SD Card Recovery: How to Recover Damaged SD Card Data on Mac Wisely?

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SD cards, which you can get in a range of sizes nowadays, are widely-used to make storage portable among various devices, such as, cellular phones, eBooks, PDAs, smartphones, digital cameras, music players and personal computers. Although they are quite durable, these cards can break or corrupt even when users accidentally drop them. Then, here come some questions: How to recover damaged SD card data or repair the card? Is it wise to buy some data recovery applications as soon as you find the card damaged? Please follow me to know some common senses!

Part A: Is it possible to recover damaged SD Card data on Mac?

It depends. You should firstly know what causes your SD card get damaged and how severe the damage is. There are several ways in which an SD card can go damaged. It can result from physical damage like electrostatic discharge, manufacturing defects, file system & file corruption, improper reformatting/formatting procedures, etc. Keep in mind, in some cases, recovery for damaged SD card is impossible. For example, water damage might irrevocably destroy the data on the card. Also, if the memory chip inside of the casing is broken, then, sad to say, the data in your is most likely gone. However, if the damage is mostly to the casing or there is a “corrupted data” related notification or visible under “Disk Management” when you connect it with your Mac, it is then possible to recover the information if you use best recovery software mac.

Part B: How to recover damaged SD card data on Mac easily and effectively?

As mentioned above, if the damaged SD card is still readable on your Mac, you can then use recovery applications to get damaged SD card recovered. Cisdem Data Recovery is well known for its speed and ability to scan all "physically existing" files on your devices like SD card, USB drives, internal/external hard drives, optical media, memory cards, digital cameras, iPods, etc. It fully supports the recovery of all types of files, including but not limited to pictures, videos, audio, emails, documents, folders, archives, etc. To recover your damaged SD card, download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac and connect the SD card to your Mac. After that, follow the step below to finish the recovery.

  1. Select a recovery mode
  2. Choose the right drive and start scanningscanning process
  3. Preview and recover your targeted files or folders

Part C: What can be done to protect SD card from getting damaged?

Considering that in some cases, the damaged SD cards cannot be recovered or repaired, it is therefore necessary for us to take some measures to take good care of our SD cards. Believe it or not, forming good habits will really save you from a lot of troubles.

  • It's worth it to buy high-quality name-brand cards.
  • Don't store them below -40 °C or above +100 °C.
  • Don't drop and bend them, or treat them roughly.
  • Don't expose them to strong electromagnetic fields.
  • Format the SD card before you use it in the device you are going to use it in. Format regularly to keep the SD card's file system in tip top condition.
  • Keep your SD cards dry and clean.You can even buy a case that holds a number of cards to help you get and stay organized.

For more SD card recovery tips, you can refer to "The Complete Guide on SD Card Data Recovery on Mac".

Hope this passage can help those of you who have been experiencing SD Card damage. At last, one point should be repeatedly emphasized: backup your data...backup your data...backup your data!!!

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