Top 5 Online PDF Creator Review: Wise to Save $14.99/Month on Adobe

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Not all of formats file will look right on other people's screen, and not all formats files can be transfer to other operating system, but PDF file can do that. So many times, we need to convert other documents to PDF, and many people will choose the online PDF creator. But which one is the best? Today, I will test top 5 online PDF creators, and give the results for all of you. Please read on.

Part 1.Top 5 Online PDF Creator

Online PDF-Converter

Online PDF converter enables users to create PDF out from Microsoft Office, Publisher, OpenOffice, Images, XPS, PDF, etc, with versatile customized setting offered for an expected file(like set image margin and size, format the tables in Excel,, merge files, etc), it supports batch creating.

Online PDF-Converter can also create PDFs from password-protected files if you can enter the correct password to unlock it. 

online pdf converter

More about Online PDF-Converter, check details.

Document Converter

Online tool allows users to convert Microsoft Office, Images, Lotus and other files into PDF without limit on quantity of files (no batch conversion).

You can tweak the preferences such as “Auto-Rotate Pages”and “Resolution”, even download the converted file in the browser or from the link sent to your email box later.

document converter

More about Document Converter, check details.

PDF Converter

Online service to create PDF for free, allow users to create PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Open Office, Lotus and other files.

You can download the PDF within the same web page, fast and convenient. It also offers its subscribed members with advanced PDF Creating services.

pdf converter online pdf creator

More about PDF Converter, check details.


Online PDF tool converts Microsoft Office and images into PDF from computer and icloud services.

You can also use this tool to merge&split, protect and compress your PDFs. Even, you can download the converted file into Dropbox and Google Drive.

small pdf top 5 online pdf creator

More about Smallpdf, check details.

PDF Online

Online tool enables users to create PDF out from Microsoft Office formats, Text, Images, with a preview of the converted file available before downloading.

The interface is quite simple, once file is uploaded successfully, a preview window appears for users’check, you can download the file in PDF or HTML format.

pdf online top 5 online pdf creator

More about PDFOnline, check details.

Comparison Between Top 5 Online PDF Creators

  Online PDF-Converter Document Converter PDF Converter Small PDF  PDF Online
Input Formats Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice, Images, XPS, PDF and others. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Open Office, Lotus, and others Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images, Open Office, Lotus, others Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images
User Experience 4.8/5.0 4.8/5.0 4.6/5.0 4.7/5.0 4.4/5.0
Formatting Conformity 95% 94% 94% 93% 92%
Service Limit Upload limit 50 MB per file, all files not exceed 100 MB; Max 20 files are allowed Upload limit 10MB per file; Cannot convert in batch Wait for 1 hour to convert the 2nd file; Cannot convert in batch Only 2 files per hour are allowed for free conversion;Cannot convert in batch Cannot convert in batch; 
Email Address Submission Not Required Not Necessary Not Required Not Required Not Required

Part 2. Best Trending PDF Creator Mac for 2017

In the above-mentioned part, you may have realized some weak points of online PDF Creator that may turn off PDF users. Yes, the formatting and limited features. If you are looking for good PDF quality with well-formatted content and high resolution images, cast your look into those well-performed 3rd party PDF Creator. Here to cut your time on the choice, we pick the best trending PDF Creator 2017 for you.

Cisdem PDFCreator, the best trending PDF Creator in 2017, is a PDF tool allows users to easily create PDF from HTML, Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), EPUB, Text, RTFD, CHM, JPG, and PNG etc. on mac. There is no risk to upload file into this stand-alone tool, neither size limit on the selected file. The batch creating feature will enable you to generate a single PDF or multiple PDFs from files in one format or in different formats.

Free Download

Free Download and create your PDF on Mac with Cisdem PDFCreator right now >>

  1. Import Files

    Drag&Drop one file or multiple files into Cisdem PDFCreator, also you can add files by clicking “+”. It is fast to import files in batch, even upload large size file.

import files with cisdem pdf creator

  1. Tweak the Setting According to Your Needs(Page Range, Preview, Merge)

    Once the file is uploaded, you will find the details of total pages and file size. Input the output name if necessary, also select page range by inputting numbers as instructed. If you are not sure about the page range, preview the whole file by clicking on the file icon, the file will be opened with defaulted viewer directly without exit the program.

tweak the setting with cisdem pdf creator

  1. Instant Conversion

    Click the “Convert” button to start generating PDF on Mac. If you want multiple files in same format, even in different formats into single one PDF, turn the "Merge" feature ON, you will find all the files are saved in one PDF.

instant conversion with pdf creator


  • Import files fast and work with large size file smoothly;
  • Versatile Import Format;
  • Allowing Customized PDF Creation(Page Range, Output Name, Merge into One);
  • High Conversion Quality with equivalent formatting and resolution as original

Cons: Does not support Excel Import Format

Part 3.If You Have Already Got Adobe

But if have already installed an Adobe, make each penny worthwhile. According to Adobe supported formats, you can create PDF out from Microsoft Office formats(Word, Excel, PowerPoint), images, etc.

Take Adobe Acrobat Pro X as an illustration(Steps to create PDFs with different Adobe versions may be similar)

Step 1, Launch Adobe Acrobat, go to “Create PDF” in the welcome screen.

import screen adobe

Step 2. Import the file from destination, check the supported import formats before uploading

save html as pdf with adobe

Step 3. Once the file is uploaded into Adobe, go to File>Save As>PDF. Also you can choose “Reduced Size PDF” or “Optimized PDF” to compress the PDF.

Part 4.Things You Should Know about Online PDF Creator

When you are using online PDF creator to generate PDFs, you should be aware of following risks that you will be brought to with these online free services:

  • Online PDF creator will store your files for several hours, which means that your files may be given away. And the liability of free online PDF creator is limited, if you don’t want to others get your files, you should take a further thought before uploading. 
  • Online PDF creator provides no warranties, which means that you can use this tool, but they can’t guarantee the effect and others.
  • Online PDF creator will use cookies on this site.
  • Online PDF creator takes relative longer time to upload, process and download, or the project may crash when the server cannot respond promptly. 

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