Open Winmail.dat Directly On Mac With Document Reader for Mac

Received e-mail messages with "winmail.dat" files attached that you can't open? Cisdem Document Reader for Mac is the one-stop solution to smoothly open winmail.dat files on Mac, allowing all attachments of the files to be previewed and saved.

Open Winmail.dat Files and List All Contents of the Winmail.dat Files

Transparently integrated with OS X, Cisdem Document Reader for Mac makes opening winmail.dat files an easy thing. All you have to do is to either drag-and-drop the winmail.dat files onto DocumentReade, or just double-click the files. And then, the winmail reader will extract the embedded attachments, allowing you to save them or to open them in another application.

Open Many Winmail.dat Files at a Time

Have multiple documents to open? Cisdem WinmailReader will open and list all the files in list view in one window, saving you the trouble of constantly switching among different windows when opening multiple winmail.dat files simultaneously.

Quick Look or Export Single or Multiple Winmail.dat Attachments

After adding your winmail.dat files, Document Reader for Mac will show you a window similar to an email message with the typical From and Subject fields along with sent date, message body and attached files. You can preview those winmail.dat attachments with default applications and drag-n-drop to export single or multiple attachments.

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Cisdem Document Reader for Mac

With a Mac winmail reader like Document Reader for Mac, opening winmail.dat files becomes as easy as a pie. No more obstacles to find out what exactly the emails you received are!
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