A Simple Way of Converting PDF to DOCX on Mac

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Instead of creating information, PDF is more like a channel enables us to share the information, and that is why we all may have a PDF viewer, but not all of us have a PDF editor. However, changes on a PDF happen very often. If you won’t like to open a source PDF file in CorelDraw or PS to have a time-consuming information change, or even you don't have a source file in hand, then you will have to convert PDF to Word Docx on Mac for editing.

How to convert PDF to Docx on Mac? To achieve it, a great PDF to Word converter for Mac is needed. In this tutorial, we will introduce a simple way to convert PDF to Docx on Mac for you.

Why Convert PDF to Word DOCX on Mac Rather Than DOC?

Why not change PDF to Word Doc format? Simple, because Docx is better than Doc.

why is better to convert pdf to docx on mac

Smaller: Docx files are smaller in size and can be managed faster on your Mac.
DOCX format applies the system of compartmentalization and compression to store the information, which compresses PDF to the half size of a Doc.

More reliable: Docx is less sensitive to file corruption.
DOCX format is based on the simplified XML doging language, which is much less likely to corrupt at any operations.

More Open: Be portable and open to more web-based applications.
DOCX format is built on an open standard, XML(Extensible Markup Language), which is widely applied in many different web-based applications. Files in docx format will be also transferred into other web-friendly formats, like eBooks.

More Secure: No worry to be attacked by macro viruses.
Microsoft removed the functionality to embed macros from its previous Doc edition, which make the Docx a more secure file format.

A Simple Way of Converting PDF to DOCX on Mac

Definitively, there are many ways to fix the problems on Converting PDF to Docx on Mac, conversion with Adobe, with Google Docs, with online PDF to Word converters or other desktop applications. And what most PDF users desire is a very simple way to make this, it should be 100% successful and quite easy to operate.

Most of the time, buying a professional service from the PDF to Docx converter expert is to be the simplest way.

Like many others, we choose Cisdem PDFtoWordConverter(Price at only $29.99). It can convert a PDF into Word documents that retains as much as the original. Just 2 steps, the conversion will be done and you will get a converted Docx file as you expect.

Free Download

Download the free trial of Cisdem PDF to Word Converter Now!

Step 1. Add PDF files to Cisdem PDF to Word Converter

Once download and launch the Cisdem PDFtoWord Converter on your mac, Add files that you want to convert.( you can also drag n drop). You can upload up to 50 PDF files each time.

use Cisdem to convert PDF to Word on mac

Step 2. Convert PDF to Docx on Mac

Once you have added all the PDF files, click the Convert button to begin the PDF to Word conversion process on Mac.

convert pdf to word on mac with Cisdem

The conversion is finished, quite Simple!

Useful Tip 1: Cisdem PDF to Word Converter also offers preferred settings for you to perform the conversion as needed. For example, you can specify the page or page range to convert some certain page or pages.

select the page to convert pdf to word on mac

Useful Tip 2: If there is a lock icon appearing with the imported PDF, it means the PDF is password-protected. For PDFs protected with an owner password from editing, printing and copying, Cisdem PDF to Word Converter will directly decrypt the PDF and convert to Word. For those PDFs protected by open password from opening, just click on the lock icon and enter into your password to continue the conversion process.

Can Microsoft Office Convert PDF to DOCX on Mac?

One thing clear is that we need an editable Word document, so can we just convert the PDF into Docx by using the Microsoft Word? The answer may let you down, but we got the reasons.

In the 2013 and later edition of Microsoft Word, a new feature is available, import PDFs and edit them in Word. Put it in a nutshell, Word 2013 and 2016 can convert PDFs to Words’native format in its own style. However, there is no mac version for Word 2013.

Though Word 2016 does a pretty good job on editing PDF in Word on Windows, when you are trying to open a PDF file in the Mac version of Word 2016, a dialog box will pop out to offer a number of format options to convert from text, HTML, Excel and other formats, but NO PDF.

Even if Word 2016 Mac allows you to edit PDF in Word, your PDF will look quite differently in Word, it only works well when your PDF is basically about text and layouts simply, you can refer to the Microsoft Office source: Why does my PDF look different in Word?

Extended Knowledge: PDF & DOCX

PDF: Portable Document Format, which is used to present and circulate documents as accurately as you intend, independent of software, hardware, or operating system. PDF elements, such as links, buttons, form fields, multimedia, and business logic make your document rich and powerful. Even you can add annotations or electronic signature to make it greatly convincing.

Docx: The new Word format created in the 2007 edition of Microsoft Word(and all later versions). While, its former, the Doc extension is assigned to those Microsoft Word created before 2007 version. Docx is based on XML, allowing for better compression on files, which makes files in Docx smaller than those ones in Doc. It is a comprehensive file format enables people to edit their documents freely.

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