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How to Recover Data from Hard Drive on Mac?

Everyday, we will create or delete many files with Mac in the office. And many of us developed good habit of emptying the trash in time to free up our Mac. But it also will be very troublesome to recover data from hard drive. This article, I will list the detailed steps of different data recovery software on Mac to recover files from hard drive, follow my instructions, recovering data from hard drive can be a piece of cake.

The Best Hard Drive Data Recovery for Mac
Cisdem Data Recovery helps you recover data from hard drives on Mac under different data loss situations like mistaken deletion, improper operation, formation, hard drive crashes, virus attack and more.
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How to recover data from hard drive on Mac?

Before starting this part, I want to mention that this recovery is on the premise that the hard drive is OK, only need to recover the deleted or lost data from hard drive.

Next, we will introduce the detail information about how to recover data with the third-part application - Cisdem Data Recovery software for Mac.

# Support Quick Scan and Deep Scan to help you save time and energy

# Support recovering multiple files types, such as Photo, Document, Audio, Video, Archive, and Other

# Could recover the specific types of your files from Document, Media, Archive or recover all deleted data

# Support recover data from hard drive on Mac, USB Drive, Secured Digital (SD) Card, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone (iPhone not included), MP3/MP4 Player, iPod (Nano, Classic, Shuffle)

Next, let’s learn how to recover your data from hard drive on Mac

1. Free download Cisdem Data Recovery and launch it on your Mac. 

2. Choose the scan types you want to scan

Quick Scan: Very quickly to scan and recover, it can recover the files recently deleted, but the files recover successful is limited

Deep Scan: Dig and recover more files

3. Select the hard drive your files stored in. 

The next step is selecting the hard drive your files stored in. Cisdem Data Recovery will list all of your hard drives, you need to make sure where the lost files store in. And then select it. 

4. Choose the file types you want to recovery. 
Cisdem Data Recovery provides four data recovery wizards for different file types recovery for Mac users in the Deep Scan interface, there is no choice for them in the Quick Scan, including Document Recovery, Media Recovery, Archive File Recovery, Universal Recovery. You can choose one according the type of your file.

Note:  Near by the recovery types, there is a setting about file filters feature for users, you can use it to find the target files in a short time.

5. Click the “Scan”, the deep scanning start. In this interface, you can know the remaining time of scan

6. Preview your files and choose target files to recover. 
The last but not least, you need to choose your target files to recover. At this point, the design of Cisdem Data Recovery is very reasonable and humanized. You can preview your files on it so that you won't recover some irrelevant files.

If you want to know more software about how to recover data from hard drive, you can read 5 Best Hard Drive Recovery Software for Mac


How to recover data from dead hard drive on Mac

Strictly speaking, recover data from a dead hard dive is mostly impossible unless we repaired the hard drive, so what we could do is copy not recover data.

Method One: Use Target Disk Mode to recover data

  1. Connect two Mac, which one is the target disk use firewire.
  2. Start the Mac with dead hard drive, at the same time press “T”
  3. If the Macintosh HD is mounted successfully on the healthy Mac, you can start to copy the files from the dead hard drive.

Method Two: Use external hard drive to copy data

  1. Take out the internal Macintosh HD
  2. Put the Macintosh into external hard drive  (Note: In this step, you may need a hard drive enclosure, you could buy it online.)
  3. At last, connect the external hard drive with Mac to transfer data

Above are the simplest ways to recover the data by ourselves and with less cost, but because of the different types of hard drive failure, we could not recover data from all the dead hard drives.

Factors of causing dead hard drive

  • Extreme heat while computer is running
  • Sudden power failure while the disk is writing
  • Computer be bumped or jostled while running
  • The electric motor fails due to bad bearings or other components
  • The filter on your air intake gets too clogged or the filter isn't working properly


Computer is the most common device to store our data, at same time, it means we could lost the data at many conditions. In this article, how to recover data from hard drive will not be the question. But archive our files in time is the best method to “recover” data.

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