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I'm trying to passcode lock an individual application or block selective apps on my Mac. I have a notes application I do not want friends and family getting into while I am away from my computer, or just letting them play with it. And I can’t install Mac App Blocker on my Mac, is there a Mac App Blocker alternative software I could block the app where you could only open it if you know a password? Any help would be appreciated. - From a Mac user

Mac App Blocker with high cost-performance is definitely one of the best powerful encryption software, it allows you to password protect each application on your Mac. With Mac App Blocker, you have no worry about unwlecomed visits to your Mac. But if you can’t install Mac App Blocker on your Mac, or you find that the encryption software is not as good as it said, a better Mac App Blocker alternative is necessary for you to password protect Apps on your Mac.

Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac is highly recommended as the best alternative to Mac App Blocker. It allows you to easily lock your Apps such as Mail, Safari, Evernote, your favorite photo appliation, iTunes, YouTube, Mac App Store and any other application with password. This app encryption software is better than some app blockers which simply hide apps on your Mac to lock apps. It keeps your Mac safe and secure. If you have kids in your family, Cisdem AppCrypt prevents your kids from deleting your important files and using all your game apps. In all, Cisdem AppCrypt protects your Mac apps from unauthorized usage and it is the unique replacement of Mac App Blocker.

Key features of Mac App Blocker alternative-Cisdem AppCrypt

-Lock individual applications with password

-Protect the locked apps with ultra security

-Keep track when someone tries to start your protected apps

-Capture a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera

-Protect applications like Contacts, Quicken, iPhoto, iTunes, etc. on your Mac

After the brief introduction of Cisdem AppCrypt, you may still be skeptical of this app encryption software. You can download the free Mac version of this software by clicking the below download button and use it to protect your apps. If you really like this software, you can buy it below.

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Buy Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac to password protect apps

How to use Mac App Blocker alternative to lock apps on Mac?

Step one: after you launch Cisdem AppCrypt, set a password which is easy to remember. The password will be used to unlock the blocked apps and change program settings. So you must remember the password since the password is not retrievable.

Step two: click “Add App” to add Apps to the lock list, you can add your apps installed on your Mac according to your need. If you want to protect your PDF files, add PDF readers which are installed on your Mac. Every time you open these applications added to the block list, Cisdem AppCrypt will ask you for a password. You can also remove apps as you like.

Step three: this step is optional. You can choose Cisdem AppCrypt to keep tracks of every failed attempt to your blocked apps. You can also choose the software to be launched at system startup in order to protect your apps timely. With Cisdem AppCrypt, no one will be able to access your protected apps unless they have the correct password.

Tips to better block your apps:

There are some app blocker in the market which helps you lock apps by simply hiding that app on your Mac, which is very limited and unsecure. You can open any files without password. So the most sensible choice for you to choose is Cisdem AppCrypt. But one thing I must point out emphatically is that you must remember the password. Don’t tell others the password especially who you don’ t want to access to your Mac. And it is preferable to hide Cisdem AppCrypt as a background process. Download Cisdem AppCrypt to password protect your apps on your Mac.

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  • Regan

    Wow, No app lockers can work better than Cisdem AppCrypt, I really like this app locker.

    4 years ago REPLY
  • Amery

    I want to password protect selective applications so they require a password input before they open. I found AppCrypt on google , and tried it, it is the best app I've known to lock individual app

    4 years ago REPLY