Technical FAQs

Why does the PDFConverter failed to keep the layout of the original files sometimes?

This problem normally happens when the original PDF files have complex tables, graphs, diagrams, or charts, on all of which the analyzing is not that precise. To get it straight, please send an email to us with the original PDF file attached to report the problem, and we will provide you with the assistance you need.

Can PDFConverter convert scanned or image based PDF files?

If your PDF file is a scanned or image based PDF file, the converted file will be a blank document or a picture document. Only the PDFConverterOCR convert scanned or image based PDF files.You can get more details from the following links.
PDFConverter VS PDFConverterOCR:

Why does the PDFConverter ask me to enter a password when I am trying to convert some PDF files?

This message comes up because those PDF files are encrypted with User password. PDFConverter cannot do conversions on those files without the correct passwords.

How to convert scanned or image based PDF files?

If your PDF file is a scanned or image based PDF file, the converted file will be a blank document or a picture document. Only the PDF Converter with OCR capability can convert scanned or image based PDF files.
PDFConverterOCR is the PDF Converter with OCR ability, which can convert both normal and scanned PDF documents into editable and well-formatted Word, Text, PowerPoint, Excel, Rtfd, ePub, HTML, keynote, pages, etc. You can get more details here:

How to convert any particular pages in the PDF file?

If you just want to convert particular pages (e.g. 1,5-10,21 or all pages) to save your time, you can click the "Page Range" on each PDF item bar. Type the page numbers need to be converted in the popped up dialogue box.

What’s the differences between scanned PDF and normal PDF file, how to distinguish it?

You can't select any text from scanned PDF, you can only select an area of image. But you can select and copy text from normal PDF.

What's OCR (Optical character recognition)?

OCR is short for Optical Character Recognition. It is the mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned or photographed images of typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded/computer-readable text. You can get more info here:

Why do I have to select the language when I convert a scanned PDF?

When converting a scanned PDF file you have to enter the language because different languages have the different writing systems including different characters and symbols. If the software doesn't know what language the document is in then it may not be able to convert some of the characters and symbols correctly which would result in errors in the converted PDF file.

How to improve OCR conversion quality?

Select the correct document language. You need to select the appropriate document language prior to OCR conversion. This is extremely important step to get accurate text recognition result.
Rotate pages to the correct orientation Incorrect orientation of the document will result in poor conversion quality.
Choose OCR Applied Zone The app automatically regionally marks every part of a loaded PDF or image differently based on the nature of a given part. Though this automatic marking tend to be rather accurate, when it comes to documents of pictures with great complexity, there might be some error in that regard, and manual adjustments therefore have to be made to have a more desirable outcome.

Why could not I edit some parts of the Word file created?

In order to preserve the original layout of the PDF file, PDF toWordConverter exports some tricky parts of the source file to images, which cannot be edited in word files.

Can I retrieve files deleted a long time ago?

Yes. Whether the files can be recovered has nothing to do with when they were deleted. Once a file is deleted the sectors it occupies are available for other files to be written. Any new file could over write some or all of a deleted file. So If it was lost a long time ago but no new operations were done on the device, then it is probably that the lost files can be recovered.

Why does DataRecovey ask me to enter password?

The product needs user password to scan your device. If you don’t have the use password, the product can't scan the device or recover the data.

Can this DataRecovey recover the data from damaged memory cards?

If the damaged memory card can't be recognized, then the product will not be able to scan it. We recommend you to put your memory card into a card reader and connect this to your PC, then you can use the DataRecovery to recover the data from it.

Can DuplicateFinder scan multiple folders at a time?

Yes. Just drag&drop the folders you want to scan to the program. Note that though DuplicateFinder scanning is fast and efficient, the more folders you select to scan, the more time it will take.

Is DuplicateFinder safe to use?

DuplicateFinder is 100% safe to use. It never deletes files right away, leaving the final choice to you.

What is the pie chart on the right of DuplicateFinder’s scan results for?

The pie chart on the right graphically demonstrates in which categories are those duplicated files (each category has a different color). You can make the list show just one type of duplicated files by choosing the corresponding option in on the right.

Can PDFPasswordRemover Remove User Password?

Yes, PDFPasswordRemover can remove PDF user or open password with a valid password.

Why there is a lock next to the PDF I add to PDFPasswordRemover?

When the PDF files are added to the Remover, for those with user passwords you can see a lock next to them. So before going any further, you need to decrypt them by tapping that lock button and type in the corresponding user passwords.

Is PDFPasswordRemover safe to use?

PDFPasswordRemover is 100% safe to use. It will not alter your PDF documents in any way.

Can I adjust the order of the PDF files in PDFToolkit?

Yes, Simply drag to sort files within the program's window.

I notice that there is a OCR button when I navigate to the extract image and extract text tab, what’s the use of it?

The OCR button is designed here to work for scanned PDF files, so if the PDF is a scanned document, please turn on the OCR technology to get the best accuracy.

How much can PDFcompressor reduce the size of my PDF files?

PDF files can be created by so many different applications that it is difficult to give one answer. PDFCompressor can reduce most types of PDF files by up to 10% to 90% of their original size.

Why does the PDFCompressor ask me to enter a password when I am trying to compress some PDF files?

This message comes up because those PDF files are encrypted with user password. PDFCompressor cannot do compression on those files without the correct passwords.

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