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Why Should We Convert Documents into PDF at Work?

At work, we always need to distribute files across different platforms. Many people choose PDF format to save and manage their documents, me too. However, why should we convert documents (including but not limited to Word, Excel, Text, CHM, ePub) into PDF? That’s totally because of its great benefits for us.

PDF (Portable Document Format), according to Adobe, the creator of PDF format, is a file format applied to present and exchange document, regardless of software, hardware, even operating system(Windows, OS, Linux,etc). There a various PDF elements, such as links, multimedia, buttons, etc., working together to present the documents with enhanced visual and informative effects.

The Benefits of PDF

1. Portability:

No matter which operating systems or devices you are using to work, PDF format allows you to be easily accessed. It’s standard and universally recognized format.

You can open PDF with Adobe Reader, free online PDF Viewer, Web-based PDF Reader (such as Google Chrome has the built-in feature to reader and save as PDF).

2. Professional Presentation:

PDF format helps us present information in a professional way. The layout, image, tablet, etc., everything in the original document is well kept and presented in a clearer way. Also, you can add interactive elements, form fields, comments, annotations, even highlight it for profound exchanges.

Why not find you the best PDF editor for making a professional presentation?

3. File Compression Allowed:

When sending documents via e-mail, the mail size is limited. However, PDF can be easily compressed, which greatly saved mail and storage space, finally to boost your work efficiency.

4. High Level Data Encryption:

PDF offers a secure and safe approach to your data inside, you can encrypt with Certificate or Password to secure your PDF.

Generally, users prefer to add pdf password, to protect their files from opening, copying, printing, editing, and do on. Also, if necessary, you can remove the password protection instantly to unlock the file.

5. PDF Signature Available:

Lots of commercials files are saved in PDF file, especially Contracts and Agreement. While, PDF allows users to digitally sign on these files, to protect or authorize the files.

And, It is Extremely Easy to Convert Documents into PDF

Another reason why people prefer to convert documents into PDF lies in its simplicity to do such a conversion.

When you search the results to convert documents to PDF, you will be displayed with abundant of online free PDF tools. But here, we will show you the best on the top list, to convert files in different formats into PDF easily with original formatting, quality retained.

PDFCreator for mac, the tool highly recommended by PDF users, is capable of creating PDF from documents in Word, PowerPoint, HTML, CHM, JPG, etc. The greatest part of this tool goes to its feature of creating PDF with formatting, intact information as accurate as original.

Follow the steps to convert documents into PDF now!

Step 1. Download the PDFCreator for mac and install, run it on your mac.

download icon

Step 2. Import files by drag&drop, also you can check the file information as following.

use pdf creator to convert documents into PDF 02

Step 3. Click "Convert" to convert documents into PDF.

use pdf creator to convert documents into PDF 03

1. If you just want to convert specified pages from a document to PDF, select the page range before conversion;

2. If you want to convert all documents into single one PDF, check the box before “Merge into on PDF” before conversion.


Due to the benefits PDF files bring to us, more and more people are using this format at work. And there will be more and more PDF tools emerged to meet PDF users' needs, the day PDF works well to boost our work efficiency, even brings more joy to our work is around the corner.

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