entering into the site.

royalty free song 09 - fesliyan studio

9. Fesliyan Studios


When it comes to royalty free background instrumental downloads, Fesliyan Studios is supposed to occupy a place. It sorts music through genre, mood, use case, and instrument. Under Genre > World, click Japanese, and you will see all non-copyright Japanese songs. Then, you can also seek for wanted Japanese music by different categories via commercial, happy, funny, action, relaxing, and more. Once founded, you can directly download Jpop to MP3 for free.

If not for commercial purposes, you can download royalty free Japanese music without limits. Otherwise, you need to donate to use it. One have to admit is that the Japanese music it offered is less than other Jpop download sites.

classical japan music downloads 09- jprock

10. Jp-Rock


Jp-Rock is a small Jrock/Jpop download site, almost at a glance. On the right side of the page, you can quickly know which albums have been archived every month since 2007, the most sought-after albums on this site, and some JP-Rock lyrics.

In addition to songs that keep pace with the times, Jp-Rock will also bring you back to the classic era. You can find a number of nostalgic golden songs and download 80s music albums free. However, due to the slow collection speed, it lacks of the newly published albums or music. Besides, although it offers a direct download link, it fails to get the music in most cases.

japanese music torrent 11 -


URL: is a BitTorrent website dedicated to providing tons of free Asian anime, manga, music, etc. It is a clean websites without ads. And it keeps on updating Japanese music every day, which allows you to reach a large number of music starting with 2008. Plus, you can list your page through size, date, seeder, leecher and completed downloads.

Besides grabbing the existing wonderful music, it also allows you to upload your own music.

free jpop download site 12 - sukidesuost

12. Sukidesuost


Sukidesuost is a paradise for otaku to download anime OST with album art for free. Plus, it makes you access to countless J-Pop, K-Pop, VTuber, game music, and more resources easily with the simple interface, which allows you to download Japan music in high quality MP3, FLAC or Hi-res.

The problem is that although the content of this Japanese songs download site is rich, it may not be able to get music successfully. When you start to download, it will redirect to multiple pages, and finally nothing happens.


  • What're the 100% safe places to download music?

YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, and Amazon.

These four websites are famous all around the world. They have deep cooperation with PayPal or major credit cards. When download Japan songs from them, you won’t obtain adware, spyware, worms, and Trojan horses.

  • Where to download non-copyright background music?

Fesliyan Studios.

There is very little music from Japan here.

  • Where to obtain Japanese music torrents?

Tokyo Toshokan and

The download speed is not fast.

  • Where to download Japan music for free?

JPop Singles,, Jp-Rock, and Sukidesuost.

It’s slow to finish the download process and not safe enough.

Extended: top 10 classical Jpop albums:

Album Released Year Artist
First Love 1999 Hikaru Utada
A Best 2001 Ayumi Hamasaki
Sweet 19 Blues 1996 Namie Amuro
Delicious Way 2000 Mai Kuraki
Ture 2002 Kazumasa Oda
Home 2007 Mr. Children
Exile Love 2008 Exile
All the Best! 1999–2009 2009 Arashi
0 2013 Ichiko Aoba
Tsugi no Ashiato 2014 AKB48
  • What’s the best Japanese music download site?


YouTube almost has no shortcomings in downloading audio and video. The music resources inside are extremely rich. Moreover, many Japanese music sites like and (introduce Japanese traditional instrumental music, i.e. koto, shakuhachi, flute, taiko, etc.) are also embedded YouTube videos.


[The Best Way] Download Japan Music with URLs Easily

It's recommended to download free Japanese songs using a third-party video downloader.

Cisdem Video Converter is such a powerful application to batch download music from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other 1000+ websites easily with the video URLs. Due to the batch-process feature, it also can download all music from playlists effortlessly at once.

Apart from music audio, it can also download music video and convert it to MP4, MKV, MOV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, iPhone, or any format. Plus, it is designed with an embedded media player to play the downloaded music or music video smoothly.

Its built-in audio adjuster allows you to change the quality, bitrate, sample rate, and channel of songs.

Standout features of the best Jpop download software:

  • Download J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, Euro-American music, etc.
  • Download multiple Japanese music in bulk rapidly
  • Convert music audio and video to any compatible format
  • Play and edit Japanese music videos
  • Merge long list of songs into one file
  • Extract digital files from music DVDs
  • Adjust the embedded sound if it is too small or too loud

Free Download   Free Download

How to Download Japanese Music on Mac or Windows:

  1. Open a video or audio streaming website (i.e. YouTube) that involves the Japanese songs you want.
  2. Find the resource and copy its link.copy music video url
  3. Launch Cisdem. Paste the link to the bar at the bottom field, click “+” or press “enter” key to extract the contained video or audio.
    paste url to cisdemNote: For downloading more music, continue to copy & paste other songs' links and download them simultaneously.
  4. Click the download icon on the bottom right to begin downloading Japanese songs on Mac or Windows PC.
    download japanese music mac

Optional Steps to Convert Japanese Music to MP3/FLAC/Other Formats Easily:

  1. Hit the blue checkmark icon to locate the downloaded music.
  2. Drag-n-drop them to the “convert” interface.drag music to convert interface
  3. Choose the output formats by clicking highlight Format button or “Convert all tasks to” button. Then, come to “General audio” tab to choose MP3, FLAC or any other audio format or even video format you want.
  4. Once selected, click “Convert” icon to change downloaded Japanese songs to any format you like.convert japanese music


Final Thought

Whether you are getting a single or album from Japanese music download sites or via video downloader software, you should always select a safe method. Although there are a couple of free Jpop music download websites accessible for the public, it is risky because your device may be attacked by the malmare virus.

If you don't want to pay too much while keeping safe, a 3rd-party program is definitely the best choice, which can download Japan music in batches safely, quickly and easily with ultimate quality.

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