Optical Drive Can Read But Not Write DVD on macOS Catalina? Fixed!

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Why optical drive can read but not write DVD on macOS Catalina? The reason why I have interests in writing this article, because I read the discussion, a Mac user post this question

"Since I upgraded to OS X Catalina, I can not burn DVD/CDs anymore. I use a USB powered DVD/CD writer on an iMac.
I keep getting error 0x8002002, which means that there seems to be a connection problem between the DVD writer and the Mac. I guess the 2 devices don't communicate with each other. The same error code seems to exist for a long time, but with no fix from Apple. I can read discs though, but writing (even erasing a disc) will not work!!"

Did you also meet this problem after upgrade to macOS Catalina? macOS Catalina is the latest system released by Apple Inc., I think every user would be happy with its highly-efficient and perfect operating experience.

I have collect some information and analyze this question, why optical drive can read but not write DVD on macOS Catalina? Please go on reading, you would know well about the causes and solution to resolve it.

The Cause and Solution: optical drive can read but not write DVD on macOS Catalina

Cause 1. The possibility of a dirty lens
Solution - Prepare a bottle of lens cleaner and use a small cloth to wipe off the dust, fingerprint on the disk, and wait for a while, let it alone for self-dry.

Cause 2. DVD reader can't sense the disc type
Solution - General DVD reader ability would be weakened after one year-usage, and not all DVD driver can read the disc, in many reality, there are many factors would cause this problem, like CD-ROM itself, would be aging, and some laser deviation, power deviation, revolving deviation, dirt and ash, all these would affect the writing ability. And the disc quality would also affect the writing. I advise you to replace or repair the DVD driver.

Cause 3. Bad media files
Solution - Please make sure that the DVD media files is in good quality, its poor quality would make your optical drive affect DVD writing.

Cause 4. Write speed problem
Solution - Take special care with media that's rated at higher burn speeds than what the drive supports. For example, using 16x DVD-R media with a drive that's only rated to burn up to 4x or 8x speeds. Generally, you can use such newer/higher-speed media in older drives - in some cases, this newer media can't be recognized consistently, and will either burn at a speed slower than the maximum rate for the drive, may result in media that completes the burn but performs poorly afterward, or may not be recognized at all.

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Writing data to recordable compact disc is a complex process which demands a great deal from both hardware and software. Therefore, a professional DVD burning application is also very important. Here I am happy to recommend Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac. Just insert a new blank to the Mac slot, and drag your favorite videos into the software, you are able to enjoy lots of interesting features as below

  • Quickly load video files in batch in a fly.
  • Edit videos for better look, like rotate, crop, rote trip, subtitles, create special effects,
  • Customize DVD menus with backgrounds, templates, music backgrounds, and so on.
  • Preview the video and check it.
  • Preset the video parameters for getting the best burning quality.

Steps to Burn video into a disc on macOS Catalina

Download Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac

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Step 1. Load virtually multiple video files in batch to burn to DVD. (Insert a blank disc to the Mac slot firstly.)

Step 2. Edit, crop, rotate, subtitle the video for a better visual look.

Step 3. Make and customize the DVD menus with some interesting elements, like backgrounds, templates, text, music backgrounds, etc.

Step 4. Preset the output parameters, and burn the best disc. Like choose the DVD output format, and aspect ratio, DVD language, burn speed, etc., and then click "OK" button. Let it burn for a while.

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