Practical Tips to Protect and Recover Photos from SD Card for Mac Users

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Memory is easy to fade away with fleeting times, thankfully, we can always recollect those precious moments by taking our cameras wherever we go. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We keep lots of photos in storage devices like SD cards of our family and friends to remind us how special and lucky we are to have these people in our life. We also take photos whenever we see beautiful scenes so that we can feel how nice the environment around us is when we see the photos again. And we always lock Photos app to keep our photos safe. However, when we suddenly find the photos lost, it may like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Most of us will have to spare no efforts to recover photos from SD card. Here is exactly the guide for you!

Part 1: Efficient way to recover photos from SD card on Mac

In order to get your photos in SD card back safely and efficiently, what you need to do is to use a data recovery software like Cisdem Data Recovery. It is one of the best photo recovery software for mac which is highly-recommended for your reference to deal with SD card photos recovery, which is a powerful program in retrieving photos from all kinds of storage media, such as, internal Mac hard drives, external hard drives, Mac notebooks, desktops, Mac server, USB drive, camcorder, memory cards, SD card, digital camera, mobile phone, laptop, MP3, MP4 player, etc. In this guide, we will discuss about how to recover photos in SD card by using the Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac.

  1. Connect SD card with your Mac and then download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac
     Free Download
    Download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac!
  2. Choose your preference from 5 recovery modes.
  3. Select your SD Card and click "Scan" to start the scanning process.
    scanning process
  4. Preview the scanning results and recover your photos

Part 2: Key mistakes to avoid when handling with SD cards for better data protection

SD cards are great to store vast amounts of photos but they're fragile and don't like being mistreated. That’s to say, if you want to keep your photo safely in SD cards, you should use them carefully to prevent catastrophic data loss. However, many people may have no awareness about some key mistakes when handling with SD cards.

1.Get SD card heated or watered

Have you ever carried your SD card in your pants pocket and then sent it to laundry for washing? Are you used to placing your card together with coffee or tea cups or in places exposed to direct sunlight? Try to avoid them from now on. Keep in mind, the contact points of SD card are especially sensitive. Use a small plastic case to protect your cards and prevent them get heated or watered.

2.Remove your SD card when it’s in use

Some will try to remove the SD card from a camera while a photo is being written to the card; Others may remove the card from a memory card reader while the photo files are still being transferred to your Mac. Both the two situation can make your SD card corrupted and your photos lost. You risk disrupting the file structure that every device develops with unique formatting and numbering sequences. Try to make sure the card is not in use before you remove it.

3.Format and delete photos in the wrong ways

Many camera models use a very destructive way to permanently delete photos, and sometimes we have to use a method to recover these corrupted photos or deleted pictures. It is almost impossible to recover photos that are trashed by accident and are subject to destructive deletion. Besides, whenever inserting your SD card into a camera, you should format the card in the camera so it’s completely prepared to work with the hardware. It is also not sensible to use the same SD card in multiple cameras.

4.Connect SD card with virus-infected Mac

Whenever you plan to connect SD card with your Mac, make sure that your Mac is free of virus or malware infections. Well, to avoid such situation and their consequences respectively, you’d better install an efficient anti-virus of the latest version on your Mac.

For more tips on photo recovery on Mac, you can also refer to “How to recover deleted pictures from SD card on Mac” or leave us your response in the comment section below this post.

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