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Top Elaborate Holiday Gift for Movie Lover

Question: what kind of gift should I take for my wife on our special holiday and wedding anniversary?

7 years ago, I married with my wife. Every year I will select a gift for her on our wedding anniversary day-November 26. However, I want to select a special gift for her this year. Because our silver wedding anniversary day is around the corner. I need to select a special holiday gift and wedding anniversary gift. It is a little difficult for me to do it. My wife is a movie lover. Beside taking care of kids and me, she spends most of time enjoying movies, writing movie review and editing movies. Some of movies she shared are also popular on the YouTube. This is her. what kind of gift should I take? Could you give me some ideas?


Sir, reading your question, I guess you had taken diamond, jewel, beautiful clothes, rose as holiday and wedding anniversary gift. Your wife as a movie lover must work with computer everyday. And you told me she also needed to write movie review and edit movie. According to her hobby, you give you 6 kinds of top elaborate holiday gift suggestions. And I believe Cisdem video converter comes to the first.

6 Top elaborate holiday gift for movie lover

Cisdem videoconverter-using forever

Cisdem videoconverter is a software which is published by Cisdem. It is the all in one solution for video entertainment. Whether convert video, edit video, or share video, it can help you finish it in simple way. You know your wife is a movie lover. she can convert videos to any formats she want and play them on smart-phone with Cisdem video converter. She can edit videos following her preference and share them on the YouTube. I believe it is a meaningful and useful gift. She can use it forever and will not fade like silver.

Creative Inspire T12 Speakers

Creative Inspire T12 Speakers does not take up a lot space. You wife can put it on the desk, bed table. Creative Inspire T12 speakers discover the secret of audio, built with quality components and fine-tuned to perfection, experience impressive audio from its two quality drivers. What is more, Creative Inspire T12 Speakers has a headphone jack in the front. When your children are sleeping, you wife can plug in headphones and all the sound will come out from the headphone jack and not the speaker. When you do not need headphone, you just unplug it and the sound comes back out from the speakers.

Apple TV

TV may be a major part of your family lives especially for your wife. She would feel better to enjoy the movie with TV. Apple TV built a new foundation around the vision which is like HBO NOW, WatchESPN, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes—with a new operating system called tvOS, innovative ways to connect with your screen, and a smart use of Siri to search for something to watch. This is the new Apple TV. This is where television is headed. Your wife with Apple TV will not miss any movie she wants to watch.

iPad Pro with smart keyboard

Does your wife sometimes enjoy the movie on the bed inconvenient? Or she wants to enjoy movie on long driving travel way. iPad has always offered a uniquely simple yet immerse experience. And now with its expansive 12.9-inch Retina display, nearly double the CPU performance of iPad Air 2, and refined MultiTouch technology, iPad Pro adds another dimension to that experience. It’s not just larger. It is an iPad that lets you be more creative and more productive—at a whole new scale.What is more, with smart keyboard I believe your wife can write movie at anywhere.

Tarantino XX Film Collection

Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Django Unchained, hits theaters December 25,and this Blu-ray collection features eight films chosen by Tarantion to showcase the first 20 years of his career. It is a priceless book. Your wife is a movie fans, Quentin Tarantino too. This book takes Quentin Tarantino’s a lot of time to finish it. I believe it could give your wife a lot help for her career.

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger provide 1.21 gigawatts of power, it has two ports that will let you charge your iPad, smart-phone, or pretty much anything that you can charge via a USB connection. If your wife has a long trip and her iPad has power off, but she wants to enjoy a movie to have a rest. What should she do? If she has a Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger, she can charge at the car.

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