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2020-11-18 22:59:00 / Posted by Jose Henline to YouTube Follow @ Jose

"My YTD Video Downloader not working properly? When a video is placed in the 'activity tab' while downloading, the speed appears near 100MBp/s and keeps decreasing to 0KB/s. Could you please give some suggestions to fix it? I'm in a very great need of it!"—Sam

YTD Video Downloader is a nice YouTube downloader that has an intuitive interface and enabling you to download videos from YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook and other streaming video sites. Sometimes, however, we have to find a YTD Video Downloader alternative for some non-negligible reasons. This article will introduce a YTD Video Downloader alternative for Mac and the reasons to recommend it. 

Why Need a YTD Video Downloader Alternative for Mac?

YTD Video Downloader users may have come across the same problem as Sam's while using YTD video downloader to download videos. As we all know, YTD is a hot video downloader that lets you download videos from at least 60 popular sites and convert videos to fit many media devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, and many others. But its constant errors while downloading videos and its official website doesn’t release the version for Mac, which may stimulate users’ motivation to find a better YTD video downloader alternative for Mac. And the online video sharing site changes its way to stream video from time to time, it’s particularly urgent for you to find an alternative to YTD Video Downloader for Mac to work with videos perfectly.

The Best Alternative to YTD Video Downloader for Mac

In view of the above problems, I recommend you Cisdem Video Converter for Mac to substitute for YTD Video Downloader to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and many other online video websites. This alternative not only can help you download videos by copying and pasting video URL, but it also converts all popular media formats and converts 2D to 3D. You can use the alternative to convert multiple files in one conversation and exact audio files from DVD/videos. The alternative’s functions are stronger than YTD Video Downloader’s. You can download the free Mac version to use these features, and we will show you steps on using Cisdem Video Converter to download and convert videos.

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How to use the alternative to download videos?

First, click the second button on the menu bar to switch to the video download interface. Second, you need to copy the video URL and paste it to the blank edit box at the bottom of the interface. Third, click the download button at the bottom right corner to start download video.

How to use the alternative to convert video formats?

Step 1: Load your video files by clicking the media browser button at the top-right corner or download your videos

Step 2: Choose your output format and get ready for converting

Step 3: Edit your videos and customize output settings

Step 4: Preview your videos with the built-in media player and start to convert

Other reasons why you should choose Cisdem Video Converter

At first, you should pay 29.9$ per year to use YTD Video Downloader but you can get a promotion price now and just pay 27.9$ to get a license which allows you to use Cisdem Video Converter all your life. Furthermore, YTD hasn’t always refreshed but Cisdem Video Converter is always updated to satisfy more needs. At last, Cisdem Video Converter is totally clean and its interface is user friendly but there is a virus which is associated with YTD Video Downloader and causes unwanted redirections to third-party websites. In conclusion, Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is a perfect alternative to YTD Video Downloader and even better. Download the free Mac version to substitute for YTD Video Downloader.

Free Download

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