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A Complete Guide on macOS Sierra Upgrade

Apple has released macOS Sierra 10.12 in this September. Undoubtedly, macOS Sierra comes with a number of upgrades that focus on better performance and new features. Are you going to upgrade your Mac to macOS Sierra 10.12? Or have you updated to the macOS Sierra and caused all sorts of problems? Follow this guide to upgrade your Mac to macOS Sierra easily and smoothly.

Prepare for macOS Sierra Upgrade

How to Upgrade to macOS Sierra

Fix Common Issues after Upgrade

Must Have Apps for macOS Sierra

Tips & Tricks about macOS Sierra Upgrade

Is your Mac compatible with macOS Sierra? How to upgrade your Mac to macOS Sierra? What issues you might experience and how to fix them? Below are the answers.

Before Upgrading

Want to upgrade to macOS Sierra from El Capitan or other older versions without any data loss? Make a full preparation before upgrading to macOS Sierra.

Solutions You Also Need:

What Should We Do in Order to Protect Mac after Upgrading


  • Always backup your Mac timely to avoid different kinds of data loss
  • Put your Mac in a dry and safe place and keep Mac away from virus infected SD cards, external hard drives, etc
  • Enable full disk encryption or FileVault to secure your entire hard drive instead of just your home folder
  • Update your Mac apps which are compatible with macOS Sierra


  • Expose your Mac to extreme temperatures or water
  • Always connect Wi-Fi network on Mac in public places without safety precautions
  • Download files from mistrusted sources

Must-have Software for macOS Sierra

After upgrading to macOS Sierra, you may also want to update your applications on your Mac. So here you can get a list of more useful and powerful Mac apps to gain better user-experience and enjoy more with the macOS Sierra operating system.

More Apps for macOS Sierra