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5 Effective Photo Lockers That Helps Mac Users Encrypt Photos Easily

5 Effective Photo Lockers That Helps Mac Users Encrypt Photos Easily

Does anybody know how to encrypt photos on Mac? Putting a lock on photos by using third-party apps? Must admit it is a great way. For the past few weeks, I have been combing through the Internet, seeking for the most effective photo locker for Mac. If you ask me what is my evaluation standard? That should be function, user-friendliness, MacUpdate ratings, and user comments.

In this article, I will offer you my top 5 useful photo lockers that assists you encrypt photos easily on Mac. You may feel how amazing these apps are.

Why Need Encrypt Photos on Mac?

Everyone would like to protect their own privacy. Not all the photos in our Mac are meant to be viewed by others. We may have many personal photos that are only stored for our eyes.

Unluckily, anyone may get command of your Mac or you may fortuitously lend out your Mac to your friends. This may lead to endangering your privacy giving rise to potential harm. Thus, what you need to do is fishing for a way to encrypt all the photos that you don’t want others to peek.

Is Third-party Photo Locker the Best Solution?

This guide How to Lock Photos App with Password on Mac has mentioned two methods. One is locking photos with Mac Parental Controls, another is using third-party photo locker. Then which one is the best solution?

For me, I prefer trying third-party photo lockers. As the guide said, Mac Parental Controls can not be enabled for administrator accounts. So when you borrow your Mac to others, you have to change your user account. Meanwhile, if I use built-in locker to encrypt those photos then anyone who is expert technically will easily locate all photos. Therefore, using third-party tool is the best solution to lock photos on Mac.

Top 5 Photo Encryption Software That Work Efficiently for Mac Users

#1. Encrypt Photo Software- Cisdem AppCrypt

AppCrypt is a terrific encryption software that the most worthy to try for you on your Mac. It can help you to safely lock applications like photos, Chat Apps, Google, Quicken, Note, iTunes, Safari, Mail, YouTube, etc. As a wonderful photo locker, it is very simple to use, just drag and drop photo apps to AppCrypt, and then all of your photos will be locked. What’s more, the password is only knew by yourself. You can download the free trial of AppCrypt below.

Of course, AppCrypt also contains other features. It helps keep track of failed attempts with date, time and optional captured photos so that you can review and find suspicious activities. Besides, you can set a schedule for each app (or all apps) to allow unblocked usage for specific days and times.

#2. Encrypt Photo Software- Mac App Blocker

Mac App Blocker is a powerful tool that can help you password protect each application on your Mac. It keeps your apps and your Mac safe and prevent them from grabbed hold of by others. Add applications to the Mac App Blocker list, such as Photo, Skype, Firefox, Mail and any other apps you want to protect. In this case, anyone going to your apps needs enter the password. With Mac App Blocker, you will feel confident allowing anybody to use your Mac, even sometimes you're not there. But the interface of it is a little complex, which makes us confused on occasion. In this condition, we will not know how to operate the system correctly.

#3. Encrypt Photo Software- Remo MORE

Remo MORE is a reliable software that is developed using effective algorithms which provides a complicated level password security. This app works on all latest versions of Mac OS X based machines in simple way. You can use this app to encrypt photos and any other files by affording password to enhance security. Photos types such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF and many other supported by Remo MORE suit. However, everything has two sides, a user from said that “I came across a free utility software called Remo More and it has great reviews and is digitally signed and is legit. But seems 360 IS finds atleast 4 of its services as malwares and flags it.” Someone reflects Remo MORE is not safe enough, that really sounds pity.

#4. Encrypt Photo Software- iLock for Mac

iLock for Mac is a helpful application that enables you to encrypt applications that you don’t want others to access. The idea is easy to get. For example, if you have locked your photo app and you intend to open it, iLock will pops up a window that prompts you to enter a predefined password. Therefore, you have to remember the password because there is no way to retrieve it. After setting the master password, you can easily specify the apps you want protected. But nothing is perfect in the world, a user named Ivan Ivanov left a negative feedback:"I have a problem with iLock. When I hide application from menu bar, application is still hidden from everywhere. I can't access to window with settings. When I use "hotkey" the result is nothing."

#5. Encrypt Photo Software- Encrypt Photos

Just as its name implies, Encrypt Photos is a security tool for Mac that allows you to password protect your photos. You can guard your individual images with it so that your photos will not see by relatives, friends or strangers. Unfortunately, it can not support single photos to import. No matter when you drag a picture, all the photos in the same directory were imported. In addition to this, Encrypt Photos for Mac would be froze once in a while, which makes the system out of control.

So, Which Photo Locker for Mac Do You Like Better?

Surely, we can't deny that each photo locker has both its good points and bad points. In my view, I’m more inclined to using Cisdem AppCrypt. Not merely can it encrypt photos without any difficulties, but we can run it trustingly due to its safety and reliability. Moreover, AppCrypt also processes other characteristics, you can read this related article How to Lock Apps on Mac to know more details.

Do you quite agree with my opinion? If not, which photo locker for Mac do you like better? Please take your time, that choosing a suitable software to encrypt photos is important, you can give all of them a try. In this way, you are capable of comparing these apps and select the best one.

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