Quickest Way to Burn Personal Video to DVD on Mac

Jose Henline
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We often shot personal videos to record and preserve beautiful things on our iPhone, iPad, or DV. Sometimes, burning personal videos to DVD will be the best choice. There are many reasons for doing so, it can help you preserve personal video from damage or loss, back up favorite music video for car DVD for driving entertainment, or you can playback your favorite movies offline for DVD player, etc.

However, it doesn't happen quite so smoothly to find the best DVD burner for Mac, as different Mac DVD burner comes with various burning features and burning quality. Hunting down a suitable DVD burning tool would be a good start. We've found a popular and reputed DVD burning application, it is Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac. You will learn well about the easiest steps to burn a video DVD on Mac. Come to get the best one for your DVD burning task as you like.

How to Burn a Video DVD on Mac?

Are you looking for the best-paid tool to burn a video DVD on Mac? I would like to recommend my favorite Mac video converter for Mac, Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac. This is one of the most comprehensive DVD burning tools. It can not only let you burn multiple videos to DVD, but also enable you to edit the video to get a better visual effect. Cisdem Mac DVD burner was born with fast speed engine, you can feel great ease to use it.

This Mac DVD burner is outstanding from vast burning tools, what’s it can bring to you?

  1. Fast speed to load and burning video, no crash, no sluggishness.
  2. Support all popular SD and HD video formats, as well as audio formats.
  3. Edit, Enhance, and Personalize DVD
  4. Real-time Preview & Burn DVD 16X Faster
  5. Easily burn a video DVD, ISO File, and DVD Folder.

Easy and Fast Steps to Burn a Video DVD with Cisdem Mac DVD Burner

Please download the free trial version of this best DVD burner for Mac, launch it on Mac, you will see a pretty intuitive interface with the writing of tips for how to handle it, which can let you immediately know how to use this burning tool.

Free Download

Step 1. Load Video to this Mac DVD Burner

Throw your favorite movies or precious personal video clips onto the "Source" panel of the app. This burning tool can help you load videos with fast speed. (Another loading way, you can also click the "+" icon to choose and add local video files to the app. ) The video thumbnails will be displayed immediately.

Step 2. Edit and Personalized Video Effect

Click the pencil icon to call up the editor window. You can start to edit videos to get better enhanced, such as:

  • Rotate video for the best direction.
  • Crop and Trim video files to get the best parts.
  • Create special effects or image/text watermark for your video.
  • Add subtitles to better tell your story.
  • ...

Step 3. Create Beautiful DVD Menu

Cisdem Mac DVD Burner comes with a free DVD menu creator built-in. Click the "Menu" button at top of the interface, and the menu maker window appears. It allows you to design the DVD menu with your favorite buttons, frames, text, and templates.

Step 4. Start Burning a Video DVD

Click the Preview button, and check every aspect if they are in your expectation. And then click the "Burn" tab and go to the output window. Choose to output format from DVD disc, ISO file, to DVD folder, and burn video to DVD with pretty fast speed.

tips: Cisdem Mac DVD Burner offers full feature to perfect your DVD video. You can do some output parameter settings. You are able to set to burn DVD based on disc volume (DVD5 or DVD9), TV system (NTSC or PAL), copies number, etc. The output DVDs are playable on any DVD/BD player like Sony DVP serials and Panasonic DMP serials, etc.

How to Preserve and Share Your Precious Personal Video?

1. Burn to DVD

Burn to disc is absolutely the best way to preserve personal video, one disc can hold multiple clips and keep your precious time forever without any fade as long as it never be damaged. What’s more useful point, you are able to share and watch on DVD player attached to TV set.

2. Upload and Share to YouTube

Do you want more people to watch your personal videos? You can share them on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You can share your traveling, funny story, wedding, happy birthday party, or your DV works, and get more attention.

3. Store on Your Video Device

Most of us will take a record of the happy times or special activity in high-resolution iPhone, iPad, and DV, Camcorder, they can retain and protect video clips for a while, and you can take them out for play anytime anywhere.

You can also transfer them to your Mac for storage, you can use video player tool (Video Player for Mac) to watch them with high definition and smooth playback.

Jose Henline
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Jose specializes in reviews, how-to guides, top lists, etc. on PDF, data recovery and multi-media. On his spare time, he likes to travel or challenge some extreme sports.

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