Word Recovery: Best Way to Recover Word File from SD Card on Mac (Available to Word 2016)

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Yesterday, my roommate asked me to suggest some useful ways to recover word file from SD card on Mac. Just as many other Mac users, she choose to use the new Microsoft Word 2016 for her Mac rather than Apple Pages. Have you ever met similar situations when using Word on your Mac?

As we all know, both Microsoft Word for Mac and Apple Pages are advanced text editors used by both enterprise and individual on Mac. As for the new Microsoft Word 2016, the reviews differ a lot. Some support it for collaborative capabilities, making it possible for business users to work on the computing platform of their choosing without making significant sacrifices. Now if we use Microsoft’s OneDrive to store our work in the cloud, we can co-create and edit Word docs in real-time. However, others declare that it’s time for Microsoft to reboot its Word. Office 2016’s Internet capabilities are supposed to be superficial to some extent. And it doesn’t give enough reasons for previous Office owners to upgrade. How do you think of Microsoft Word 2016?

Okay, let’s come to the point now: how to recover Word from SD card efficiently? Just imagine that, for several hours, you’ve finished a pretty important Word document or wrote a long novel, and then... oops! You deleted it by accident, your SD go broken, or you formatted your SD card without back up copies. Anyway, if you have lost your Microsoft Word by known or unknown reasons, you can take it easy! Here is the best way for you to recover word file from SD card on Mac.

Best Way to Recover Word File from SD Card on Mac (Available to Word 2016)

In the case that you lost word file in your SD card, the most efficient and time-saving way is to take advantage of powerful file recovery software for Mac. Cisdem Data Recovery is professional Mac data recovery for all types of office documents, including Word (pages), Excel (numbers), PPT (keynotes), etc; pictures, videos, audio, emails, folders, archives are also available. Over 200 unique file formats of lost files due to deleting, formatting, or other unknown reasons can be recovered with this application.

Supported MacOS Versions: 10.12 and later

Supported SD Card Brands:SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Transcend, Sony, Verbatim, Lexar, Panasonic, HP, PNY, etc

  1. Download Cisdem Data Recovery and you can then begin Word recovery from SD card on Mac by several simple clicks. Free Download
    Download the trial version of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac now!
  2. Launch the software and then choose the right recovery mode.recovery mode
  3. Select a drive and begin scan to find all your target files.
  4. Preview all the listed recoverable files and choose the right excel file to recover.recover files on mac

Some Common Tips on Word File Recovery from SD Card on Mac (Available to Word 2016)

1. How to prevent Word file loss from SD card?

SD card is small and thin but it can process tremendous of contents. Generally, standard size SD cards are flimsy because of their thin plastic shells. Therefore, if you carry cards in your pocket or unprotected in your bag, be careful!

Besides, you should back up your Word files in SD card regularly. We can actually find a wide range of Word file backup tools, such as, a USB drive, email, i cloud, backup software, etc.

In addition, your daily-use habits do make a difference. It is not recommended to use your SD card on different devices in case it gets corrupt. You can also keep scanning SD card for viruses from time to time in order to protect your data. For more information about SD card recovery mac, you can refer to the infographic “The Complete Guide on SD Card Data Recovery on Mac”.

2.What can be done after I found that I’ve lost Word file in SD card?

The moment you found you’ve lost your Word files, you should stop using the SD card on Mac until the files are restored. It may be overwritten. Keep in mind that, once the files are covered by the new data, nothing can help you.

And then, to find the right tool to recover your files from SD card is the next step. Before choosing data recovery software, you’d better fully understand its word of mouth, performance, user-friendliness, security, cost-effectiveness, etc. You can refer to “Top Ten Mac File Recovery Review 2015” for more information.

Is this passage helpful to you? Or do you have any other solution to recover Word file from SD card on Mac? Welcome to give your feedback in the comments box!

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    Yesterday, I found all the files stored in my sd card are lost. They are precious work files and I forgot to back up them in other devices. Anyway, I got them back with Cisdem DataRecovery.

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    Good tips! I tried to use a free tool to recovery my word file firstly. It indeed found my files and recovered them. However, when I open them, they are gibberish. A waste of time! At last, I tried your software and all my files are intact. Recommend sincerely...

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