How to Recover MiniSDHC Card Data on Mac (macOS Mojave Included)?

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Have you ever found yourself about to show off your great vacation photos, only to get this message: “SD card corrupted and damaged, you may have to reformat it.” Well, you’re not alone and don’t freak out as there is some potentially good news - you may be able to recover miniSDHC card with the help of a third party tool called Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac. With the help of this application, miniSDHC card recovery can be done easily and efficiently on your Mac.

Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is the best Mac data recovery software which could assist you to retrieve your lost valuable data, documents, videos, music, archives, photos, etc. back from lost, deleted, formatted, logical corrupted internal hard disk(s), SD card, digital camera, USB drive, MP3/4, etc. Undoubtedly, if you want to recover miniSDHC card data on mac, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is your best choice since it will help you with miniSDHC card data recovery perfectly. 

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Part 1. Problems you might encounter while using miniSDHC card

  • Accidental deletion
  • MiniSDHC card error
  • MiniSDHC card is locked
  • MiniSDHC card keeps deleting the pictures
  • MiniSDHC card cannot be formatted
  • MiniSDHC card has wrong format
  • MiniSDHC card is full

Above all miniSDHC card errors indicate the logical corruption of your miniSDHC card when you try to access data from or store data to your miniSDHC card. Of course, here we do not consider about the physically corrupted miniSDHC card. So, in order to fix miniSDHC card error and get rid of all those error messages, we had better do the following procedures to complete miniSDHC card recovery on mac.

Note: Before we go through the steps below, please do keep in mind that you'd better stop using your miniSDHC card as long as important files are lost since they can be overwritten by new data in the miniSDHC card.

Part 2: How to recover files from miniSDHC card on mac (macOS Mojave included)

  1. Connect your corrupted miniSDHC card
    After you have downloaded the trial version of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac, try to connect the miniSDHC card with your Mac. Launch the program and choose recovery mode.choose a recovery mode
  2. Scan for miniSDHC card lost data
    When your miniSDHC card is recognized by the program, you can see it displayed in the list of drives. Choose the drive letter of your miniSDHC card and click "Scan" to search lost or deleted files on it. Just wait for a few minutes. You will get a list of recoverable files from miniSDHC card. The time of miniSDHC card file recovery depends on the capacity of your storage devices. Calm down and just wait for minutes. 
  3. Preview, check and recover miniSDHC card files
    After scanning, the results will be listed in categories on the left. You can go to "Photo", "Document", "Archive" and other data files to preview the lost data files. Selectively check the files you want to get back and click on "Recover" button. Choose a folder on your computer to save the recovered files thus we finish the miniSDHC card data recovery successfully.

Part 3. Tips on how to avoid miniSDHC card errors

1. Format a new miniSDHC card as soon as you get it.

2. Always safely eject your miniSDHC card from the computer.

3. Turn off your camera/ cell phone before removing the memory card.

4. Don't use the same card on multiple cameras.

5. When card is full, try to format your SD card instead of deleting photos.

6. Use famous and quality memory cards such as SanDisk, Panasonic, Sony, Kingston, Lexar, Olympus and many more.

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