How to Choose the Right Mac File Recovery Software?

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When I switched on my macbook and intended to convert the photos we taken during family travel into video, I found all the photos disappeared and somehow nothing could be found in trash bin. I guessed that the photos might have gone because of virus. I want to know, how to get the files back? Any powerful mac file recovery software to recommend? How to choose the right one among so many choices?” -- Ann Bilodeau

Part 1: Some facts you need to know firstly about file loss

Data loss happened constantly around us. Just like Ann, you may lost your files and even don’t know the reasons. Actually, the reasons can differ a lot according to different situations. Accident deletion, for example, can be a reason for file loss, no matter it was a result of a mass deletion followed by the realization that you needed just one of the files, accidentally hitting the delete button, or just deleting the wrong version of a document.

Fortunately, the deletion doesn’t mean the data has gone for good. Once a file is “deleted” from your mac, the space that the file was taking up is marked as free and available for use. But your computer won’t overwrite that space unless it has no other option. Therefore, the lost data is still in somewhere and you can find them with the help of best mac data recovery software.

Part 2: How to choose the right Mac file recovery software

Once you search on the internet about “file recovery software”, you will find, “Oh, My God”, there are so many choices shown in the search result page.

1.Know your need.

To know what you need and then decide what you should choose is the first step, however many of us forget this point. You should firstly know if your drive is physically damaged. Does it make a clicking noise, or restart on its own? Notice whether your Mac shows a boot failure. If your drive is badly damaged and can’t be readable on your Mac, then, sadly to say, you should give up the recovery. In addition, you’d better also learn about potential data loss causes such as power surges, virus attacks, a hard drive crash, file system corruption, or corrupted hardware drivers.

2.Take security as an important factor.

“As more data is stored in the cloud, hackers are eager to capitalize on the value of consumer online credentials,” according to Experian’s 2015 Second Annual Data Breach Industry Forecast.“There is an expected increase in cyber-attacks to access consumer passwords and other data stored in the cloud.” It’s therefore important to make sure that the software you invest in has a reputation for Mac security and privacy, or check the review to see if the software is safe or not.

3.Learn about industry standards.

When choosing between different file recovery software for Mac, you should firstly take the overall reliability into consideration. Besides, there are also some other important factors to think about, for example, the scan & recovery speed, ease-to-use, system compatibility, file preview, document classification and other special functions. You can refer to “3 Best Data Recovery Software for Mac” for the comparison of top data recovery software.

4.Test data recovery software free trials.

You should try third-party data recovery software if your own data recovery software doesn’t work. Make good use of free trials of these software to determine whether the programs are compatible with your operating system and whether they are easy-to-use.

5.Find the cost-effective one.

After testing the free trials of different software, you should then consider the price and fine the cost-effective one. Besides, you should make clear the support costs, future upgrade costs and the need for hardware upgrades to use your software to full effect.

Based on above-mentioned factors, Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac is a good choice for different file loss situations. It can recover lost or deleted photos, videos, documents and emails from any Mac supported data storage media, including internal/external hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, iPods etc. Furthermore, Cisdem Data Recovery can help you recover files from SD card, for more information about SD card recovery on Mac, you can refer to "The Complete Guide on SD Card Data Recovery on Mac".

It is powerful enough to support all mac systems and restore deleted, formatted, or lost files from virtually any storage device, therefore, it will definitely satisfy your needs and meet the industry standards; it is read-only and fully-licensed application and then you needn’t to worry about security problem; You can also download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac free trial version firstly to test it and then buy it in very cheap price (Also refer to “Top Solutions to Micro SD Card Recovery on Mac”to learn about the prices of some top file recovery software for mac), together with a life-time free support and upgrade. Quite the right one, isn’t it? Have a try!

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